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What happens when Harry Potter is saved by Lucian? What about when he becomes a Hybrid?

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AN: Here is the next chapter. I am also undecided if Dumbledore will be manipulative in this fic. While I like Manipulative Dumbles fics I don't have one where he isn't

Last Time:

"Have fun while we're gone," Harry said before winking.

Harry and Lucian laughed as they left the warehouse.


"Lucian, let's head back. I don't think we'll find anything else out here," Harry said to Lucian. Each had several dead animals on their backs.

"Why do we have: two bears, seven buck deer, three tom turkeys, and six rabbits?" Lucian asked.

"Why to stock up of course. After all I don't plan of losing control and killing humans any time soon."

"True, true."

The two made it back to the warehouse and tossed the dead animals onto the bed of the truck. Harry then lifted up the hood and started cursing under his breath.

"Hey Lucian could you give me a hand with this?"

Lucian walked over and joined Harry in his silent cursing. There was a crack in the engine that would make it dangerous to even start the truck. Harry looked around and walked over to one of the storage containers that Selene wasn't in and fired a thin beam of magic and cut out a small piece of metal.

One of the containers opened causing Harry and Lucian to snap around with Harry having an orb of magic ready to throw.

The two relaxed when Michael walked out. With out a shirt I might add.

"Have fun?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Piss off," Michael snapped.


A few hours later after the truck was fixed and Selene was awake, they headed off to an abandoned monastery with Selene driving.

"So Selene, what's so special about this place?" Harry asked once they reached the gates.

"This is the home of the vampire Tanis; he was a historian who, according to Viktor, wrote disgusting lies. He was exiled three hundred years ago. But with all that's happened..." Selene started.

"You're beginning to think it was true," Lucian finished. "I didn't realize that you knew Tanis."

"You do?" Selene asked confused.

"He's where we got the UV rounds from. In exchange for the rounds, we gave him Lycan bodyguards."

Selene hmmed before she saw Harry walking past the truck and tearing open the gates and walking in. Selene also got out and walked next to him while Michael drove the truck slowly behind them. Harry and Selene kept their senses open as they walked towards the door.

Selene turned around and shouted, "Go!" before the ground under the two of them opened up beneath them and closed once they hit the floor. Harry looks up as he changes to his hybrid form and looks down a side tunnel as he hears a transformed Lycan running towards them. Harry sends a burst of magic at the Lycan which killed it while Selene threw a knife into another one coming down from a different tunnel.

Selene and Harry walked down one tunnel, killing the Lycans they came across before eventually they encountered two female vampires. Selene backhanded one into the wall while Harry blasted the other with raw magic. Sensing something, Harry quickly ducked into the shadows as a crossbow bolt barley missed Selene's head.

"Selene, so nice to see you, and James, I saw you just now so come on out," another vampire, this time male, called out. Harry realized that he had seen only the back of his head so didn't realize that he was a hybrid. Harry left his hybrid form and walked out of the shadows.

"Good to see you again James, cancel the Glamour on your eyes. There's no need for it here and it's not much of a disguise," the vampire continued.

"You haven't had much contact with the outside world have you?" Harry asked with an amused tone.

"You know how hard it is here James."

"If you had more contact, you would know that James and Lily Potter are dead. I am their son Harry Potter."

AN: finally, another chapter. Now, I need suggestions on how Tanis knew Harry's father. I've played with some but would like to see some more ideas.
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