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Chapter 19

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The Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda series belong to Nintendo.

Author Note: Yea! I managed to get 2 updates in one year… yeah I know that’s bad. So we’re trying out shorter chapters hoping I’ll post more.

OMG guys, Breath of the Wild is so good, I loved it! As you can see, I did include a couple of the new things we learned about the Gerudo in this chapter. It was great learning more about them and seeing more into the Sheikah.

Chapter was betaed by my main minion Asilyessam.

Chapter 19

The silence following that statement was so thick that it felt one could cut it with a sword. Link found the idea strange, he knew Ganondorf only as their ally and friend, but the man was an excellent fighter and magic wielder so Link could only imagine fighting against Ganon would be taxing. Sheik gulped, he knew more about the Greudo king than Link did, Ganondorf taking over Hyrule was horrifying as the man was powerful like Zelda was powerful. Navi could easily see it; after all up until her eyes had been open by Zelda’s actions she had already assumed Ganondorf was their enemy.

Dark just reached over and grabbed another roll to munch on.

“Wow… I’m glad you’re on our side,” Link said at last.

“As am I kitten,” Ganondorf agreed.

“So what does this have to do with Link’s question?” Sheik asked.

“When we returned to the desert after fleeing Hyrule Castle Town, Nabooru went into Haunted Wasteland,” Ganondorf explained with a sigh as he crossed his arms over his chest. “She, like all Greudo vai and voe, know the witches use the Spirit Temple as their own personal hideout.”

“Vai? Voe?” Link asked confused.

“Oh, I know that one!” Dark said with an excited wiggle, all the girls here had taken time to teach him some of their native words “Vai is girl and voe boy! Right Ganon?”

“That is correct puppy,” Ganondorf praised the excitable teen who wiggled happily at the praise. “They are how the Greudo refer to female and males.”

“Off topic, but since we’re wrong about the ‘one male born every 100 years’ thing, are there other Greudo men?” Sheik asked curious.

“Yes,” Ganondorf confirmed. “Greudo voes are rare, and the two sexes live separately unless they are wed. Other than the voes from the royal family,” here Ganon tapped his chest indicating himself, “no men are allowed within the towns. Though there are those who surly sneak in, if they can get past the guards. The temple, my palace and the Arbiter’s Grounds are the only truly neutral grounds for both sexes.”

“Wow… I didn’t know there were other places than here,” Link said. Ganondorf chuckled and smirked.

“This is just a fortress Link,” the king said. “The desert is a harsh place with the searing sun during the day and the cold bitter winds at night, but there are places of beauty there. If we are able to resolve things we’re hoping to open trade with central Hyrule… though voes will still not be allowed within the cities.”

“That is still a ways off,” Navi said. “I’m assuming Nabooru never came back?” Ganondorf sighed and nodded his head.

“Yes, that foolish vai went to the temple and was never seen again. We do not know if she was killed or captured. The vais here within the fortress guard the gate to the Haunted Wasteland and the voes that guard the boarders know to stay away,” he agreed then looked at Link. “But I will have the gates opened for you so you may journey to the Spirit Temple.”

“Thanks Ganondorf,” Link said before shoveling a mouthful of the now cold dinner into his mouth. He pondered for a moment what it was going to be like crossing the desert, wasn’t sand a little hard to walk on? He knew the sandbars at the lakes were. “Errr… so I guess I can’t ride Epona across the desert, do I have to walk?”

“Ohh! He can take one of the sand seals!” Dark said in excitement.

“What’s a sand seal?” Link asked in confusion. He didn’t even know what a ‘seal’ was.

“An animal that appears like a seal like you would find in the sea,” Ganondorf explained. “But they have adapted to living in the desert.”

“I’ve never heard of that,” Sheik said. Ganondorf nodded in understanding.

“As far as I know they only exist in my kingdom. They are able to move through sand like a seal from the sea can move through water. We have tamed many of them and taught them to tow us across the sands, it’s a quick way to travel over the dunes.”

