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Chapter 20

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The Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda series belong to Nintendo.

Author Note: So not a great track record as it’s been just over a year since my last update but a lot of things have gone on since then. I had a major change in my life, me and my family decided to move, getting ready for that, quitting my job and the actual move itself to the other side of the United States. Then adjusting to my new area and finding a new job… it’s been a lot but I’m settling in finally and been working on catching up and updating everything. I can’t promise quicker updates but I’ll try my best.

On the other hand, who’s excited about the Breath of the Wild squeal? I can’t wait to hear more about it and I hope there will be a wider range of baddies to fight this time around.

This chapter is currently un-beated.

Chapter 20

Once he was past the gate, Link found himself instantly battered on all sides by the sand storm. He was grateful for protective gear Ganondorf had given him; he could barely see with the items as it was, Link wasn’t sure how he would have navigated through the storm without them.

The sand seal didn’t seem to have any problems with the swirling sands, it swam through the dunes as if it was the calm beautiful waters of Lake Hylia with a playful sounding ‘arf arf!’

Link squinted into the storm searching for the markers Ganondorf mentioned; at first he didn’t see any and wondered how he would get through the Haunted Wastelands if he couldn’t use the markers to find his way. Then, just when Link was going to brave the storm and hope he found his way on his own, he spotted something moving ahead. The sand seal brought them closer to whatever it was and Link mentally cheered when he saw the faded red cloth flapping violently in the winds. And just beyond the pole the cloth was tied too, Link could see another.

“Come on, this way!” Link called over the winds as he tugged on the seal’s reigns and headed for the next marker. This continued on for a while, Link would spot the next marker ahead when they reached the current one. He felt they were making good time and grinned under the cloth covering his face. That was until he made a wrong turn thinking he saw one of the marker cloths in the distance but as they neared it, it seem to fade away into nothing and Link realized it had been a trick of his mind. (1)

Link pulled the sand seal to a stop and looked around in a panic.

‘Oh Din, I lost the markers,’ Link thought to himself as he turned and tried to make out the way they came, to try and find the real trail markers but saw nothing but swirling sands around them. He felt Navi move around under his hat but if she spoke he couldn’t hear her over the roaring winds. Navi seemed to realize this and shifted around until she was crawling down to Link’s ear.

“Link, where are we?” She yelled so she could be heard.

“I don’t know!” He called back, his shoulders sagging as he was well and truly lost. Moving around had just made it worse and he had no idea how to get back on track. He could pick a random direction and hope they got lucky enough to get back on the path but Link was afraid he would only get them more lost. He was turned all around in the swirling sand storm and wondered just for a moment if this was how his journey would end.

“Arf arf!” The sand seal got tired of waiting and dove into the sands pulling Link with it. Link yelped and nearly toppled over at the sudden movement but caught his balance at the last moment.

“What are you doing!?” Link yelled over the sand storm. The sand seal ignored Link as it pulled him along, Link wondered where the seal was going and hoped it wasn’t pulling him even further into the storm only to give out a cry of happiness when the seal brought him back to one of the markers. “You did it! Navi, the sand seal was able to see and knows where we’re going.”

“I guess that makes sense, they’re built for this sort of environment,” Navi yelled back into Link’s ear. The sand seal seem to give Link a look that said ‘silly Hylian’ as it clapped its front flippers together barking. Link laughed and flicked the reigns.

“Let’s go then!” He called and hoped they were following the markers again in the right way. The sand seal moved forward, this time seeing to lead the way as they moved from marker to marker. Link couldn’t tell how long they had been there or how far they had traveled in the swirling sands but at least they hadn’t gotten lost again which he thanked any and all deities that watched over Hyrule for. After what seemed like forever yet no time at all, a dark looming structure appeared in the distance. This, Link concluded, had to be the rest spot Ganondorf had mentioned and felt a burst of happiness as that meant they where half way through with their journey through the sands.

The sand seal pulled Link right up besides the building made of gray stone, the sides smoothed by the sands and wind a long time ago. Link patted the seal on the head making it ‘arf!’ loudly.

“Just… wait for us will you?” he asked over the roar wind. The seal just turned over on its side not seemingly bothered by the sands that pelted it at all. Link chuckled softly and headed into the building, pushing aside the heavy blanket covering the entrance. He sighed in relief to be out of the sand storm, pulling the goggles down around his neck and pushing the hood off. He could still hear the howling of the wind outside but it was muffled greatly by both the stone and blanket.

