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Chapter Three - My Name is...

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum!

Disclaimer: As you all know, we do not own anything from the movie and book, Van Helsing. The only things we do own is our characters, stories and plots! :)

Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. How will they survive?

Chapter Three - My Name is...

Where as Luminita stepped back in shock, Lovette gave a little yelp. Neither of them had been ready for this man to enter on them.

Van Helsing limped into the room and gave a smile, "Forgive me of the intrusion, but I just woke up and found you talking here. I take it you are my rescuers?"

Both girls nodded. Luminita's eyes narrowed. Something about this man put her on the edge a little, though she was not quite sure what it was. Lovette, however, gazed at him with gentle eyes. Something about this man made her feel at peace, not to mention that he was the most handsome man Lovette had ever seen in her life.

Van Helsing smiled and gave them a slight bow, "I am eternally grateful and in your debt. Might I have the honor of knowing your names?"

Before Lovette could speak, Luminita stepped forward. She was not about to let her friend get pulled in by this man, just in case there was something bad about him.

"My name is Luminita Elavora," She spoke and held out her hand to shake his. He took it in his hand and brought it to his lips.

"It is a great pleasure," He whispered and smiled. Luminita couldn't help it as her cheeks turned a slight glow of a rosy pink.

"Hmm... well... yes. This is my best friend, Lovette Gerheart." Luminita motioned towards Lovette.

Van Helsing smiled at Lovette and walked over to her. Talking her hand in his, he kissed it gently as well.

"Greatly honored," he spoke, his eyes looking up towards Lovette. Lovette's cheeks quickly sank to a deep, deep shade of red.

"Thank you sir," she whispered. She could feel her heart beating fast as she managed to speak. "Do we have the honor of knowing your name?"

He cleared his throat and a glum expression crossed his expression a few times. "I fear my name might not be appealing to you."

"What is it?" Luminita asked, her blush gone, replaced with a inhaling of breath, flattening her cheeks even more than it already was.

"My name is Gabriel Van Helsing," the stranger said and both Luminita and Lovette jumped back, staring wide eyed at his direction. Luminita was the first one to find her voice as she looked at him still with eyes the size of saucers.

"Va...Van Helsing! The Most Wanted Man in Europe!" She whispered; her voice no greater than a whisper.

Van Helsing nodded, "I fear that is true."

"Van Helsing?" Lovette spoke up, her voice as soft as she continued, "Said to be one of the most Holiest Man on the Earth?"

"Though you both speak opposites, you speak the truth about me as well." The man named Gabriel Van Helsing spoke, his voice filled with angst and depression. "I have yet to-"

His sentence was cut off by a long groan as he sank to the floor in pain. His injuries had finally caught up with him and blood was spilling from his cuts. Both girls rushed to his side. Lovette spoke up first.

"We have to hurry, Luminita! Quick, we have to get him back to bed!" Luminita nodded and they slowly helped him to his feet. They walked him in as quickly as they could back to the room he had woken up in and placed him down on the bed, covering him with the sheets.

"Lovette, go get some warm water and some bandages," Luminita spoke quickly, "I'll stay with him!" A small groan was heard from Van Helsing's side as Lovette answered.

"Right!" Lovette shouted and dashed off, the ground softly creaking beneath her footsteps.

Luminita nodded to herself and walked over to the bed where Van Helsing lay, the pain was finally settling.

"You really must have a bad habit for getting in trouble," she said and smiled towards him. Van Helsing looked up at her with a half smile, which was wavering a bit from the pain all over his body.

"More then you know, Luminita... May I call you Luminita?" He asked in a hushed tone.
She gave a small smile. Usually she didn't really like men speaking to her with her first name, but she let it slide.


Luminita laughed slightly. "Judging from the look on Lovette's face, she wouldn't find if you called her by her first name. I think. It's the first time she has ever been respected by a man... both of us really."

Van Helsing's eyebrows narrowed, "How is that?"

Luminita sighed unhappily. "You know what men want from the both of us? Our Beauty! That's it! If you knew how many pigs have come to my mother and father asking for my hand, you'd be absolutely sickened! All they want from us is our beauty and to hear me sing. Nothing more... And Lovette... she hasn't even had a man come near her door. Too many people see her as nothing but a book worm..."

Van Helsing looked up at her with a saddened expression on his face. "That's horrible,"

He laughed slightly.

"What's so funny?" Luminita snapped, upset that he was laughing after what she had told him.

"Nothing," he murmured, "It's just... well, even as I heard your voices, I could tell you were both intelligent... and beautiful."

Luminita smiled slightly. "Thanks."

Just then, Lovette came back in, her glasses on the rim of her nose as she brought over the warm water, cloths and bandages.

"How are you doing?" she asked, out of breath. He groaned and gave a half smile, "I've had worse... but it's not that bad."

Lovette dipped a cloth and warm water and began to dab his forehead gently, getting off some of the old blood and cleaning his scratches. Luminita pulled out some of the new bandages and started to wrap his wounds.