“They are so cute,” Dark added. “The lady back on the archery range who watches the horses and seals lets me pet and play with them. They are sleeping right now, but I can show you in the morning Link.”

“They are your best bet to getting across the desert quickly,” Ganondorf agreed. “Still I would exercise caution there are many dangers within the sands.”

“What sort of dangers?” Link asked.

“Within the sand dunes itself?” Ganon leaned back in his chair thinking. “Leevers will be what you will run into the most, but they are weak creatures so you shouldn’t have any problems with them. Moldroms are a possibility though they do not typically hunt in the Haunted Wasteland nor do Moldugas so you are safe from them. Geldmen will sometimes appear, they are magical constructs made of sand which may be close to the temple. Electric Keese live within the desert as well.”

“That’s a lot,” Link said.

“It is but a few enemies we deal with in the desert,” Ganondorf said. “But not many hunt in the Haunted Wastelands as so few people go through there. They prefer the more populated areas of my kingdom. There is of course no telling what is inside the Spirit Temple itself, what traps and creatures the witches have placed there.”

“It’ll be much like the rest of the temples I bet,” Navi said with a flutter of wings as she rose from the table and went to hover by Link’s head. “But I think we should get some shut eye now.”

“I guess,” Link said as he stood as did Sheik and Dark.

“We have a guest room prepared but you will have to share,” Ganondorf told Link and Sheik. Neither of the teens had a problem with that and collapsed on the bed in the room they were given after dressing down, falling asleep instantly.


Link was the first to wake the next morning, something rare as Link was a heavy sleeper at the best of times and liked to sleep in. He gazed at Sheik in the soft morning light, feeling butterflies flutter in his stomach and his heart felt warm. He didn’t understand what the feelings meant, not really, but he didn’t feel these sorts of feelings around anyone else. He liked the feelings, it made him feel good.

Link reached out and carefully traced his fingers over Sheik’s cheek and pushed back the other’s golden blond hair that usually covered nearly half of Sheik’s face. Sheik’s nose scrunched up slightly and his ear twitched then settled back down, his breath ghosting over Link’s arm. Link blushed and pulled his hand back not wanting to wake Sheik.

He sat up and looked around, Navi was still asleep as well curled up on his hat that he laid on the table. Her wings fluttered slightly in her sleep and she made soft little sounds as she moved. Link slowly climbed off the bed, pulling his tunic on over his undershirt but forwent his boots and belt for now as well as his hat since Navi was sleeping on it. Link quietly left the room, shutting the door gently so not to wake the others.

Link passed a few of the Gerudo girls patrolling the hallways of the fortress, one or two nodded to him but otherwise didn’t interact. Link soon found a quiet hallway with windows that overlooked the desert, leaning against the edge to look out.

“You are up early, kitten,” Ganondorf’s voice said to his left as the Gerudo king joined him. Link startled a little bit, he was sure he had been alone in the room and for a man so large he moved to quietly.

“I couldn’t really sleep anymore,” he said as he glanced up at Ganondorf, the red headed man was gazing out the window at something in the distance. When Link looked back out he tried to spot what it was Ganon was seeing, there was a large dark spot on the horizon that could possibility be the Spirit Temple. “It’s kinda hard to believe I’m so close to the end, that’s the last temple then it’s only Zelda left.”

“You have done much to help heal this land Link,” Ganondorf said. “I’m sure everyone across Hyrule is grateful toward you.” Link blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. He wasn’t use to anyone thanking him, not like that. He did like the way Sheik had thanked him after the Shadow Temple. Reminded now what he had hoped to speak to Ganondorf about, Link turned to face the older man.

“Can I ask a question?” he asked, continuing when Ganondorf nodded his head. “I’ve… had been feeling strange lately, around Sheik.”

“In what way?” Ganondorf asked keeping the amusement creeping into his voice as he already had an idea where this was going. He had seen the looks the boys were giving each other in the short time he known both. Sheik adored the other boy and Link cared very deeply for his friend, he wasn’t sure if it was full on love yet but if they kept on the path they were on it would be one day.

