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Catching up

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The gang catches up on whats been going on with each other

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"Hey Atlanta" Theresa smiled at her old friend

"Hey Theresa, have you seen the rest of the old gang yet" Atlanta asked

"No not yet, ...wait, theirs Odie" They ran over to see him

"Hey girls how are you?" He asked

"Not bad, I own a bridal shop right here in town, and business is good" Theresa said happy to see her old friend

"I moved back to Kitimat and am now the head coach at an archery range up their" Atlanta seemed very proud of herself "and you?"

"I am head of research and development at Microsoft," He said

He had grown since they had last seen him, he now stood eye to eye with Theresa who herself had grown since high school. He still had the same smile and afro that they both remembered.

"So are you still dating Archie?" he asked

"Well, we've been dating on and off for the last couple years, I mean it's hard neither of us are really able, at this time to give up our jobs an lives to move across the province just to date" she smiled as though saying that she was ok with that

"Little buddy!" A large man came up from behind Odie and picked him up while giving him a big bear hug

"Herry! Nice to see you too" Odie said gasping for air

"How's farm life been treatin' you?" he asked

"It's nice, peaceful, I've settled down, I'm actually married now" he responded

"Really? Congrats" Atlanta said high fiveing him

"You know, I saw Neil around here somewhere, but I didn't catch him in time. He was hanging around with a huge group of chicks," Herry said

"Archie!" Atlanta exclaimed. She ran up to him and covered her hands over his eyes

"Hmmm, big hairy, callusy hands, could it be Herry?" his tone was sarcastic and joking, just as it was in their youth

"Ha ha very funny" he turned around to give her a gentle peck on her cheek

"Hey guys" the others caught up all to give him a hug or handshake

"So how'd you turn out?" Theresa asked, only really partially interested. Truthfully she was looking for Jay.

She had never really stopped caring about Jay, she tried to convince herself it was just the same as a brotherly/sisterly love, but she knew, in the back of her mind logic was telling her that it was really an old spark dying to be rekindled.

"Um, well, I'm a school teacher" he stuttered

"Really?" Theresa was trying to contain her laughter, she would have never pictured Archie as a school teacher "so, what do you teach?"

"Uh, grade twos" she was rubbing the back of him neck, he always did that when he felt himself in a tight spot

"Hey guys, come sit at my table" Neil's voice came from the crowd of people. At the front of the gym there was a stage for guest speakers and whoever else was there, in front of the stage where about thirty tables, the one that Neil was sitting at was right at the front.

"So do you think this front row table is befitting of a man of my talent?" obviously the question was meant to be rhetorical but the gang couldn't resist poking fun at their old friend

"No, Neil, your talents deserve something much more, extravagant!" Atlanta said

"Oh course, you see that table in the last row, the one that's right next to the garbage can?" Odie asked

"That one is befitting your talents" Archie finished

The gang each took a seat at the table

"Ok, jokes aside, you've all heard about my head male model position at Gucci?" Neil said

"You know we could have missed it, I mean, even though every time we read one of our fashion magazine we see you in one of the adds, it was possible that we could have missed it" Theresa said as she put one arm around Atlanta's shoulder

Then she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw Jay, the rest of her world went blurry, he turned his head as if looking for someone, than he spotted her and she waived him over.

"Hey guys," He said waiving at them all "I'd like you to meet someone"

"Melissa?!" Theresa stammered

"Hey Theresa" she said cheerily

"You know each other? That's cool, anyways for the rest of you, this is Melissa, my fiancé"
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