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The hybrids and Selene meet Markus.

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AN: Here is the next chapter. I am also undecided if Dumbledore will be manipulative in this fic. While I like Manipulative Dumbles fics I don't have one where he isn't

Last Time:

Unfortunately for Michael, Harry never got to tell him that normal food made them sick and need blood sooner.


Michael was eating when he noticed that it didn't agree with his stomach. He clutched his chest as he felt whatever it was he ate start to come back up.

Meanwhile, Harry and Lucian had left the cellar and were in hybrid forms tracking Michael's scent. When Harry saw the truck stop that Michael's scent led to he smacked his face.

"Lucian! Get over here now!' Harry yelled.

Lucian ran over and both Harry ran to the truck stop, changing to human on the way. When the two broke down the door Michael was part way through transforming and had a man pinned down on a bar.

"Michael! Get a hold of yourself!" Harry yelled at Michael right before Lucian tackled him.

Michael just threw Lucian off him and glared at Harry. Harry groaned as he saw the pitch black hybrid eyes. Michael already ate ordinary food! Harry leaped at Michael and shoved his wrist into Michael's face. Wild with the need for blood, Michael bit down and started to drink. After a little bit Harry pulled his arm back and waved his hand over his wrist, healing it.

The three hybrids walked out the back door only to see several guns pointed at them.

"We're in trouble," Michael remarked.

"Ah my young grasshopper, you are wrong," Harry said before he leapt up onto the roof of the truck stop and changing to hybrid form half-way. Lucian and Michael followed his lead and soon all three hybrids were running faster than any vehicle the Budapest cops had.

Soon Selene was running next to them when a shadow passed over them. They stopped to see Markus fly down onto them. He stabbed Lucian and Michael in the stomachs at the same time he backhanded Harry into a tree. He then pinned Selene who shouted out, "Viktor is dead and Kraven -"

"Viktor deserved everything he got a hundred fold and the traitor has been dealt with. You now have something I need," Markus interrupted.

Just as Markus was about to bite Selene, Michael, Lucian, and Harry all tackled him, forcing him off of Selene. Markus threw them off easily and moved back towards Selene who by now had run up to a highway nearby. The three hybrids ran after her as she leapt onto a truck driving by and tossed the driver out. The three jumped into the back as Markus came flying down and tried to take the necklace from Lucian. Harry blasted Markus with a beam of raw magic which missed as Markus flew away.

"We have some problems over here!" Selene shouted. The hybrids turned around to see that the sun was rising. Harry quickly cast a anti-UV spell on the truck's windshield and started searching for a place they could place the truck until the sun went down. He spotted a warehouse that could be used and directed Selene over to it. Harry covered his head as the truck burst through the doors. Once he uncovered his head he hopped off the truck and started looking for something to cover the windows with.

Lucian ran up with some paint and Harry started banishing the paint out of the cans and onto the windows. Lucian also tore open some paint lids and started tossing paint onto windows Harry wasn't occupied with.

"Alright Selene you can come out now," Harry said once they were done. Michael led a blanket covered Selene over to a large cargo container and soon came out and started rummaging around.

"Hey Michael," Lucian called out. When Michael up looked he continued, "Harry and I are going to look for some supplies."

"Have fun while we're gone," Harry said before winking.

Harry and Lucian laughed as they left the warehouse.
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