Link blushed again and rubbed at his arm as he answered, “a strange feeling in my stomach, like there are butterflies in here… my body feels warm when he brushes up against me or presses up against me when he rides Epona behind me. He… he kissed me the other day…”

“Did you enjoy the kiss?” Ganondorf asked.

“Yeah, I really liked it… but I don’t think it was the same type of kisses Saria would give me growing up. It didn’t really feel the same,” he said.

“Do the Kokiri have things such as spouses?” Ganondorf asked briefly changing the subject. Link frowned in confusion and shook his head.

“The Kokiri never grow into adults, their families are their siblings. Some might like each other a lot, I think Mido really liked Saria…” Link trailed off thinking. “Is it like that? The way Mido likes Saria?”

“What you are describing is called attraction,” Ganondorf explained. “You care very deeply for Sheik do you not? You worry for him? You like spending a lot of time with him?” Link nodded yes to all these questions. “You’re feeling love for him, it seems so strange to you as you missed out on many of what others your age experienced growing up.”

“Oh… so it’s normal?” Link asked.

“Yes but this is something you and Sheik will have to figure out for yourselves as it involves the both of you,” Ganondorf said. “You said you like what you feel for him, see if he feels the same for you which it is a very good possibility since he is the one who kissed you first, then take it from there.”

“I… think I understand,” Link said. Ganondorf chuckled and laid his hand on Link’s shoulder.

“Love is never truly understood Link, but that is half the fun of figuring it out,” he said. Link smiled up at Ganondorf and nodded in understanding.


Sheik yawned as he sat up, blinking sleepily as Link entered the room carrying a tray with food.

“Hey,” Link said with a tiny blush on his cheeks when he noticed Sheik awake and watching him. Sheik yawned again then smiled as he moved to the edge of the bed.

“Good morning,” Sheik stretched his arms above his head, his shirt riding up to show off a strip of skin. “I am surprised to see you up already,” he teased playfully.

“It does happen,” Link joked with him as the tray was sat down on the table in the room. Navi woke up to the smell of food.

“Oh goody, you brought breakfast,” she said as she snagged a tiny piece of warm bread with honey glaze.

“They got more food in the kitchens here, maybe you should go see what you like,” Link said. Navi frowned and looked up at her charge.

“Why in the name of the Goddesses would I do that?” she asked.

“Please Navi, I need to talk to Sheik…. /Alone/,” he said the last word pointedly. Navi huffed and looked to Link then over to Sheik who looked confused as he joined Link at the table then sighed.

“Fine, I know when I’m not wanted,” she said flying up into the air out the window to look for the kitchen.

“It must be pretty important for you to send her away,” Sheik said as he prepared himself a plate. Link blushed and scratched at his cheek embarrassed, his ears drooping a bit.

“It’s more… I just don’t want her here for this, I don’t think she would be very happy,” he said. “And it’s really private.” Sheik gently placed his utensils back on the table and crossed his arms on the table top, leaning toward Link.

“Link, what is wrong?” He asked gently.

“Yesterday, when you kissed me,” Link started softly, Sheik immediately jumping to conclusions.

“Link, I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable-“ he started saying. Link quickly shook his head.

“No no, that’s just it. I liked it, I like everything you do,” Link said quickly then blushed. “I felt warn and my chest fluttered and I liked it a lot. I… I asked Ganondorf what that meant, he explained to me that the reason you make me feel good is because I like you… and he said I should talk to you about it.”

Sheik sighed, feeling both relief and… well he felt so many things at that moment he couldn’t even start name them. He moved his chair closer to Link and took the other’s hands in his, he hadn’t known how to approach this subject or even if he should. Yes he felt deeply for Link, he had for years. It started as a small crush when they met as children and only grown once they met again as adults. But Sheik hadn’t know how Link might feel about all this and honestly they were in the middle of a battle for the fate of Hyrule and her people, maybe even the world.

