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What happens when Harry Potter is saved by Lucian? What about when he becomes a Hybrid?

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AN: I own neither Harry Potter nor Underworld. I am guessing that Underworld takes place in Budapest. This takes place before, during, and after the first Underworld movie. The romance so far is only between Michael and Selene.

A few years ago, I learned of the war between the Vampires and the Lycans, also known as Werewolves. I was surprised when I first met a Werewolf that could change at will. I was even more surprised when I learned that the war was fought with Muggle weaponry. Naturally, as neither one of the two groups I wanted nothing to do with it. I just wanted to continue my magical education. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky. Let me tell you why.

My story starts the summer after my fifth year at Hogwarts. A few weeks previous, I led a group of five of my friends into the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic to rescue my godfather, Sirius Black. It was a trap and we barely made it out until the Order of the Phoenix arrived to save us. It was there that my godfather died. It was there that I got possessed by Voldemort. It was shortly after that that I learned of the prophecy.

I got sent back to my aunt and uncle's house for the summer. They had been warned by the Order to treat me kindly; they didn't listen. Just a week after I got there, my Uncle Vernon took me to Budapest and killed my owl Hedwig. After tossing a badly beaten me in an alleyway, Vernon drove away and left me there.

This is where my story starts...

Lucian was walking through the streets with the latest human they believed to be the heir of Corvinus; when he was an obese man throw what looked like a body into an alley near his home. Lucian hurried into the alley to see an incredibly beaten and bloody body. He placed the other body down and started searching for a pulse on the new body. He found a very light one.

Lucian gently picked him up and tossed the potential carrier over his shoulder and broke into a sprint to their medical area. He tossed the human on his shoulder off to the side. He placed the body that appeared to be a thirteen year old boy onto a medical table and started to wash off the blood on his body. It took over an hour just to clean the body for it to be ready to start sealing the wounds. Lucian hurried over to their fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder.

"St. Mundgo's, England, Head Healer Smith," Lucian shouted before sticking his head in the fire, "Robert! I need your help over here in Budapest!"

"I'll be over in a moment Lucian!" the Healer Lucian fire called said as he began collect all of the potions he needed. As soon as he was ready he flooed over to the Lycan's hideout. When he saw the boy's body he practically threw Lucian out and shut the door behind him.

Lucian headed over to where they were testing Corvinus candidates to see his friend start sturring blood from the latest human.

"Negative," he said, "why were you so long in getting here?"

"Saving a human's life."


"No, Smith is healing him here."

"That bad?"

"Yep. The only clue as to who did it was the obese man that threw him into the alley I found him in."

Smith then walked in and said, "He'll be fine, he was fortunate that none of the wounds were magical, otherwise I might have taken too long in healing him. I also had to use up the Blood Replenishing potions I brought with me. He also has shown signs of possession."

"He's possessed?" Lucian asked.

"No although he was in the past month and he forced the possessor out. From what I could tell, it was in the last few weeks."

"Let's find out who he is when he wakes up," Lucian replied.

(The next day)

"Oh my aching head," Harry said as he sat up.

"I'm not surprised, considering the extent of the wounds you had received," a voice off to the side said. Harry looked toward the voice and saw a man that looked to be in his twenties with a little over shoulder length brown hair, full beard, and blue eyes.

"Who are you and where am I?"

"Forgive me, I am Lucian and you are in the Budapest home of the Lycans."

"I'm Harry Potter and what are Lycans?"


"How did I get here?"

"I found you and brought you here and I'm surprised that you aren't scared by the fact that I'm a Lycan."

"One of my friends is a werewolf."

"Does he accept the change?"

"No, why?"

"Because that makes the transformation more painful, and it takes longer for the werewolf to change at will."

"What do you mean 'change at will,' that isn't possible is it?"

Lucian laughed and tossed his shirt off before turning into his Werewolf form.

"Cool! I can't wait to tell Remus about this."