"You're very lucky." Lovette said, "Had we gotten to you any later, you might not have made it."
Van Helsing grimaced at the thought.

"How did this happen to you?" she asked and here eyebrows rose slightly. Luminita leaned in, curious to know as well.

"Well... It's complicated, I really shouldn't-" Van Helsing began, biting his lips. He didn't want this small piece of information to hurt these young girls. And the least he could do now was to defend them from things that might harm them in the future.

As if the two had read his mind, they looked up at him. Luminita spoke, "The least you can do is tell us the truth after we saved you from certain death, Mr. Van Helsing."

Van Helsing sighed. They had a point. Inhaling deep breathes, he grimaced. "If you insist. But I have to warn you, this information may actually harm you."

Luminita grinned, this time her eyes sparkling. "Is that a challenge?"

"Perhaps..." the stranger spoke.

"It all began when-"

(A/N: In the flashback, Van Helsing is fighting the brides alone, because if Carl and Anna comes along in the story, they will change the plot a whole lot around! So please forgive us!)



The beating of wings was all that was heard in his ear as Van Helsing ran for his life, holding his heavy crossbow in his hand. Oh, how he wished he could have just stayed out of this. But he wouldn't be able to now. He was assigned a mission, and it happened to be his habit to finish every one of them. It was his job after all... his life... though he hated it greatly.

"You think you're so strong, little hunter?" the blonde bride hissed in the air and cackled cruelly as her fangs bared, her claws at the ready to sink into Van Helsing's back. Van Helsing ducked, holding himself steady as he whipped the heavy invention in his arms. The blonde vampire snarled in frustration at her miss and came back for him, her eyes glowing dangerously. Another screech was heard as two more bat like creatures appeared into the sky, flapping their devilish wings in the sky.

Van Helsing fired quickly at the blonde vampiress's direction and she hissed inhumanly as a few of the metallic arrows went into her. The woman hissed and this time she looked deadly pissed. Van Helsing's quick thinking led him to start running as he found one angry bride roaring angrily at him.

"The Master does not approve of men hitting on women as beautiful as us!" the blonde bride, who Van Helsing heard the villagers called her as 'Marishka', yelled towards him. Fangs and a burst of wind cut at him as Van Helsing gave out an agonized scream. A triumphant screech was heard from behind him as fangs quickly started to grow twice as much as before out of the gums of Marishka's mouth. She grabbed for Van Helsing, who wore an awfully pained expression on his face, as the bride grinned and lifted the two a couple of inches up the air.

"I like it when my victims are in pain..." Marishka hissed into Van Helsing's ear, and hot breath breathed at his cheeks. As the Vampiress leaned in for the kill, Van Helsing painfully banged his crossbow into Marishka's body and the woman snarled in agony, letting Van Helsing go. He stumbled and fell to the ground, mud splattering towards his face and clothes. But he knew he could not lay there. Dracula's two other brides were already after him.

Getting to his feet, Van Helsing ran towards the church, gritting his teeth, dragging the slightly bent crossbow in his hands as he ran as fast as he can towards the church. He made it to the small basin of holy water in the front of the church, but after he succeeded in slamming the tips of the crossbow's arrow into the water, he was whammed to the ground, his crossbow flying out of his hands. A blast of roaring wind reminded him he had company as Van Helsing tried to get to his feet. But he was dragged and lifted off his foot upside down. He looked up towards his feet, anger flashing in his eyes as he saw Marishka smile cruelly at him.

"Do you think a few arrows will kill me, foolish stranger?" the young, beautiful bride of Dracula spoke playfully and laughed. It was all the time Van Helsing needed to grab for his fallen weapon on the ground and blow three very sharp, holy water stained arrows into Marishka's stomach.

Marishka immediately gave out a high-pitched scream as Van Helsing was let go. The bride's attention was at herself as eyes widened, expressing horror. The scream continued in a horrible tone as the young woman flew right into the roof of the Church, decaying into ash, as the acidic water in the vampiress's system started to eat her away alive.
Van Helsing, giving out a sigh of relief for being alive, gruffly got to his feet. So far he had a few small scratches on his face and hands, along with two very painful injuries marked by the Vampiress's long and sharp claws that had dung deep and was withdrew out just as quickly. His eyes showed pity and sadness as he looked up at the screaming bride. Marishka gave out one last howl of pain as the wind blew her ashes away.

A series of angered, along with howls of anguished pain was heard behind him. Feeling as if something wrong was going to happen next, he turned his head and saw what he feared he would see next. It was Count Dracula himself!

Although he looked like a normal aristocratic gentleman dressed all in black, the King of Vampires was floating in the air, along with his crying brides in both his arms. The two other surviving brides of his cried over his shoulder, tears rolling down their cheeks as they whispered the name of their fallen companion.

