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Chapter 1: The First Encounter

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Zhao Yun finds himself unlucky when he encounters Xing Cai who is looking for him but is unaware that he is the Zhao Yun she is looking for.

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Parody, Romance - Characters: Xing Cai, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun - Warnings: [Y] - Published: 2006-09-06 - Updated: 2006-09-07 - 429 words

Chapter 1: The First Ecounter

Zhao yun is seen walking down a dirt path which he could care less, takes him.

Zhao yun: "I much longer...must I keep walking until I find what I'm searching for?

He continues to walk down the path, but not far ahead is a wandering girl who notices our hero just to surprise him with a nice greeting.

Girl: "You there! My Father said that "NO ONE" shall pass here unless his name was Zhao Yun. If you are not him then I must ask you to leave at once."

Zhao Yun: "Hm? And what if I don't?"

Girl: "Then I, Xing Cai-daughter of Zhang Fei, shall fight you."

Zhao Yun: (I thought this might be her.) Well...I don't see any other way around this."

They both draw their weapons and start fighting.

Xing Cai: "Don't think I'm going to be easy just because"

Zhao Yun: "You're a girl."

Xing Cai: "Ah?"

Zhao Yun: "Sorry...Hah! But I'm not that kind of guy to say such things."

Zhao Yun does a square, square, triangle move (from the game).

Xing Cai: "Ahh! (this man...he's...strong!)

Zhao Yun: "So missy. If I win. Can I ask a question?"

Xing Cai: "If you win."

Xing cai does a faint and catches Zhao Yun off guard.

Xing Cai: "I Win!"

Just then, Zhao Yun does a parry move just in time to knock Xing Cai to the ground.

Xing Cai: "Ahh!"
Zhao Yun: "Ah. I'm sorry Xing Cai. Are you ok?

Xing Cai: (Why is he being so nice? Isn't he supposed to be a bad guy?) Yes. I'm fine."
Zhao Yun: (sigh) I'm glad. I don't know what your father would have done to me if I hurt his only daughter."

Xing Cai: "!!!. How do you know...that I'm his only daughter?"
Zhao Yun: "Geh...(oh no! I let it slip)

Just then, Zhang Fei arrives to see the two giving each other weird looks.

Zhang Fei: "Oh Zhao Yun. You finally made it."
Zhao Yun: "Zhang Fei. Why was it that you must speak to me at your home?"

Xing Cai: "Wait! So you were...I was fighting with..."

Zhao Yun: "Ah hah. So you finally found out."

To be continued...

Chapter 1 part 2 preview

Our hero Zhao Yun is then greeted into the home of Zhang Fei and his daughter Xing Cai. Zhang Fei finally reveals why he had to speak with Zhao yun. The reason is because...oops! sorry. Looks like you have to wait until next time.

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