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Beginning Evolution

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Viktor has been sain, now the three hybrids and Selene journey to Hogwarts to find refuge. Someone has other plans though.

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Last Time:

The Lycan Singe's blood was dripping into Markus' coffin and into his mouth. His eyes then opened, first Vampire blue the Hybrid black.


Kraven walked into the hibernation chamber with his head lackeys. He opened Markus' chamber and had his men get ready to shoot the hibernating elder. When the coffin came out of the ground, it was empty. Kraven's men started searching the room to find the Elder.

Then, they saw a winged figure fly at one of them and stab him with the tips of the wings. The figure killed all of Kraven's men and pinned Kraven to a wall. Kraven then realized that it was Markus! Markus' new form made him look more bat then human.

"This mongrel's memories show me that your betrayal knows no bounds," Markus told Kraven as he nodded his head toward the Lycan Singe.

"I can explain!" Kraven said frantically.

"Why should I listen to your lies, when the path to the truth is so much sweeter?" Markus then bit Kraven's shoulder and started seeing his memories.

When he pulled back, Kraven said, "I can help you."

"You already have," Markus then pulled his wing tips out of his shoulders and knocked off about half of Kraven's head.


"Where are you planning on taking us?" Selene asked Harry.

"It will take a while but we need to get to Hogwarts," Harry answered.

"Hogwarts?" Michael asked in confusion.

"Magic school. We can get Dumbledore to help us."

"Can't you apparate us there?" Lucian asked.

"I could only do one at a time but I'm not sure if I could apparate that distance."

"Why is it that you're the only one with magic?" Michael asked.

"I have a theory; I believe that the three of us each have our own strengths and disadvantages. Michael, you're the strongest and fastest of the three of us, but you have the least amount of skill in a fight. Lucian, you're not as strong or as fast as Michael, but you have the most skill in battle. As for me, I'm the weakest physically, but I have magic and am the handsomest."


"What was that for?" Harry asked rubbing the back of his head where Selene hit him.

"You were being a smart aleck," Selene replied with a smile.

After Selene said that, she lifted a trap door leading to a cellar. Harry, Lucian, and Michael followed her down to see Selene pull out a few packets of blood from a freezer and look at a few small computer screens. Harry looked at the label on the packet and his eyes widened before he started whistling.

"The three of you will need blood. These packets are filled with cloned blood, we have less then we normally would because over the last year, several hundred liters have been stolen," Selene told them.

Harry raised his hand and said, "Yeah that was me. You didn't think that I went out and bit humans did you?"

Selene glared at Harry before she left to get some supplies. Harry grabbed two of the blood packets and tossed them to Lucian and Michael while drinking the last one. Lucian also bit in while Michael just looked at the packet of blood.

"You'll need to drink eventually Michael. We can't survive on anything else, we can't eat normal food anymore," Harry told him upon seeing that he wasn't drinking the blood.

"How would you know?" Michael snapped.

"I'm the eldest of our race. I've been a hybrid for a little over a year. I'll admit I don't know all of our powers, but I'm still the oldest."

"Actually Harry, you're the youngest. Your seventeen, Michael's in his twenties and I'm over six hundred," Lucian replied with a slight smirk.

"I've been a hybrid the longest so that makes me the oldest," Harry returned with a glare.

Michael took the opportunity to sneak out while Lucian and Harry were arguing. He headed over to an inn he saw as they were passing by and ordered a meal.

Harry and Lucian soon realized that Michael wasn't with them and the headed out to look for him.

Unfortunately for Michael, Harry never got to tell him that normal food made them sick and need blood sooner.

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