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Struggling to say...

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Zhao Yun finds himself unlucky when he encounters Xing Cai who is looking for him but is unaware that he is the Zhao Yun she is looking for.

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Parody, Romance - Characters: Xing Cai, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-04-10 - Updated: 2007-04-11 - 1424 words

We continue our story with our hero Zhao Yun fighting with a few phantom soldiers along side with Pang Tong.

Zhao Yun: "Pang Tong we have to get them away from the city!"
Pang Tong: "Yes I understand. I'll lure the peons away and you go after that sorcerer."
Zhao Yun: "O.k. Got it"

Pang Tong: "Lucky spell, Lucky spell what do you see?
Spell: "I am a tornado whose purpose is to tear apart the skys and the earth."

A huge wind tunnel then charges straight for the phantoms and Zhao Yun then makes his move to attack the sorcerer.

Zhao Yun: "(What exactly is this sorcerer after? Is he after our Lord Liu Bei? or is he after something more important? It...couldn't be...?)

Sorcerer: "FOOL! Trying to attack me?! It is useless!"
Zhao Yun: "!!!"

Sorcerer: "Breath of Flames!"

Zhao Yun is then stuck by the flames but quickly gains his balance.

Zhao Yun: "Argh....(This sorcerer...he certainly is strong.)
Pang Tong: "Zhao Yun! Get Down!"

Zhao Yun quickly jumps out of the way and the summoned wolf "Saiga" charges towards the sorcerer.

Sorcerer: "Argh!!! You fowl beast!!!"
Pang Tong: "Return Saiga!"
Zhao Yun: "Saiga? Is that...a summon card?"

Sorcerer: "You haven't won yet Pang Tong! Next time I will emerge from the heavens and strike you in the name of Wei!"

He then returns the phantoms to their place and leaves the area as well

Zhao Yun: "Sir Pang Tong how does he know you? Is he your student? Perhaps your son?"

Pang Tong: "Hahahahaha. My boy you are really a strange one. It seems Miss Xing Cai was right about you."
Zhao Yun: "Huh?! Wha...what are you talking about?
Pang Tong: "Don't worry about it...but that person was not a sorcerer at all. He was a strategists. His Simi Yi.

Zhao Yun: "A strategist like yourself."
Pang Tong: "He is a rival of our other strategist Zhuge Liang. Simi did not possess these powers before. At least not like this one.

Zhao Yun: "Well as long as we can keep our lord safe then there is nothing to worry about."
Pang Tong: "Yes for now at least. Come let us return to the city."

As they entered the city a few soldiers arrived to check on the situation and asked Zhao Yun and Pang Tong what had happened.
They told them what had happened and told them to keep an eye on the city entrance and left to the castle.

Upon entering the castle Zhao Yun spots a figure running towards them.

Zhao Yun: "Ah?"
Pang Tong: "Hm..."

Surpisingly it was Xing Cai who was running towards them.

Xing Cai: "Zhao Yun? and Sir Pang Tong? Are you two alright?!"

Pang Tong: "Yes we are fine as you can see."
Zhao Yun: "We were able to drive them away from the city thanks to Pang Tong."
Pang Tong: "Nah...if it wasn't for you my boy I would have been surrounded and captured."

Xing Cai: "What exactly happened?"
Zhao Yun: "A Wei strategist was causing some trouble with us but it was no problem."

Xing Cai then notices Zhao Yuns injury and quickly says

Xing Cai: "AH! You're hurt!"
Zhao Yun: "It's nothing to worry about. It's just a few cuts that's all"
Pang Tong: (Ho ho ho. This is where I dissapear)
Xing Cai: "Even if it is a few cuts you need to get it treated right away! You never know what might happen to you?!"

Zhao Yun: "Um...I think it's Sir Pang Tong who needs the..."
he looks around but it appears that Pang Tong has slipped away while Xing Cai was busy being concerned about his injuries.

Zhao Yun: "Umm uh well he was here....b.b...but I
Xing Cai: "No buts! You're going to get patched up and that's final."
Zhao Yun: "Y...yes ma'm"

They enter the castle and go straight to the Aid room only to find out that it was empty.