Lucian changed back to human then asked, "Harry, there is something I want to ask you."

"Go ahead."

"There is a war between Lycans and Vampires going on. Vampires have hunted Lycans almost to extinction."

"I get the idea, but I don't want to get involved. I am already in the middle of a war back in England. The war against Voldemort."

"I understand. But at least stay a while to make sure that your wounds have healed. I would feel better if you left for England after a week or so to garentee that your wounds are gone."

"Alright, I'll stay for a week."

"Also, do you mind if we take a blood sample to see if you received any infections?"

"Go ahead."

Lucian swabbed the inside of Harry's elbow, then took a syringe and drew out as much blood as the syringe would hold. He then walked away and gave the syringe to the Lycan testing blood to see if it is capable of becoming a hybrid. The Lycan put some of the blood into a beaker with another chemical and started stirring. The blood didn't mix with the other chemical but stayed together.


"Dimmit, he said that he didn't want anything to do with our war. I intend to respect his wishes but this may be our last chance. Keep looking for another carrier. Harry's capability may have been from the fact that he had been possessed."

"Alright, the next candidate is a man named David Vengor."

"I'll send Raze and Drango to get him."

(2 days later, full moon)

Harry was wandering around the Lycan's hideout after being released from bed earlier that afternoon. Lucian had given Harry permission to explore the hideout as long as he was back in the medical area by midnight. Harry walked around a corner and stopped as he saw one of the Lycans in werewolf form. When the Lycan turned around, Harry could tell that it didn't have control over his form. Harry turned and ran as the Lycan leaped at him.

"Lucian! Help!" Harry yelled as he ran.

The Lycan tackled Harry and bit his left shoulder as Harry fell. Before the Lycan could do anything else, another tackled it. Harry grasped his shoulder as he watched the two Lycans fight.

Harry got back up on his feet and started running. Soon he was on the streets and he slowed down and started walking. Harry kept walking through the streets and kept his bight wound covered with his shirt.

Unknown to Harry, he was being watched by a figure on a rooftop above him. The figure stepped of the roof and when he hit the ground he just stood up and started walking after Harry. The figure was a Vampire who recognized Harry as 'Harry Potter' and thought that he would be helpful in the war with the Lycans. He didn't know that he had already been bitten by a Lycan.

Harry stopped suddenly as he felt someone following him. He turned around and saw a man in a trench coat with glowing blue eyes and lengthening canines. Harry realized that he was a Vampire and started running. The Vampire took off after him. The Vampire soon caught up with Harry and threw him into an alley next to them. The Vampire then slammed Harry into a wall and bit into Harry's right shoulder. The Vampire started seeing Harry's memories and then realized that Harry had already been bitten by a Lycan.

"Least there will be one less Lycan," the Vampire said as he walked away.

That was all Harry heard before he passed out.

(The next day, 12:00 PM)

Harry sat up and looked around to see he was in the Lycan's medical area.

"Was it a dream?" Harry pulled his shirt so he could see his shoulder and say the bite mark and sighed.

"Good to see you awake Harry, I imagine that you have some questions," Lucian said as he walked in.

"How come I'm still alive? You had told me that no one had survived being bitten by both species."

"Harry, for the last few years we have been searching for a human descended from Alexander Corvinus. If we could, then we may be able to create a hybrid, a half-Vampire half-Lycan but stronger than both. When I had taken your blood, I also used some of it to see if you could become a hybrid. You tested positive."

"So I'm an heir of Corvinus?"

"We don't know. Your capability may have come from several things in your life. Because your have to admit, you haven't had an average life."

Harry laughed and replied, "Your right about that. So what am I? Am I a Vycan or Lampire?"

Lucian laughed at both Harry's question and that he was making light of the situation. "You could call yourself either. I'm still going to have some of the Lycans search for another human who could become a hybrid."

"Okay, and Lucian, I'll help you in your war."

"Thank you Harry."
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