Van Helsing, seeing this, dropped the heavy crossbow and started to back away into the forest. He grabbed for his pistol, but even he was not stupid enough to think it would help him escape. Though he hated to run away, all he knew at that moment was that he needed to stay alive and run for his life.

Van Helsing continued to stare, he could see a flicker of curiosity in Dracula's eyes, but it was hidden with complete with hollowness. The Son of the Devil dropped to the ground, his brides following suit in a tearful fit as they continued to sob. Van Helsing's eyes were fixed on Dracula, every step Dracula made making him step back.

"Hello Gabriel. It's a pleasure to meet you... again."

Van Helsing's eyes widened in confusion and surprise. How did Dracula know his name? His eyes were round with curiosity, but he needed to escape. He needed to run. He got a start on it as he ran into the forest. The rush of wings and bursts of wind was the sign that the vampires were after him as Van Helsing ran like hell, holding his pistol in his hand. He glanced at his back, and he saw a swift shadow shaped in the size of a large bat vanish from view as he turned back front. Shrieks of rage were heard bellowing through the forests, probably coming from the brides as Van Helsing pushed back branches. A claw suddenly came out of nowhere, along with the owner of its claw itself as branches went flying. Dracula's bride, Aleera, snarled out of hiding and pounced like a hungry cat at Van Helsing, tackling him off balance. But that didn't stop him from running as he blasted a whole lot of bullets into the Vampiress. Aleera hissed loudly, and flew up into the sky, vanishing out of Van Helsing's reach as another attack continued on his way.
Running like hell, this time he saw the flash of white wings as a bat like form tackle his shoulder. Claws ripped into his flesh as he screamed, tears of pain slipping into his eyes. A triumphant hiss was heard from his reaction as looked over at his back. It was Verona, Dracula's original wife. Van Helsing cursed painfully under his breath and ran, ran like hell. The cold bit into him, along with his injuries as a familiar voice echoed through the forest, mocking him.

"You don't remember do you Gabriel?" a voice hissed through the air as Van Helsing continued to run, his heart pounding and his breath starting to sound ragged and out of breath.

"What exactly should I be remembering?" Van Helsing yelled back and a cold chuckle answered back. Van Helsing glared angrily at his surroundings as another warning flashed by his eyes. Sharp claws ripped out of the bushes on the ground and sharp nails dug deep into his right leg, marking three bloody painfully slashes onto it. Van Helsing screamed loudly as he fell to his feet. But even as he did, he continued, this time forgetting his weapon that lay forgotten on the ground. Dragging his right leg, which was already getting limp and useless for running as fast as he was doing now, Van Helsing continued.

"Why run, Gabriel? Why run when you know have nowhere else to escape?" the voice echoed as Van Helsing ran. Van Helsing was tempted to answer, but he knew that then it would be the death of him. The will to carry on was fading as he pushed back cutting branches with his wounded hands. The wind blowing coldly at his face, pushing him back. Rapidly, the loss of blood was affecting him as his eyes started to blur, from both the stinging of the cold, and the energy he had before when he was dragging his limp leg flowed out of him, disappearing like mist. Before he knew it, Van Helsing was falling, falling towards something below him and the feeling like a thousand knives stabbing into his whole inner body...

"The next thing I knew, I was laying here." He said, finishing his story. Both Luminita and Lovette had remained silent through the whole story. Lovette wiped a tear out from behind her glasses,

"You poor man," She whispered, "I'm grateful we found you."

"You and me both." Van Helsing smiled, but his smile fell, "That's why I fear staying here will be the death of you both."

"Little Light!" A voice called from the corridor. Luminita stood up,

"Father." She said quietly and looked at Lovette, "I'll be back in a moment." Lovette nodded and Luminita left the room. Lovette went over and dipped the cloth in warm water once again, cleaning his arm.

"I'm not afraid of Dracula." She said gently, "He probably thinks you are dead anyway."

Van Helsing shook his head, "Dracula will not assume I am dead until he has my head on a plate. He will keep hunting me and anyone who tries to help me. I fear greatly for your lives."

"Luminita is strong," She said, "As am I..." Her voice did not sound as positive of this fact as it did the other, "We will be able to stop him if he comes back."

Van Helsing was just about to speak when Luminita entered again, a beautiful cat at her heals.

"Well, I have some good news." She said gently, going over beside Lovette. Her cat jumped up onto the bed and curled up beside Van Helsing. "Mother and Father have chosen to go to Vaseria for a few days; we will have the place to ourselves."

Lovette smiled, "That's good, that way, we don't have to worry about anyone knowing he's here."

Luminita nodded, "Hopefully."

Lovette nodded and pushed her glasses up higher on her nose, "We can't be afraid, good will always triumph."

Though it could not be heard an evil chuckle came from outside the window. Dear Gabriel, you are so wise to think I would know you are not dead, the darkly cloaked figure though.

It had not taken long for him to find the fallen hunter; he could have smelled his dear friend's blood for miles. He watched in secret from the window, almost touched by how these girls cared for him. Especially that one... the one with the glasses...
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