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Chapter Two - Alive

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum!

Hello there everybody! Some people might know me for writing up VH fics here:D And here I am! I am currently co-authoring this story with Katie Van Helsing, the most awesome person I have known:D Please review, we would appreciate it a lot! OwO And to answer Fortune Zyne's question, we may have based it off ourselves. The part about us loving Gabriel Van Helsing, That part is very, very true. fº But you'll have to wait and see. Perhaps maybe our own selves will somehow be reflected on our characters! For one thing, Lovette is Katie Van Helsing. And for my part, I am Luminita :). 'Little light' and 'Little Love'! Well, anyways, please enjoy! OwO

Disclaimer: As you all know, we do not own anything from the movie and book, Van Helsing. The only things we do own is our characters, stories and plots! :)

Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. How will they survive?

Chapter Two - Alive

"A-Alive?" Luminita gasped, eye wide in wonder. Her best friend nodded.

Lovette leaned forwards and although her eyes were filled with relief, it was slowly starting to flicker away. The man's face was extremely pale, and his lips were purple from the cold river. Lovette slowly put her hand on the man's cheeks and it was icy cold on her flesh. She withdrew her hand away and then let it hover towards his nose, to check if he was breathing. He was breathing, but very faintly. Lovette could see clearly now that the man in front of her was barely hanging on. They had to help him and they had to help him now!

Eyes filling now with determination, she turned towards Luminita, who was still gaping.

"Luminita, this man is in really bad condition! I've read enough books to see it!" Lovette said and Luminita's look of wonder now started to dissipate.

"And I think we should take care of him, bring him to our place until he gets better." Lovette spoke and trailed off. She looked up at Luminita for her answer, and it looked rather passive. Finally Luminita opened her mouth and replied.

"If we could save him, we should," Luminita spoke and smiled.

Lovette nodded, sighing in relief and then looked back at the fallen form of the stranger.

"Ok, let's do it! Luminita, please can you grab for the guy's other arm? I'll hold onto his other one and we'll¡K well, have to kind of drag him home," Lovette said and she also expressed a small smile on her lips.

Luminita nodded and they hurriedly grabbed for the man's arms, heaving his unconscious body to his feet.

"Race you back home?" Luminita said, and her lips started to curl into a smile.

"Yeah, and I'm going to win!" Lovette said, returning her best friend's smile.


Van Helsing woke to find he was bandaged and sleeping inside a rather comfortable bed. He was about to get up, but he winced horribly as he felt pain coursing through his system. Gritting his teeth, he blinked a few times. Somehow his vision was a bit blurry, but it was subsiding. If only his pain would as well.

He got a clear view of his surroundings now. He could see a small candle flickering, illuminating light through the room. But it was small, and it only showered half of the light. The other parts of the room were covered with darkness and silence.

Who saved me? Van Helsing thought and he could see by narrowing his eyes that the curtain was pulled shut.

Slowly and carefully, he pulled himself out of bed and walked towards the curtain and pulled it open. Sunlight poured through and enveloped him and his surroundings. His eyes focusing now, he looked around once more. He was in a rather grand looking bedroom. It didn't look like a peasant's house, but neither was it furnished extremely richly. He raised an eyebrow as he blew out the small flame dancing on the candle's tip.

Van Helsing gave out a sudden muffled growl of agony as he felt blood poor from the bandages around his leg. He fell to the ground in an injured heap and a hard ¡¥thump¡¦ was heard on the wooden floor. He looked down to see where a thin but very clear line of blood had printed itself on the white bandages.

Of course, I had cut my leg rather deeply when I was¡K his thought trailed off as memories came back to him. Memories of Dracula and his brides, of killing Marishka, and of running for his life through the woods. He had fallen unconscious, he knew that much. Perhaps he was lucky to be found and saved. The thought of not being saved sent a shiver down his spine.

Van Helsing put his weight on his hand and heaved himself upright onto his feet again. His right leg, the one that made him collapse, dragged when he walked and it was starting to get numb. But Van Helsing didn't really care as he continued to draggle his way towards the door. Finally, his hand touched the doorknob and he twisted it open. It opened softly, as if welcoming him.

Van Helsing couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. So... perhaps he was saved by people who actually cared for him. He had thought for a moment that he was to be trapped inside. After all, his face was becoming quite famous. He grunted at the thought and concentrated on sliding himself through the door.

The floor creaked below him and he froze. The hall was silent and only the brushing of the candles near him made a sound. And there, in front of him, stood a huge mirror. It was more long than wide, but it was enough to reflect all of Van Helsing.

For the first time, he bothered to look at himself. His chest was bare and although hidden with a lot of white bandages, clearly he was half naked. He looked below and thanked God he was wearing something. It was his usual black pants. But now he could see why his rescuers had put aside his clothes. His pants were ripped and in a terrible state as him. Van Helsing looked up at his face and grimaced. His face was still pale, although a tinge of red was seek on his cheeks. But even on his face there were small cuts and bruises lingering on his forehead and cheeks. Van Helsing looked away. It was enough he was injured, he knew that already. In a few weeks, or maybe a month or two, he knew all of this will eventually heal. Now he looked at the straight line of the small hall and found some small stairs leading down to wherever it was he was in.

I guess that's it... Van Helsing thought and walked towards the stairs, his right leg trailing a behind a bit. He suddenly heard voices from the door near him, voices that had been silent before. He stopped, intent on listening as he slowly, trying not to make a sound, moved closer.

"I--What are we going to do now, Lovette? Who¡KWhat could have attacked him and made those awful gashes?" Van Helsing listened carefully. The voice was strong, bright¡K but very musical.

"Well, Grandmother said it might have been Werewolves, but then if it was, he would certainly have been dead by then. Grandfather thinks its vampires, but¡K then he would have probably been dead by then as well... Or maybe it might have both, I'm not sure..." Another voice. This voice was soft and intelligent, yet kind.

"Vampires and Werewolves... I did hear there were some things happening up at some town called Vaseria."

"Vaseria... it sounds strangely familiar... Oh yes, isn't that the town where the King of Vampires rules?"

"I think so. At least, that's what I heard and read. Maybe that man came from there?"

"I don't think so. The stranger was wearing more sophisticated outfits. Maybe... he was a hunter?"

"You mean, like a hunter for vampires and werewolves?¡¨

"Maybe, who knows?"

"I hope those creatures aren't after him, because then we would be as dead as he is."

"Luminita! Stop being so negative! No one probably even knows he¡¦s here. Besides, maybe they thought he died or something."

"Well, it's only a possibility, Lovette. We don't know what can happen."

"Hey Luminita, that reminds me. Don't you think that man looks strangely familiar?"

"Yeah, I think so too. I didn't know you felt the same!"

"Well I do. But I've never seen him in my life!¡¨

"Maybe he is¡K or was famous?"

"I don't know."

"Me too..."

Van Helsing listened to the voices, and somehow he couldn't help but smile. So his rescuers were girls, guessing from their names. And they were quite clever as well. They seemed to be picking up the pieces of who he was and what had happened to him. He took one more step forward, but before he could prevent it, the wood creaked beneath him.

"Luminita, did you hear that?"


"That sound."

"I might have."

Van Helsing froze in his place as he saw and heard the door creak open and the doorknob of the door twist. It widened until it revealed two young faces looking at him with surprise.

"I hope being interrupted is not new to the both of you," Van Helsing said and grinned.
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