“Link, I do care for you,” he said softly then took a chance to press a kiss to Link’s fingers, watching the other boy blush. “I care for you deeply; I have for a long time. It started when we were children. I had no idea if you would even feel the same, or even if it would be brought up while we are in the middle of what we are doing.”

“I guess it’s hard to think about something like that when you’re in the middle of fighting like we are,” Link said with a soft chuckle. Sheik’s own rich chuckle joined his.

“It is, but by Hylia, I can’t deny that hearing that you feel something for me makes me happy,” Sheik said, looking down at their intertwined hands. “Look, we both know now is not the right time to fully explore what we could have as much as I would love too.” Link nodded, stopping Zelda and her plans were important, even before budding love. “If we survive this… no /when/, then we shall have all the time in the world to fully explore what we can be together.”

“Okay… yeah I can agree with that but…” Link bit his lip as he looked into Sheik’s ruby red eyes. “Can I have another one of those kisses?” Sheik blinked then smiled, cupping Link’s cheek and drawing the other into a proper kiss this time. Link’s hands clutched at his arms and a breathy sigh escaped the young hero, loving how the kiss made him feel. This helped remind him what he was working toward, a safe Hyrule and a chance a future with Sheik. It would be enough for now.


Sand seals were as cute as Dark claimed, most were a reddish color with darker red fur around their heads and fins with whiteish colored fur on their face and underbelly. They also had a tuff of fur on their backs that looked like a fin, or a mohawk-like hairstyle, and a pair of long walrus-like tusks coming from their mouths. A few of the seals had a bit of a golden brown color to them.

The sand seals patiently waited in an open pen, some eating fruit in a trough while others sunned themselves on the warms sands. Dark was standing in the pin petting a few of the seals.

They were also /huge/, almost as big as a horse and easily taller than Link.

“Sand surfing is easy once you get the hang of it,” Tokili, the Gerduo woman who watched over both the horses the Gerudo used when they left the desert and the sand seals, said. She was, like almost all the other Gerudo’s Link had met, tall with cropped short crimson red hair, golden eyes and dark skinned wearing common Gerudo clothing in shades of whites and grays. “You stand on top of your shield and hang onto the reins, just tug on the rein which way you want the seal to turn.”

She got Link into position behind the sand seal she brought out for him. “Yes, like this. Very good, quick learner you are. Ready to give it a try?”

“I… guess?” Link said with uncertainty. Tokili snapped the reins for him and the sand seal took off, surprising Link as he was pulled off his shield by the lurch with a yell. He quickly let go of the reins and rolled a few feet across the sand.

“Hylia!” Sheik said alarmed as he ran over to Link’s side. “Are you alright?” Dark climbed out of the pin quickly to kneel on Link’s other side, looking at his brother worriedly.

“Not a very good first try,” Navi commented dryly still a little sore about being sent out of the room earlier. Link sat up and spat a little bit of sand out of his mouth.

“Ow… I’m fine,” he said rubbing his head. The sand seal, sensing its rider had fallen off, scooted back over to Tokili’s side.

“Well, it could have been worse,” Tokili said as she tapped her chin with a long finger. “You need to plant your feet firmly on the shield and sorta dig in to keep your balance. Hook a foot into one of the handholds on the back, that’ll help keep it under your feet.”

Link tried again, taking Tokili’s advice as he slipped a booted foot into one of the grips on the back then taking the reins up once again. When he snapped the reins to get the sand seal to move, he was nearly pulled off his feet again but this time managed to stay upright, the shield dragging across the sands. As he tried turning Link nearly lost his balance again, sand surfing was utterly different from riding a horse, but as he got use to the pull the sand seal had on the reins and figured out how to keep his balance on top of the shield Link started to really get the hang of it. Navi clung to Link’s tunic as they raced around the training grounds.

“Go Link!” Sheik cheered as Link and the sand seal whizzed by.

“Yea! You did it!” Dark also cheered, jumping up and down in excitement.

“Like I said, the kid’s a natural,” Tokili said nodding her head. Link did a couple of more circuits around the training grounds then pulled the sand seal to a stop, nearly tipping forward as the shield kept going forward from the momentum. “That part takes a bit of practice but I think you got it.”