“Whew,” Navi said as she flew up into the air with a flutter of wings, Link just being able to make out her stretching her arms through the bright light she gave off. “It was getting stuffy in there.”

“Nice to be able to breathe,” Link agreed as sat he on a set of cushions he spied along the far wall with a little ‘oomph’, sneezing at the dust he stirred up, and leaned back taking the water skin out of his bag. He eager drank down several gulps, droplets of water escaping from the corners of his mouth and dripping down his chin and neck.

“Hey!” Navi said as she bopped him on the head. “Leave some for me!” Link laughed as he pulled the water skin away, wiping the back of his mouth with an arm.

“Sorry,” he said as he took out a small cap from his bag, just small enough for a fairy to use, and poured a tiny bit of the water inside. Navi ‘humph’ as she flew down, landing daintily on her feet, the blue fairy light she naturally gave off dying down to the faintest glow, and picked up the cap. Link smiled as he knew she really wasn’t angry and looked around the room.

It was fairly large with old pillows and blankets along the wall and rugs in colors of purples, reds and golds on the floor. A few of the walls had old tapestries on them that Link wasn’t quiet able to make out in the dim light but curiosity got the better of him and he stood, finding an old torch and flint on a table. He used the flint to light the torch, the room quickly filled with warm light from the torch allowing Link to see the tapestries contents. They were covered in dust but he was still able to make out the Gerudo symbol, dragonflies, what looked like a woman sitting cross-legged on the ground with her hands held out palm upward, some look like battles evolving Gerudo warriors with a large black worm like beast.

“Must be part of their history,” Navi commented as she joined Link, hovering in the air in front of one tapestry that looked like some old pyramid and little odd looking creatures in creamy whites and red little faces and bright blue arms. She had no idea what those were suppose to be. “No one has been here in a few years, the Gerudo must have stopped coming to this place when they couldn’t reach the temple anymore, if not before that.” (2)

“Do you think we should wait here for the night?” Link asked as he turned his attention to another one of the wall décor, this time of a strange beast that kinda reminded him of a horse but at the same time not, with a much longer neck and odd looking legs plus what looked like humps on its back. (3)

“It couldn’t hurt,” Navi said as she landed on Link’s shoulder. “You could barely see during the daylight through the sands, I imagine it would be impossible at night. I doubt even the sand seal could see in the dark.”

“I don’t even know how long we been out here,” Link said. It had been sometime in the afternoon when he went through the gate after spending the morning learning how to sand surf with the sand seal and beating the high score on the archery range on Epona. The young Hylian went over to the door and pushed aside the heavy blanket, during their time inside the rest area it the sun had set and the area outside was now pitch dark. Link couldn’t even see the sand seal outside, if it was even still there.

“We are definitely not going out,” Navi said as she looked outside as well. The wind howled outside as if responding to Navi’s words and the torch’s flame sputtered as a gust of wind tore through the opening. Link quickly dropped the blanket covering back into place and sighed, giving the room another look over. There were scones along the walls made of gold that Link used the torch to light, giving the small room more light then put out the flame on the torch.

Link sat back down on the pillows, giving them a couple of smacks to knock some of the dust and sand off them, coughing as he sent up a cloud of dust into the air then leaned back against the cushions.

“What do you think this last temple will be like?” He asked Navi as she settled onto the pillow next to his head.

“I don’t know, sandy I guess,” Navi said.

“Who do you think the sage is?” Link asked, digging into his pouch and taking out some jerky and dried fruit for them to eat.

“Hmm, that’s hard to say,” Navi said. “It could still be Ganondorf, he’s the logical choice.”

“But he hasn’t gone to the Spirit Temple at all,” Link pointed out. “All the others had. Saria went to the Forest Temple, Daruina to the Fire, Ruto to the Water and Impa to the Shadow. And Rauru lives in the Temple of Light.”

“Well maybe he can’t,” Navi reasoned.

“If he is, then he would have to at some point,” Link mused. “… What about Nabooru?”

“The Gerudo woman who helped us at the castle? Ganondorf cousin?” Navi asked.

“Yeah, what if she’s the sage?” Link asked. “She did end up going to the temple.”

