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Chapter One - Discoveries

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum!

(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. Now things become dangerous when Dracula discovers a dark secrete of the past. How will they survive?

Disclamer: We own nothing except Lumintia and Lovette. Everything else is Stepthen Summers! :D

Chapter One - "Discoveries"

The cold night stung Van Helsing's face like nettles, as did the wounds that spilled blood from his injured shoulders. The Count was never kind in his fights, but tonight had been especially hard. Van Helsing had just succeeded in killing the Counts newest bride and the Count had been anything but happy.

Van Helsing could feel the pain rushing through his body. He was injured and weapon-less. If the count found him, he would be dead for sure. He pushed aside tree branches and fallen bushes, not allowing himself to stop even for a moment.

Finally, he could take the pain no more and he could feel his vision begin to blur. His body burned and his feet ached. He gasped once for breath before falling deeper and deeper into darkness. The last thing he felt was something cold and icy splashing at his face...


Luminita looked at the grand clock in the hall of the library. She rolled her eyes and walked back towards the fiction section. What had started as Ill-be-there-in-a-moment became more than a half hour. She didn't mind though, since she knew where her best friend would be.

Luminita was, as her father had called her, a light to her friends and family. Her name actually meant little light and her personality reflected that. She was kind, caring, intelligent and beautiful. She had long wavy black hair and green eyes that made men marvel. She was very tall and on the thin side unlike other girls of her age. Many men wanted her hand in marriage, but Luminita was not interested in them. She was a free sprit and soul. A soul that loved to express itself all the time. Luminita loved to sing. She would constantly write songs, hum tunes or just sing to herself.

Luminita walked to the back of the library where the fiction section was and saw what she was looking for. Her best friend, Lovette, sat in a corner, a book clenched tightly in her hands, her glasses balanced on her nose. Luminita cleared her throat and Lovette looked up. She gave an apologetic smile.

"How long?" She asked as she pushed her glasses up.

"Half an hour." Luminita said with a smile, "Not as long as usual."

Lovette stood up and put her book in her bag.

"Sorry, I just go so wrapped up in this one! It's incredible! This girl find out that she has two other parents in an alternate universe and-"

Luminita held up her hand. "Slow down, slow down. It's okay, I'll probably read it after you."

She looked up at the clock and a slight frown expressed itself on her lips. "Come on, it's late and mother will probably be expecting us soon. Are you sure that it's okay with your grandparents?" she asked.

Lovette nodded. "I asked them this morning and they said it would be alright," she assured her best friend.

Lovette has been Luminita's best friend since they were very young. She was a sweet girl with long blonde hair that was often pulled back in a braid and sea blue eyes which hid behind delicate glasses. She was not as tall as Luminita, but she was very thin as well. She was kind, gentle and cared more for others than for herself. Except when it came to her hobby. More than anything, Lovette's favorite hobby was reading. She loved to read. Most of the time, she would take a book to a quiet place in town and read. Luminita and she would often read books and then exchange them to see what the other had been reading. Often times on weekends,

Lovette would stay over at Luminita's.

"You spend so much time over at my place; my mom says you need to start paying rent!" Luminita joked.

Lovette laughed, "I guess I would at some point-" She stopped mid sentence and looked over her shoulder. She gasped slightly. A wolf stood behind her. Luminita turned around and saw the creature too.

"Wolves don't come this far." She said softly. Lovette nodded. She looked at the wolf for a moment before he turned and ran back into the woods surrounding their village.

"That was weird," Luminita stated, "Come on, we need to get going."

Lovette didn't move, "I think we should follow him."


"I think he might need help." Lovette pulled her book bag up higher on her shoulder and motioned for her friend to follow her. Luminita sighed. "Fine, but not too long. Mom's gonna start to worry!" She said and followed her friend into the woods. The trees blocked most of the light and there were strange sounds coming at them from every corner. Lovette shivered, frightened by her surroundings.

"Come on, I think he went this way." The girls started in the same direction until they heard another sound.

Water? Luminita listened. "It's the river, this way!" She turned and led the way to the river. They saw the wolf there for two seconds before it dashed into the forest.

"Why would he lead us to-"

"OH MY GOD!" Lovette cried and ran towards the river. Luminita followed her and gasped as well, her eyes widening.

Lying in the river, soaked to the bone, was a man. Both girls slipped off their shoes and socks and tied their dresses up. Luminita removed her cloak and they went to the edge of the river. Carefully, they pulled the man up onto dry land. His heavy clothes dragged him down, but they were able to pull him up together.

His face was a light blue and his eyes were cold tightly. His clothes were ripped and torn and huge gashes covered most of his body. What on earth could have happened to this man, both girls wondered. Who was he and why did he seem so... familiar?

Lovette could not help but stare at the man in both shock and interest. He was, in fact... very handsome. His long brown hair dangled over his fine shoulders, his body was well toned and his face was handsome and rugged. Luminita came by her side, a wet hat in her hands.

"Is he..." her voice was shaky.

Lovette touched the man's throat, searching for a pulse. She jumped suddenly, her widened eyes becoming larger even more.

"No... He's alive!"
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