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The Beginning of A Rivalry?

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Zhao Yun is caught up in a family matter which he wants no part of but accepts anyways but what happens when the girl you are trying to protect ends up lov...uhh forget I almost said that.

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Guan Ping, Pang Tong, Xing Cai, Zhao Yun - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-11-04 - Updated: 2006-11-04 - 1122 words

We begin with our hero wandering around out of the city and finds himself near a cliff side and a rock with the sun settig down.

Zhao Yun: "(sigh) This is one heck of mess I have gotten into now. Even if I could refuse, I doubt he would have listened to me.....Argh! This is so STUPID!"

Xing Cai: "What's so stupid?"

Zhao Yun: "AH! Miss Xing Cai!? Uh I was..uh..nothing...nothing is stupid. Eh he he he..."

Xing Cai: "Hmm...well...if you don't mind can I sit down with you?"

Zhao Yun: "Oh sure. Please have a seat."
Xing Cai: "Thank you"

Zhao Yun: "So what brings you out here Miss Xing Cai?"

Xing Cai: "Uh well yeah about that..."
Zhao Yun: "Hm??"
Xing Cai: "You can just call me Xing Cai"
Zhao Yun: "Oh...uh ok then. Xing Cai"
Xing Cai: "he he. O.k. then"
Zhao Yun: "So...what were we talking about again?"

Probably because of his current state or situation Xing Cai then laughs at Zhao Yun.

Xing Cai: "(still laughing) ha ha ha Sir Zhao Yun he he you are a strange person."
Zhao Yun: "Eh? If I'm so strange then why are you laughing at me?"

Xing Cai: "Whew. It's nothing. It's just your acting so nervously around me."
Zhao Yun: " I?"
Xing Cai: "Hmm...well I think it's either that or it might be some other reason."

Zhao Yun: "Hmph. I think the stange one here is you Xing Cai."

Xing Cai: "Oh now were calling names here now huh?"
Zhao Yun: "I'm sorry, did I say you were strange. I meant to say you ARE strange."

Xing Cai: "What?! Why you! I dare you to say it again!"
Zhao Yun: "Say what again? Oh that you ARE WEIRD!"
Xing Cai: "That's it. I'm going to get you.!"

Having been teased enough by Zhao Yun, she grabs Zhao Yuns sides and begins tickling him.

Zhao Yun: "Xing Cai ha ha ha. Stop it!"
Xing Cai: "No way."

Just then a young boy with a bandana and a huge sword approches them.


Both Zhao Yun and Xing Cai glance at the person standing there with a discontent look on his face.

Xing Cai: "Oh...Guan Ping!"
Zhao Yun: "(Who was Guan Ping again?)
Xing Cai: "Uh yes. What is it Guan Ping?"

Guan Ping: "I was sent from Lord Yue Ying to find you. She needs your help with something."
Xing Cai: "Yes. I understand. Um...Sir Zhao Yun?"
Zhao Yun: "Just Zhao Yun is fine."
Xing Cai: "(giggles) Zhao Yun. Now that we got to know each other a little. We're sure to meet again."

Zhao Yun: "Ah..."

Unsure of how to respond, she leaves him speechless and returns to the city walls.

Guan Ping: "Hmph."

Guan Ping glares at Zhao Yun for a few seconds and then rushes to catch up with Xing Cai.

Zhao Yun: "What..was that all about?"

"Ho hoo. It seems you've made a rival."

Zhao Yun: "That voice"

Just then a man pops out from behind a bush.

"Yes. It's me Zhao Yun."

Zhao Yun: "Sir Pang Tong? What were you doing behind that bush?"
Pang Tong: "Well my boy...I could ask you the same thing with Xing Cai."

Zhao Yun blushes and says

Zhao Yun: "Wha...what are you talking about? I didn't do anything?"
Pang Tong: "Who said anything about you doing anything?"

Zhao Yun: "mmm...."
Pang Tong: " I?"
Zhao Yun: "No. It's because...of what you said."
Pang Tong: "Ahh...What did I say again?"

Zhao Yun: "You said that I have a rival now?"
Pang Tong: "Ohhh. You're worried about that huh?'s like I said. You've made a rival."

Zhao Yun: "Are you saying what I think I am thinking."
Pang Tong: "Yes. I know what you are thinking. He thinks you like Xing Cai and obviously he likes her too. In other words he is jealous of you and her being together just now."

Zhao Yun: "Oh boy...What have I gotten myself into?"
Pang Tong: "Well I'm not trying to be weird but to me it looks like you two were hitting it off."
Zhao Yun: "Wha...what? No way. That's not possible. I I not."

Pang Tong: "You are not what? Too old or she is too young?"
Zhao Yun: "Mmm. (How does he know this stuff? What is he a love expert or something?)

Pang Tong: "Never fret my boy, for things will work out."
Zhao Yun: "How?"
Pang Tong: "Well first let me ask you a question."
Zhao Yun: "Yes?"
Pang Tong: "How do you feel about Miss Xing Cai hmm?"

Zhao Yun: "Wha..well uhh...ah heh. She's pretty and well I guess you could say..."
Pang Tong: "???"
Zhao Yun: "She's at my ideal height."
Pang Tong: "Ho-hoo. Very interesting."
Zhao Yun: "But it doesn't mean I like her like that."
Pang Tong: "Hmm. I wonder sometimes. Anyways...there is a way to get out of this mess."

Zhao Yun: "And that is?"
Pang Tong: "Find her a suitable husband."
Zhao Yun: "(sigh) You're starting to sound like Sir Zhang Fei now."
Pang Tong: "Ah but I never said that you couldn't fall in love with her too."
Zhao Yun: "I've already told you that I don't like her like that."

Pang Tong: "You don't have to like her then. Just get to know her better. If things don't work out then you can always just be friends."

Zhao Yun: "Isn't that what we both want."
Pang Tong: "Well it's not what you want but sooner or later it might not be enough to be just friends."
Zhao Yun: "Are you saying that."
Pang Tong: "Well to be frank...eventually things are going to happen that you would have never imagined."

Zhao Yun: "(sigh) What have I gotten myself into."

Just then a mysterious figure appears.

"You two. Are you members of the SHU amry?

Zhao Yun: "(What are we supposed to say?)
Pang Tong: "(Only one thing to say)
Zhao Yun: "Right! If you want to know then you'll have to find out in a fight!
Pang Tong: "No! That's not what I meant but, Oh well."

"If it's a fight you want then it's a fight you won't win!"

He then summons a group of soldiers to fight with Zhao Yun and Pang Tong. How is our hero going to get out two messes? Is he going to reveal who he is or will he be able to find out what he's going to do with Xing Cai? Next time on Dynasty Warriors: An Unexpected Love.

See you in the next Chapter!

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