“Yes, but that was 7 years ago,” Navi pointed out. “I hate to say it but she’s likely dead, if she didn’t die here in the desert then those two horrible witches likely did it. They do use the temple as their own personal hide out after all.”

“Maybe… I hope one of them isn’t the sage,” Link joked, grinning widely as Navi scoffed.

“I don’t think we have to worry about that,” the fairy said then stroked a strand of Link’s strawberry blond locks. “Come on, let’s get some sleep.”

“Alright,” Link agreed yawning; now that he was resting he realized just how tired he really was. The young hero and his fairy partner settled in for the night, the winds howling outside.


Unlike the other temples, Sheik had never been to the Spirit Temple. He had even stated as much to Link and Navi only a few days ago, with how large the desert was it was impossible to pinpoint the temple’s exact location. Of course now he knew it was on the other side of the Haunted Wasteland thanks to Ganondorf’s information.

So he couldn’t just teleport there on his own, he could end up Hylia only knew where if he tried. He absently plucked a song on the Goddess Harp, wondering if he could just play the Requiem of Spirit and let the magic whisk him away to the Spirit Temple. In all the time years he trained to be Link’s guide and learned the songs, he never actually used them. His mother had taken him to each of the other temples growing up or discovered them for himself. But the Spirit Temple his mother stayed away from due to who resided there. It would be foolish to go into the enemy territory, not until the time was right.

Sheik was also worried about Link wondering the Haunted Wasteland; it would be so easy to get lost in the sand storm. He wondered just how close or far his beloved was to the Desert Colossus where the final sage’s temple was located.

The sound of the flapping of wings and something large landing near him drew Sheik away from his inner thoughts, turning to see a giant brown owl sitting nearby.

“Hoot hoot, such troubling thoughts on your face young one,” the owl hooted.

“Good evening, Master Gaebora,” Sheik said with a chuckled as he put the Goddess Harp away and turned to face the owl, drawing one leg close to his chest. “Or should I saw Sage Rauru? Isn’t it unwise to leave your temple?”

“Hoot, I am both here and there,” Kaepora Geabora said with amusement. “Tell me young guide, what troubles you?” Sheik sighed, looking toward the desert past the gate.

“What else? Link’s safety, Hyrule’s safety, my family and people’s safety,” he said then glanced over at Kaepora Geabora. “I’m worried about Link in that sand storm, trekking across a desert is dangerous as is when you’re not prepared for it but add a sand storm into the mix…”

“I would not worry,” Kaepora Geabora hooted in amusement. “The Hero of Time has made it to the half way point though the second half of his journey will be a little harder. But with he sees with his eye he will find his guide.”

“I’m relieved to hear Link has safely made it that far though the rest of what you said doesn’t make me feel better,” Sheik said with a shake of his head. Kaepora Geabora twisted his head to it was upside down then gave a hoot that could be taken as a laugh.

“Trust your young hero,” he advised. “The goddesses watch over him, he is in Hylia’s and Farore’s favor after all.”

“Thanks the goddesses for that,” Sheik said as he stood, brushing the dirt and sand off his skin tight uniform. The sun was just rising in the distance spilling over the sand and stone of the Greudo Fortress. “You’re right, I should trust Link. I do trust Link will be okay but that will never stop the worry. Still, I shoulder get a move on myself, I need to meet Link outside the temple. Once I figure out how to get there that is.”

“That I can help you with,” Keapora said, flapping his wings to lift him off the ground and hovered in the air close to Sheik.

“What?” Sheik asked taking a small step back, his hair stirring about from the gusts of wind caused by Keapora’s wings flapping. “What do you mean to do, Master Geabora?”

“Just hold on tight!” Keapora announced and his lifted higher into the air the dove at Sheik startling the young Sheikah man and wrapped his mighty talons around Sheik’s upper arms, lifting him into the air before Sheik even had a chance to move out of the way. Sheik yelled in surprise as Keapora flew in a circle above the fortress, below Sheik could see Gerudo warriors, Ganondorf and even Dark come out to see the spectacle as Keapora Geabora gained speed and height. (4)

Sheik wrapped his hands around Keapora Geabora’s legs, hanging on for dear life as the owl flew over the swirling sands below them. In the distance Sheik could see a large landmass jutting from the ground, like a small mountain in the middle of the sands. As they god closer, Sheik could make out a figure carved out of the side of the stone of a woman with her hands held out, palms up. In one seemed like no time at all, Keapora circled around the area and came to hover above a nearby column structure, stirring up clouds of sand as his wings beat furiously to keep him in the air.