“It’s a lot of fun,” Link said a wide grin. “Different from riding my horse but thrilling all the same. But I’m wondering, what if I’m attacked while going across the sands?”

“Well you can either pull the seal to a stop and use your sword or with a bit of practice you can use your bow while the sand seal pulls you,” Tokili explained, showing Link how to loop the reins around his arm and use his bow. “Practice a bit on the range here, until you get the hang of it. Or you can just out run your foes, very few things in the desert are as fast as a sand seal.”

The sand seal took off again at Link’s command and a few false starts Link was soon was racing down the practice field hitting a bull’s-eye on nearly every target. It wasn’t easy both aiming and using the bow, keeping his balance on the shield as it moved and keeping a hold of the reins, he couldn’t even steer the seal while using his bow at the same time so he had to trust that the sand seal would keep them from crashing much like Link had to trust Epona when he performed a feat of archery from her back.

But Link’s natural skill at the bow and how fast he learned how to master sand surfing had Link mastering the archery range after two more runs. Tokili was impressed and promised Link a better quiver if he could repeat the same feat while on horseback.

Which he easily accomplished as Epona galloped down the range, Link trusting Epona while he took down each of the targets. He was rewarded the quiver by the impressed Tokili and a smile and a small kiss to his cheek by Sheik. Navi groaned and muttered to herself as she figured out just what Link and Sheik had been speaking of when she was told to leave the room. She should have seen it coming, the fairy saw how close the two had gotten and the feelings each boy had for the other.

Sheik was also given a crash course in sand surfing; he actually had an easier time getting the hang of it with his natural balance and training in the ninja-like ways of the Sheikah. He found using his whip and throwing needles quite easy as he could wield both with one hand while the other steered the sand seal. But he didn’t get as much as a thrill for the sport as Link did.

Once Link’s crash course in sand surfing was finished, he, Dark, and Sheik met Ganondorf at the gate that lead into the Haunted Wastes. The sand seal Link had learned to sand surf with stood by their side waiting.

“Once you leave the gate, you will see a series of markers leading to a safe rest spot in the Wastelands,” Ganondorf explained. “Poles with red cloth tied to them, it is easy to get lost within the sand storms. Here, you will need these.” Link was handed a hooded cloak, a scarf and a pair of goggles. (1)

“What are they for?” Link asked as he held up the dark blue cloak with the Gerudo symbol on the back in white.

“Protection from the sands,” Ganondorf helped Link pull on the cloak and the goggles then showed him how to wrap the scarf around his neck and face. It was loose much like the one Sheik liked to wear to cover up the lower half of his face.

“Ganon said you need these too!” Dark held up the water skins. “He said you and the glowing bug need to drink a lot of water.”

“I am not a bug!” Navi yelled, the glow around her body turning red in frustration for just a moment.

“Even in a sand storm the heat in the desert could kill you,” Ganondorf said. “The water is mixed fruits that grow here in the desert that should help keep you cooled off. Some of those water skins are for Sheik as well.” Dark handed both blonds water skins then hugged Link.

“Be careful brother,” he said snuggling close as Link hugged him back then pulled away. “I’ll be training in the training grounds here, to make sure my fighting skills stay up so I can help you against the scary lady.”

“Is that gonna be safe for him?” Sheik asked Ganondorf.

“He is out of her control and the amulet he wears offers him protection against both Zelda and her pet witches,” Ganondorf assured him. “The chain is enchanted with the strongest protection spell I know to keep it from breaking.” Sheik nodded and hoped it would be enough.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Link said as he got set up behind the sand seal.

“Open the gate!” Ganondorf called up to the Gerudo guard at the top. She pulled the level that would open the gate, it opening with a thundering clack. Link nodded to the other’s then snapped the reins, heading into the Haunted Wastelands.


(1) I figured with glasses and remote bombchus being a thing, plus the fact they had goggles looking head gear in Skyward Sword, it was reasonable to assume goggles are a thing in Hyrule.
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