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An unexpected request.

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Zhao yuns identity is finally revealed to our heroine, Xing cai, who is surprised to have fought a duel with him. Although this is over. What Zhao Yun doesn't what Zhang Fei is going to...

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Parody, Romance - Characters: Xing Cai, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun - Published: 2006-09-14 - Updated: 2006-09-15 - 512 words

Our story continues with our hero, Zhao Yun in Sir Zhang Feis house.

Zhao Yun: "umm...Zhang Fei?"
Zhang Fei: "Yes? What is it my boy?"
Zhao Yun: "eh...I'm not that young. (24 I believe) Anyway, what exactly am I doing here?"

Zhang Fei: "Now now, don't be a party pooper. Were just getting to the good stuff."

Zhang Fei then calls Xing Cai over.

Zhang Fei: "Xing Cai! Cmon in here with us."

Xing Cai: "Father! Stop drinking so much. It's no wonder Mother left you."
Zhao Yun: "Well...when is he "not" drinking right?"

Xing Cai, suprised to hear that, responds by saying,

Xing Cai: "Yes I agree."

Zhao Yun and Xing Cai then laugh at the same time and notice that they suddenly laughed together.

Zhao Yun then blushes probably because of his lack of interaction with young women or probably because of Xing Cai who also blushed.

Zhang Fei then grows a teeny tiny bit suspicious and then a smirk grows on his face. He then grabs Zhao Yun and says,

Zhao Yun: "wah!?"
Zhang Fei: "Hey...You aren't already trying to plull moves on my daughter are you?"

Zhao Yun: "Wha...what the hell are you talking about? I'm not that kind of guy to do that with girls."

Xing Cai then says,

Xing Cai: "Father...I don't think you should be doing that to sir Zhao Yun. Think about his feelings."
Zhao Yun: "'s ok. Whispers (I think he's drunk already anyways)"

Zhang Fei: "I'm not drunk...yet. Oh yeah...the reason why you're here. Cmere sonny!"

Zhao Yun: "ahh. Xing Cai."
Xing Cai: "Ah! Sir Zhao Yun? Please, don't be upset with my father."

Zhao Yun being the man he is says nothing but gives a small but calm smile (that resembles Kenshin Himura but not that big). Xing Cai blushes for a moment.

Xing Cai: "Sir..Zhao really a strange man."

Just then a few maids were spotted spying Xing Cai who were then caught by Xing Cai herself.

Xing Cai: "Ah!"
Maid 1: "Miss Xing Cai."
Maid 2: "We saw tha----t."

Xing Cai: "(blushes) Saw..saw what? It wasn't anything."
Maid 1: "Oohhhh. I see."
Maid 2: "So it was sir Zhao Yun that has stolen your heart huh?"
Xing Cai: "Wh...what are you talking about. I barely know him. Besides, he..."

Maids 1 & 2: "he?"
Xing Cai then blushes even more.

Xing Cai: "He...he probably likes older women anyways. (To my eyes, I think she's 18 or 19 but I could be wrong. Lets make her 18 ok?)

Maid 1: "Hmm. I don't see why he shouldn't have eyes for you though"
Xing Cai: "Can we stop talking about him. He's my fathers most trusted friend."
Maid 2: "I still think you should try to at least get to know him better."


Zhao Yun: "So what exactly is it Zhang Fei"
Zhang Fei: "Ah yeah. Well because it's you, I have decided."
Zhao Yun: "eh."
Zhang Fei: "I want you to find my daughter a suitable husband."

Zhao Yun: "huuuuuhhhhhhh?!"

to be continued...
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