The giant owl opened his talon and dropped Sheik who landed lightly on his feet.

“Next time a little more warning would be nice, Master Geabora,” Sheik said in a biting tone as he took off his turban letting his golden blond hair down. The head gear had been knocked about wildly during the flight.

“Hoot hoot,” Keapora hooting sounded very much like laughter. “I shall keep that in mind. The hero should be here in no time, good luck!” Sheik sighed as he watched Keapora fly away, rewrapping his turban around his head and tucking his hair under the wrapping.

“Now I see what Link and Navi meant,” Sheik muttered to himself as he jumped down from the column and went to wait in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun and wait on Link. “He really is annoying.”

High above, standing on one of the sand goddess’s hands, dark eyes narrowed as they watched Sheik trek across the sands.


“I don’t see any more guide posts,” Link said worriedly as he stood on top of the building that acted as a midway point in the Haunted Wasteland. He could see the line of posts that he had followed yesterday to get here, and the building was surrounded by a few more with red cloths flapping wildly in the wind. But there wasn’t another line of posts leading away from the building.

“How are we supposed to get to the temple now?” Navi asked by his ear, peeking out of his hood. “What does that stone say there?” she asked drawing Link’s attention to a stone sitting on the end. Link stepped closer to it, the words etched into the stone were faded but he could just barely make them out.

One with the eye of truth shall be guided to the Spirit Temple by an inviting ghost

“Huh… I guess that’s why it’s called the Haunted Wasteland,” Link mused as he reached into his bottomless pouch and took out the Sheikah artifact. He held the Lens of Truth up and nearly fell backwards with a shout as a Poe appeared in front of him. It didn’t look like a typical Poe, its cloak was more in line with the Gerudo style of garb instead of the tattered purple cloak that the typical Poe had and wore a hat with two points. It reminded him of the Composer Brothers Sharp and Flat or of the Poe sisters from the Forest Temple.

“I’ll be your guide on your way, but coming back, I won’t play!” the Poe said as soon as it knew Link could see it. It quickly started moving away making Link take off after it on foot. He didn’t have time to grab the Sand Seal’s reins as he chased the Poe. “I’ll show you the only way to go so follow me and don’t be slow!”

The Poe glided over the sands in a random pattern, Link pushing himself to his limits to keep up with the spirit. He dodged Leevers that rose from the sands, no having time to attack the creatures if he wanted to keep up with the cackling Poe. He was starting to worry that the Poe was leading him further into the desert to be lost to the sands forever instead of toward the temple but soon he saw familiar red banners flying wildly in the winds. Hope filled him as the Poe flew between the posts and guided Link out of the sand storm. The air suddenly clearing startled Link and he glanced behind him seeing the wall of swirling sands held back by no doubt powerful magicks.

Link turned back to thank the Poe but it had disappeared when he turned away.

“Whew, we finally made it,” Navi said as she flew out from under the hood of Link’s cloak. Link glanced back at the sand storm, moving the goggles to sit on top of his hat and pulled the scarf down around his neck.

“I hope that sand seal will be okay, we left it behind,” Link said worriedly.

“I think it will be, I bet it headed back to the fortress,” Navi assured her charge. “It’s specially trained after all; it has to know to return after a while.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Link said and turned his attention to the area around him. “Wow…” his eyes rose as he took in the temple, it was etched into the side of the cliff in the shape of a woman from the waist up, she held out both hands palm up. Around the figure was a carved Rope, a type of snake native to Hyrule, with its head acting as a crown or a hood. Just below the stone figure, past a stone archway, he could see the entrance to the temple. Link thought it looked somewhat familiar, that he had seen it somewhere before, then remembered that there had been a similar image on a tapestry back in the midway point in the Haunted Wasteland.

To the left of the temple Link could see palm trees surrounding a pond with water so clear and cool looking he really wanted to jump in to cool off.

“This is amazing,” he said as they headed toward the Spirit Temple, taking the Master Sword out and killing the Leevers that popped out of the sand with ease.

