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Chapter 1

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based on the aftermath of the film Thor: Ragnarok with my original character. I haven't actually seen the movie... But I can do research! I know there's supposed to be ...

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A dark mist engulfs the area. I can't see any sign of light, other than the moon fighting its way through the mist, illuminating the little space where I stand. I helplessly look left and right, shuffling back and forth, only to find myself still in the dark. I fall to my knees in desperation, tears forming in my eyes. Suddenly, a glowing crimson light appears before me. I squint up at it as I try to figure out the source. The shadow of a figure forms in the light. It's a man, I conclude. An uneasy feeling in my stomach keeps me from approaching him, but he steps closer and closer. I can't see his face clearly due to the shadows, but I see his glowing crimson eyes. A smirk spreads across his face as he reaches his hand out toward me. I feel the need to jolt back from his grasp, but I'm frozen, as if he's the one doing it. Panic consumes me as my body stiffens up. My mouth slowly opens as I try to say something, but I only feel myself choking up. A crimson light appears in my eyes, just as the man in front of me. Ringing in my ears gradually gets louder.

I shoot up in my bed, gasping for air. Beads of sweat roll down my scalp to my neck and forehead. Heaving, I dart my gaze around, almost expecting the man was still there. My bedroom is dimly lit by the cracks of the blinds to the balcony glass door. Finally catching my breath, I gaze over at the clock on my nightstand. 3:32am. I've had PTSD nightmares before, but nothing like this one. I place my hand on my forehead, closing my eyes for a second as I regulate my breathing further. Recalling the crimson eyes I had in the nightmare, I jump out of my bed and head into the bathroom. I flick the light on and gaze into the mirror. My brown eyes emit no crimson glow.

"It was just a another nightmare..." I sigh in relief.

I turn the warm water on and cleanse my face, pushing my long dark curls away from the water. I then grab the face cloth hanging beside the sink and pat my face dry. After a few pats, I flick the light off and head back to bed. I lay on my back with my hands resting on my stomach as I stare up at the pale ceiling.

"It wasn't just any nightmare..." I think to myself. "It felt...almost real."
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