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One Year Later

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A year later and the attack on the Vampire Coucil

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AN: I will be fast forwarding one year and have flashbacks of the missing year.

Last Time:

Harry laughed and replied, "Your right about that. So what am I? Am I a Vycan or Lampire?"

Lucian laughed at both Harry's question and that he was making light of the situation. "You could call yourself either. I'm still going to have some of the Lycans search for another human who could become a hybrid."

"Okay, and Lucian, I'll help you in your war."

"Thank you Harry."


Harry was still with the Lycans after the last year. In the last year, Harry had discovered several strengths and one weakness. He was as vulnerable to silver as an ordinary human, could walk in sunlight, had complete control over his changes, no longer needed glasses, his magic was also multiplied many times over but he needed to drink blood to keep his energy up. He had also discovered that the reason he could become a hybrid was that he had already had trace amounts of werewolf and vampire in his blood.

Harry was on his way to see Lucian after Raze had brought back Trix's body and failed to get the next human. Harry came to think of Lucian as a father after all the time they spent together. They had also discovered that Harry was descended from Lucian after a one-night stand.

"Yes Harry?"

Lucian's voice snapped Harry out of his thoughts, "Why don't you let me go after the next human?"

"We still need you as a secret weapon. You can go when we attack the Vampire Council. Their blood should help strengthen you, especially Amelia, the elder."

"Will Raze go again?"

"This time I go myself."

"Fine, but I'm tired of waiting. I've been here for over a year and I haven't helped in the war at all."

"You'll have your time Harry, but for now you must wait."


"Why don't you spar with Raze? Or study some magic? I know you've been trying to become an Animagus."

"Alright, I'll try Animagus."

Harry headed down to his rooms for some privacy while he tried to find his Animagus form. Harry had mastered the theory a month ago and had recently had been trying to find his form. He was having little success. Harry sat down cross-legged and emptied his mind of all thoughts. The method Harry was using was the easiest, but required a great deal of power. It required that you clear your mind and let the form come to you.

Harry was sitting like that for what felt like hours when he saw his form. It was a... Harry didn't know what it was. It had two sets of wings, one white and feathery; the other was black and leathery bat wings. Its body was scaly and had white hair down to its waist. Its legs were shaped like that of a dog or the Lycans except that it was scaled instead of furred and also had claws like one would expect on a T-Rex. Its face was shaped like one would expect of an angel if it weren't scaled. Harry's form then told him everything about it and how to transform.

Raze then knock on Harry's door and shouted, "Lucian's back Harry, he brought a sample of blood from the human!"

"I'll be right there Raze," Harry shouted.

Harry stood up and raced to the medical area to see if the latest human would be a match. Singe was just putting the blood in when Harry got there. Harry watch as Singe stirred the blood in the liquid. It didn't mix.


"That's great! Oh and Lucian, I found my Animagus form," Harry practically shouted the first part and talked normally the last.

"Let's got to the Dining Room and you can tell me about your form on the way," Lucian replied smiling.

"I seem destined to be a hybrid no matter what form. My Animagus is half-angel half-demon."

"I see what you mean about being destined to be a hybrid. I believe you may be the first Hybrid Animagus."

"I look forward to seeing Remus' face when he sees my form. I also look forward to seeing Voldie's face when he sees my Hybrid form."

"That'll be a sight to see. Oh I just remembered, I'd like you to come with me when I meet Kraven later tonight."

"I don't trust this Vampire you keep mentioning. I also don't like the fact that the Vamps don't know you're alive. The Vamp that bit me should know."

"We must consider ourselves fortunate then. Come, let's eat then we will meet Kraven later."

(3 hours later)

Harry and Lucian had just gotten back from the meeting with Kraven when Harry dragged Lucian to his room and started throwing up privacy wards.

"I assume there's a reason for you doing this?" Lucian asked.

"Yea, Kraven was the Vampire that bit me. That's why the Vampires still don't know that you're alive," Harry replied.

"Interesting. But we have no time for that now. You need to go with Raze and attack Amelia and the council."


Harry and Lucian then part ways with Harry going to where the Lycans that were attacking the Vampire Council were gathering.

"Ready Harry?" Raze asked him as he saw Harry walk up.

"Those blood-suckers won't know what hit them," Harry said with a smirk.

"Need I remind you that you also drink blood Harry?"

"True but I can walk in sunlight," Harry replied with a jokingly superior tone.

Razed laughed and said, "Come on kid, let's go."

Soon the transformed Lycans and one hybrid were heading off to a train station that was due to receive the Vampire council and one elder in less than an hour. The battle was swift and brutal with Harry staying hidden until Raze had gotten a few vials of the elder Amelia's blood to protect his secret. Once Raze had a few vials, Harry walked to Amelia and picked her up by the throat. Harry let his eyes turn black and lengthened his fangs before he bit her neck and started draining her blood.

When he was done he dropped her body and wiped his mouth of the excess blood. Harry then turned to Raze and held out his hand for the bag with Amelia's blood in it. Raze gave it to Harry who the apparated to Lucian.

When Harry appeared next to Lucian, he was just injecting himself with blood from a syringe.

"I take it the attack was successful?" Lucian asked.

Harry just smirked and handed the bag to Lucian. Lucian took out one syringe and injected himself with it. Lucian then started to go through the exact same changes Harry went through. The only difference in their hybrid form was that Harry's hair, while still the same black color, stayed as stubborn as before, while Lucian's hair and beard stayed the same except that it changed to black.

"Those vampires will have a hard time dealing with two hybrids," Harry said with a smirk.

"What do you mean two?" a voice from the side asked.

Harry looked and saw the man that was Corvinus' descendent, odd that he hadn't noticed him before.

"You can explain Harry, I must go now," with that, Lucian turned around and left.

"As Lucian said, my name is Harry and I am the first Lycan-Vampire Hybrid. Ironically, unlike you, I have no Corvinus blood in me, but rather, I already had trace amounts of Lycan and Vampire blood in me. I am also a wizard," Harry told Michael Corvin.

"Wizards don't exist," Michael replied.

"Is that so hard to believe after everything that has happened in the last few days?"

AN: Here it is! The second chapter! As you can tell, Lucian will survive in this fic. I intend on all three hybrids being evenly matched in an all out fight between them.
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