“I’ll admit, out of the other Temples we’ve been to, this one looks like a temple from the outside,” Navi said. The Forest Temple had fortress rebuilt around it and the others had their entrances hidden away so this was something else. “Oh! Didn’t the Great Fairy mark a Fairy Fountain on your map near here?” Link blinked and took out his map, searching the desert area near where they were. The map hadn’t done much good before as it didn’t show the way to the Spirit Temple.

“Yeah… this drawing must be the Spirit Temple, it kind of looks a bit like that woman carved into the stone,” he agreed. “So this must be this way.” Link and Navi headed toward the right side of the oasis, looking for anything that might be the entry way into the fairy fountain. Link found the placement of two palm trees very odd as there were no other plant life or water around and tapped his sword against the rock wall. A sharp hallow sound was heard and Link grinned as he took out a bomb, lit it and ran for cover with Navi flying on his heels.

The ground under Link’s feet shook as the bomb went off, sending sand and rock flying through the air revealing the cave beyond the blast point.

“Good job,” Navi said, shaking her head to get the ringing out of her ears.

“It seemed like an obvious entrance,” Link said with a shrug as they entered the cave. He sighed in relief as the cool air inside washed over him the further in they went, pulling the hood off and letting it drop to the ground. It was soon followed by scarf and goggles as Link pulled them off and dropped them as well. The tunnel gave way to the fairy fountain chamber, looking very much like all the others they had been to so far. Link knelt to the side of the walk way and cupped his hand, dipping them into the cool waters then brought his hands up to his mouth to drink.

The water must have had a bit of healing properties as Link felt a wave of energy go through him not unlike when a Healing Fairy used their magic on him. He felt more energized and the parts of his skin that had been rubbed raw from the sands started to heal, his lips turning from dry and cracked to soft again. (5)

“Wow…” he said softly, wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand. He hadn’t realized just how tried and achy he was until then; he was more than ready to tackle the temple now. Standing up and brushing sand and dirt clinging to his tunic and pants off, Link walked over to the Tri-force emblem on the floor in front of the deep pool where the Great Fairy would appear from. He brought the Ocarina of Time to his lips after fishing it out of his pouch and played Zelda’s Lullaby.

Soon familiar laughter filled the air as the Great Fairy of Magic appeared above the pool, her trio of ponytails swaying in the air.

“Hello again Hero, I know you found my other fountain by the castle,” she greet smiling widely. “You’ve been through so much and still have many trials before you. So I gifting you with a new spell, one that will create a magical shield for a short time that will protect you from all attacks. I give you Nayru’s Love!”

A ball of blue light formed between the Great Fairy’s hands then flew toward Link, sinking into his chest. Like the last two times, he instantly knew how to use the spell.

“Thank you,” Link said once the light had gone away.

“You’ll do great things and this spell should help,” The Great Fairy said. “But be warned, as long as this shield is active, you cannot cast any other magic. Also, I suggest you pay a visit to the Great Fairy of Wisdom on Death Mountain, her fountain is inside the crater area, she can teach you how to cast spells so they don’t take up so much of your energy.”

“Oh… I guess that’s a good idea,” Link said, he hadn’t realized that there had been another Great Fairy on the mountain, he had visited the Great Fairy of Power after Dodongo Cavern in his child years, she had taught him how to access his magical power and how to channel that magic into his blade to create a more powerful spin attack. But he suppose it made sense if there was a Great Fairy for Power, representing one of the three Golden Goddess, then there had to be ones for Wisdom and Courage as well.

Link thanked the Great Fairy of Magic once again for the spell and information and headed to leave the fountain, her voice stopping him as he leaned down to pick up the gear he drop.

“One more thing Hero,” she called. “My old fountain, by where the Hyrulian castle used to be, if you are able to find a way in I suggest you give it another visit in this timeline.”

“Oh… alright,” Link agreed, nodding to her and heading back out of the tunnel.


Link winced as he stepped out of the tunnel into the bright sunlight that warmed the desert, holding up a hand to block said light from his eyes. His eyes searched the area, looking for a familiar blond boy that had his heart but didn’t see Sheik anywhere. Link didn’t know if that meant Sheik wasn’t here or was waiting to make a dramatic entrance like he had at the other temples.

