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Chapter 2

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Celeste, Sam's older adopted sister has graduated, and is now fixing cars for a living. Much her parents displease, Celeste tries to make do, she enjoys doing things that guys say girls cant do. An...

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I was currently in my room. I was so bored. I was so bored that the sealing was the most interesting part of my room. Normally I would be doing something, working on cars, shopping for crap food. Just lame adult stuff. But now I felt like a kid again.

"SAM!" I yelled. I heard the fast patter of feet.

"Yeah?" Sam asked sticking his head in.

"I'm bored!"

"Then... well do you want to come to a lake party with me? Miles will be coming so, you know it's a warning."

"Well it beats doing nothing. Sure."

"Okay, well since I am bringing you, can I ask you a favor? Can you wash my car? I figured since you're a mechanic you would be good at it."

"Am I going to be getting paid?" I asked sarcastically but he didn't seem to get that.

"Maybe, now go so that your done by the time it is time to go." Rolling my eyes I got up and started heading out the door to Sam's car. I entered the garage and grabbed a bucket, sponge and unravel the hose. I filled the bucket with water and soap. I started to drag everything over to the car.

"Well, I guess today is the day that you get a bath. Please don't thank me." I jokingly said to myself. I set the bucket down and grabbed the sponge. I gently placed it on the hood of the car. Rubbing in quick circular motions I felt the hood start to vibrate. It even started to feel warm. And the water was cold. I pushed it aside and scrubbed a little harder. I crawled onto the hood and tried to reach the top of the car. I finished to top as I moved to the sides. Nothing weird has been happening so far, and it was already starting to look better. I got to the back. I scrubbed like I did the other parts, but this time the car seemed to jump? I removed my hand.

"Um...that was weird..." I said to myself as I continued. The car heated up again. It confused me. But again I pushed it aside. When I was finished I put the sponge into the bucket and put that aside. I grabbed the hose and started spraying down the car. It seemed to jump again.

"Woah-woah, not-so cold" A couple of voices said. I jumped back with a little squeal.

"Did... you just talk?"

There was no response. I must be going crazy. I finished hosing it off. I walked to the driver's seat and sat down.

"Man for some reason that took a lot out of me. You are a strange car. But for some reason I love that about you. It gives you character." I said rubbing the symbol again, and again another shock made its way through my body. I jumped back a little, and the feeling of love made it's way through me.

"Why do I feel that? It' I feel love, comfort....and pleasure. If I have a weird shock kink I would like to know sooner rather than later." I was basically talking to myself. I am sure if I saw me, I would freak myself out.

"That's--the bond----" The radio said making my jump for the 10th time today.

"Wait, you did talk! And, what bond?" And yet again there was silence.

"WHY! Why do you say something then stop? You're starting to make me think that I am going crazy."

"I'm sorry babe--but--I shouldn't---be doing---this right now." It said.

"Why? Are you an alien or something? I bet you, you're like some sort of alien robot who will shift into a human like robot. I mean that would be cool." I said with a small laugh. there was no answer.

"Wait, am I right?" I asked suspiciously.


"You're a terrible liar... Bumblebee." I smiled looking at the bee on the mirror. I laughed to myself.

"How do you know my name?" I paused for a moment and looked at the steering wheel.

"Well… there is a small bumblebee on the mirror. I didn't know it was your name till now. But I can’t believe that I am talking to my brothers car right now. And wait… did you call me babe before?” I asked confused.

“That- information will come soon-”

“You are very is both troublesome and intriguing.” I paused for a moment. “Why can’t you tell me? It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.”

“I-trust you-It is just how to rules go. -but if you are-who you seem to be- then you will now in no time.” What is that supposed to mean? If I am who I seem to be? It makes no sense. I decided to drop it anyway, he didn’t seem to want to tell.

A small noise was heard and I saw Sam walking out of the house.

“Oh, thats right Sam and I are going to a beach party I think… Well Bee if you haven't been to a party, or even a beach then this can be your first. Don’t worry I will stick by you if you would like. I don’t really know anyone there anyway.” Bee didn’t really respond because Sam had opened the door.

“You ready to go?” Sam asked starting the car. I wasn’t really in the appropriate wear for a beach party… let alone going out in public. I was wearing a very very high crop top with booty shorts. I never really wear them, but since I was washing Bee I figured something that can handle getting wet would do.

“Yeah, well even if I wasn’t you still would leave, so let's get going.” I said

“Oh, by the way Miles is coming. I invited him before you so, you can’t say anything about it.”

“Sam! Why would you do this to me? You know how much of a perv he is. I swear if he bats one eye at me, he is losing the ability to reproduce!” I shouted crossing my arms. We pulled into Miles’ driveway. It wasn’t long before he came running out.

“Hey man who is the chick...Woah, Celeste, long time no see babe! Come on give your boyfriend a kiss.” I was so tempted to punch him.

“Heeeey, Miles why don’t you just hop in the back and stay quiet, unless you want to lose your balls.” Sam said I could hear the fear in his voice. I may look small, young and weak, but I can pack quite the punch. I felt the car heat up, and the seat belt wrap tighter around me. At first it freaked me out, but then I remembered that this is Bumblebee. I know, I know I sound crazy right now, but I know what I heard.

After a about ten minutes we made it to the party. Sam and Miles got out of the car, I just unbuckled my seatbelt and made myself comfortable.

“You coming?” Sam asked leaning up against the car.

“Nah, parties aren't really my thing, and besides, I don’t want to embarrass you with my charming good looks.” I smirked.

“Yeah whatever you say. Have fun.” He said walking off. I shook my head. I patted the seat and smiled.

“I guess it is just you and me now.” I felt the car heat up again. It was now something that didn’t creep me out.

“Well-you-little lady- are to kind-” I laughed a little.

“It was no problem. I enjoy talking with you.” I jumped a little when I heard a knock on the window. I looked over and saw Trent. I rolled my eyes, opened the car door and looked at him.

“What do you want?” I growled he pretended to look hurt.

“Now, is that a way to treat your boyfriend? I think not.” He said smirking.

“First of all, you're not my boyfriend and you never will be, and two, I have one so back off.” I normally don’t lie to people, but desperate situations call for desperate measures.

“Well, why don’t you pretend that I am your boyfriend, don’t worry I won't care if you call my name and not his.” I gasped a little. That was one of the most unexpected things that I have ever heard.

“Hey Celeste, who is this?” A strange voice said from my other side. I turned around and saw a very handsome man. He has golden blonde messy hair that suited him very well. He wore a black almost leather jacket with a yellow shirt underneath.

“Celeste, who is he?” Trent asked as if we were actually dating.

“I am her boyfriend, so our better get out of my car before I beat your a**” I smirked back at Trent. I may not know this guy, but I need a way to thank him.

“Whatever, you're too fat for me anyway.” He spat while slamming the door. Yeah, his words hurt, but not as much as they used to. I turned back to the blonde guy, he was looking at me with tender eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked still standing on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, thank you for saving my butt. I owe you one.” I smiled warmly at him.

“No, you don’t owe me anything. Besides, the only gift I need is you by my side. I have been looking for you for a long time, and now I have you again. That’s all I want and need.”

I Hope you enjoyed this chapter more is to come soon. :D
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