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Possible Sentai Ultraranger 1: All Good Things

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Kim and Ron begin the ultimate mission-three years after "So The Drama."

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Possible Sentai Ultraranger: "All Good Things"

By William Raymer

Dedications and Legal Notices:

Kim Possible and its characters are owned by Disney. I am merely using these characters in a non-commercial work for the benefit of other K.P. fans.

This story is dedicated to the casts and crews of Toei Company Limited's Super Sentai franchise. Happy 30th Anniversary!

This story takes place three years after the Disney Channel Original Movie Disney's "Kim Possible" Movie: "So the Drama."


6:30 PM MST

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were at Bueno Nacho on what could be termed a date. After Ron admitted his feelings for Kim six months before, they were virtually inseparable.

"It's been six months, hasn't it?" Kim asked. "Yeah," Ron said. Before either Kim or Ron could say anything further, a familiar beeping came from Kim†s purse. Kim fished through the purse and withdrew her Kimmunicator.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" Kim asked. Wade Tenneal, Kim's tech guru, nodded. "Disney and Toei Company Limited have signed a deal to merge Disney's /Power Rangers and Toei's Super Sentai franchises into one entity. The merging ceremony will occur in one month. The persons involved have agreed that you should handle the security arrangements,/" Wade said.

"So not the drama," Ron said. "Hey, that's my line, Ron! So, who's taking us?" Kim asked.

The black paint job of the plane shined in the midday sun. "I saw McMahon I on TV, but I never thought I would ever get to ride aboard her," Ron said. "Never say never," a voice from behind Ron and Kim said.

Ron and Kim turned around and saw a gray-haired man with a cane. "Thanks for letting us catch a ride to New Zealand with you, Mr. McMahon," Kim said.

Vince McMahon (AN: If you're a wrestling fan, then you DEFINITELY know who he is.) smiled. "It's all right, Miss Possible," he said. "After all, I owe you a lot after you helped deliver Aurora Rose, my granddaughter." "No big," Kim said. "After all, Stephanie did most of the work."

As McMahon I /landed in Auckland, home of /Power Rangers production since 2003, Kim was watching Ron feed Rufus, his naked mole rat, a piece of cheese from the jet's food stores. Rufus spat out the cheese in disgust.

The next morning, Kim and Ron met with a representative of Toei about the security arrangements. Ron's jaw dropped when he saw the Toei rep's face. "Yori?!" Ron exclaimed.

Yori Funaki smiled. "Hello again, Ron-san, Kim-san," she said. Kim bowed to Yori. "Hello, Yori-san," Kim said as Yori bowed. "It is good to see you again."

"Kim-san, it was I who recommended you to the Toei and Disney contingents. After seeing you in action, I know you to be as cunning and brave a warrior as Stoppable-san," Yori said.

"So, what's next?" Kim asked after Yori gave a briefing on the latest security plans. "You and Ron will fly back to Japan and pick up the casts of /Boukenger/- the current Sentai series- and /Zyuranger/- the Sentai that became the first Power Rangers series- and fly them back to New Zealand."

A few days later, a charter jet was en route back to New Zealand. Kim was talking to Takumi Hashimoto, the actor who played Boi, the Sabretooth Tiger Ranger, in /Zyuranger/. "It's a shame my counterpart didn't live to see this day," Hashimoto said through Ron.

"I know," Kim said. "But if she were, Thuy Trang would no doubt be glad to see that Sentai and Power Rangers will soon be one."

The plane shook with the impact of an explosion. "We're going down!" Ron said. Kim picked up the handset. "Mayday! Mayday! This is Private Flight KP101, out of Tokyo. We are going down! I'm going to attempt an emergency landing at Auckland International. Please have fire crews and ambulances standing by!"

As the plane approached Auckland International Airport, Kim struggled to keep the plane level. "All hands, brace for impact!" Kim yelled. Finally, the plane slammed into the ground, trailing fire and debris behind it.

Back in Middleton, at Middleton General, Dr. Jen Possible, Kim's mother, was just getting out of surgery, when a co-worker ran up to her. "Jen! Come quick! Kim's been in a plane crash!" Jen followed her co-worker to the break room, where a news report was on the TV.

"I'm Cassidy Cornell for ABC News in Auckland, New Zealand, where famous American crime fighter Kim Possible is in serious condition at an Auckland hospital. A few hours ago, Possible and cohort Ron Stoppable were instrumental in landing a damaged plane without any injuries to the plane's passengers. I'm here with Takumi Hashimoto, one of the plane†s passengers. Mr. Hashimoto, please tell us what happened."

Yori translated what Hashimoto said. "Hashimoto-san says that he was talking with Possible-san about the upcoming /Power Rangers/Super Sentai merging ceremony. All of a sudden, the plane shook. We started losing altitude. Kim-san was able to land the plane without any injuries, save those she suffered herself./"

A few weeks later, with the Merging complete, a concert was held at the Saitama Super Arena, one of Tokyo's largest sports halls. Kim was there, although a cast on her lower leg and crutches limited her mobility.

"It was nice of Saburo to get us tickets to the concert," Ron said. "No big! Mr. Hatte wanted to thank us for saving the cast of Boukenger from that plane crash in New Zealand," Kim said.

Ron turned to Yori and nodded. As an usher approached, Yori stood up and whispered into the usher's ear. The usher bowed, then pulled a flashlight from his pocket and called out a Morse code pattern.

On the stage, the Japanese music group Psychic Lover was playing the theme to /Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger/. The lead singer saw the Morse code flash and signaled for the other band members to stop playing.

"I have been made aware that the legendary American trouble-shooter Kim Possible is here tonight, along with partner Ron Stoppable. Let's welcome them! After what they did to save the casts of Boukenger and /Zyuranger/, they are worthy to join the Sentai tradition!" the lead singer said.

The audience applauded as Boukenger logo flags appeared all over the arena. The words "Saviors of Boukenger" appeared in Japanese on the big screen over the stage and confetti fell from the roof of the arena.
The Boukenger theme played on the P.A. as Ron helped Kim to the stage.

The group's singer handed Kim his microphone. "Thank you for your kind applause. But, what I did for the Boukenger cast is something I do on a daily basis. Every time I see a case on my website, I take it," Kim said. Yori, who had appeared on the stage, translated.

Ron smiled as he took the microphone. "Now, if you'll permit me, I have something to say myself," Ron said in Japanese.

Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a small blue case. Ron took a deep breath and fell to one knee, opening the case as he did so. Kim gasped as she saw the gold and diamond ring in the case.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, from the day we met, I felt that someday, I'd be asking you this: Will you marry me?" Ron asked.

"Ron, how could you afford that ring?" Kim asked. "Look down in the front row," Ron said. Kim looked and saw Josh Mankey, Bonnie Rockwaller, and several other old friends. "They all contributed to my buying this ring. So, will you marry me?" Ron asked again.

Kim thought for a moment, and then said in Japanese, "Yes, I will!" As Ron put the ring on Kim's finger, the almost 20,000 people in the Saitama Super Arena cheered.

But, for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, the only sound that mattered was Kim accepting Ron's proposal. The only feeling that mattered was a feeling of ultimate happiness. And, the only thing that mattered was that soon, very soon, Ron and Kim would become husband and wife.

And, so it begins...
/To be continued.../
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