“Hey!” Navi said bobbing in the air in front of Link’s face. “Let’s go.”

“Right,” Link said with a sigh as he walked across the burning sands to the temple entrance. His body was soon covered in a fine sheen of sweat that made his hair stick to his face and neck as he made his trek, sighing softly in relief as he stepped into the shadow of the Spirit Temple. He glanced back hoping to get a glimpse of Sheik as his friend always appeared before he entered a new temple but still didn’t spot him. Letting out a long sigh, Link turned back to the temple and slipped through the entrance.

Link’s eyes took a few seconds to clear as he went from bright sunlight to the dark shadows of the temple, rubbing his eyes until the spots in his vision cleared.

“Look out!” Navi warned as two pots magically lifted from either side of the short staircase in front of them and flew at Link. Link tossed himself to the side, going down into a roll and coming back onto his feet as the two pots smashed into each other where he had been standing the pieces of the pots littered the floor

“That was close, I didn’t even see them,” Link said as he toed a large piece, the magic that had flung the pots at Link already gone. He began to glance around taking in the entrance chamber. The short stairs had two large statues of Ropes on either side with some sort of writing on them; Link passed them with barely a glance as he went up the stairs to the second level.

This area was decorated with a large, faded, dusty red carpet with two Amos statues sat. On either side of the room was an alcove, to the left there was a hole near the bottle of the wall. Link stood in front of it, gauging its size. As an adult he was much too large to even attempt to crawl through but Link estimated it was roughly the same size as ones he could crawl through as a child. Turning away, Link walked over to the other alcove on the right side of the room.

This one was blocked by a giant gray stone, the Gerudo symbol etched into its face. Link pushed against the stone, grunting as he put all his strength into it, but the stone wouldn’t bulge.

“Great… now what do we do?” Navi asked. Link sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m not sure, maybe those statues have clues?” He said.

“Good idea,” Navi followed Link down the stairs and stood in front of the Rope statue to the right of the stairs, floating in front of it to provide some light.

“Errmm… do you understand what it says?” Link asked as his eyes scanned over the loopy, foreign lettering that he couldn’t even begin to understand.

“… No,” Navi admitted after a few seconds. Link only knew the Hylia and Kokiri writing languages, this was something he never seen before. “But… someone has too. No wait! I have seen writing like this before! Back at the Gerudo fortress.”

“We can get Ganondorf or someone to translate it for us,” Link said grinning. The smile slipped off his face and his head turned toward the entrance. “Wait, do you hear something?”

“… It sounds like fighting!” Navi chimed in alarm. Link and Navi took off for the temple entrance, Link drawing the Master Sword and his shield from his back. He rushed back outside, blinded for just a moment by the bright sunlight before his vision cleared allowing him to see Sheik fighting off a strange looking Hylian-like figure with grayish skin wearing a tight white outfit and a red cloak. The figure waved their hand making a group of daggers surrounded by a red glow appear in the air. With another wave of their hand, the daggers started flying one by one toward Sheik.

Sheik dodged each dagger that came out at him with a nimbleness that came with a lifetime of the ninja like training of the Sheikah but was unable to dodge them all. One caught Sheik in the leg sending the man down with a cry of pain.

“You die here, dog of the goddess!” the figure cried with elation as they rushed at Sheik with their sword raised for a killing strike. Link refused to his friend and beloved to be harmed any further and quickly ran to get in front of Sheik, holding up his shield to block the attack just in time as the sword struck the surface of the shield with a ringing clang that echoed across the oasis.


(1) You have no idea how many times this has happened to me and I got lost for a few seconds because I thought I saw one of the guide posts and went off the path.

(2) This is a reference to the Zuna tribe and the Pyramid of Power from Four Swords Adventures.

(3) There had to be some sort of camel species at some point in Hyrule's history that the Divine Beast Vah Naboris in Breath of the Wild was based off of. I figure they either died off at some point or, like most of the animals introduced in BoTW, they always existed but we just haven't seen it yet and maybe never will.

(4) There are many possible ways Sheik/Zelda got to the temple in the game but I always found it amusing to think that annoying owl flew them there. You do see Keapora Geabora during the mini movie when you learn the temple's song, it's the only time he shows up on the adult side of the game.

(5) I figured that waters that have Great Fairies and/or Healing Fairies in it would have healing properties.
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