Xing Cai: "Wha...where is everyone?"
Zhao Yun: "Well looks like there isn't anyone here. I guess I'll be leaving now."
Xing Cai: "Oh no you don't! If the nurses are not present then I will attend to your wounds myself."

Zhao Yun: "W.w...wait! Are you sure you can do it yourself?"
Xing Cai: "Of course I can do this. I've already studied on these kinds of things so there's nothing to be worried about."
Zhao Yun: "Studied? Do you mean you've learned first-aid because you've hurt yourself often?"

Xing Cai: "No! It's not like that! I wanted to study this because if I'm to be marri..."
Zhao Yun: "ah..."

He notices that Xing Cai has turned her head away and she speaks in a softer quieter voice and says

Xing Cai: "I...I wanted to study this because I believe I can save the world even if it's only a little...I can still save someones life.
Zhao Yun: "Xing Cai..."
Xing Cai: "It's not like I'm doing it for because I have to but it's because I want to ok?"
Zhao Yun: "I understand. Actually what I was going to say was that you're really a kind person."

She blushes a little and says

Xing Cai: "I'm not...that kind...just another person doing what they do best."
Zhao Yun: "I hope I'm not being a burden..."
Xing Cai: "Oh don't worry about it. I'd do this for anyone."
Zhao Yun: "It would seem so."
Xing Cai: "Wha..what are you trying to say?"
Zhao Yun: "I didn't say anything."
Xing Cai: "You want to start that again!?"
Zhao Yun: "Ha ha ha. I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."

Xing Cai is then surpised and says

Xing Cai: "Zhao Yun...?"
Zhao Yun: "Hmm? What is it miss Xing Cai?"
Xing Cai: "Your's really big"
Zhao Yun: "What do you mean?"
Xing Cai: "What I'm trying to say is that your body is well toned."
Zhao Yun: " it really? It's not weird or anything?"
Xing Cai: "No no no. It's really nice. it."

and for some unknown reason she gently puts her head on his shoulders and softly hugs him from behind.

Zhao Yun: "Ah! M m m-miss Xing Cai!? Wha-what are you doing!?"
Xing Cai: "Shh...I'm trying a healing technique my mother taught me. It's supposed to speed up your healing."
Zhao Yun: "Even so...this is very awkward."
Xing Cai: "Zhao Yun...I know this might sound strange but..."
Zhao Yun: "W-w-what is it?"
Xing Cai: "Being this close to's really. ..."
Zhao Yun: "(I'm getting myself into a situation I've never been in...but I can't seem to...move either...I at ease...)

in the distance footsteps could be heard.
The two finally come back to reality and seperate themselves as the person then walks into the room. Luckily it was only Yue Ying.

Yue Ying: "Oh there you were Xing Cai. I was looking for you. I still need your help with somethings but it looks like you're still busy tending to Sir Zhao Yuns injuries."
Xing Cai: "I'm sorry ma'm."
Zhao Yun: "I'll be fine now. You should go and help her."
Xing Cai: "Ok. Sorry I couldn't fully help you."
Zhao Yun: "It's fine. You did what you could right?
Xing Cai: "Thank you.:

She lightly bows and walks out the door. Zhao Yun then breathes a deep sigh and says

Zhao Yun: "I've got myself into a big mess this time. I almost lost myslef back there. (I don't know if I could hold back if that happens next time. What could this feeling be? It couldn't be!)"


Xing Cai: (I lost myself back there. I must make sure to not let that happen again...but what is this feeling....? It couldn't be? Could it?)"

Zhao Yun: "I have feelings for Xing Cai!"
Xing Cai: "I have feelings for Zhao Yun!"

to be continued...

On the next Chapter

Zhao Yun finally meets the son of the so-called Legendary Guan Yu (ppffftt), Guan Ping but things don't go so well when Guan Ping issues a duel to Zhao Yun and calling it the Best Man challenge. Zhao Yun unable to refuse because of the young boys determination or recklessness ends up accepting the duel. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei end up being the judges but they seem to have somethings hidden up their uhh...cloths.

See you in the next chapter!

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