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Chapter Four - Just What We Need

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum

Hi, blood-fangs-of-doom here! We are back from the dead again. Well technically we're still alive, but you get the point! -giggles- lol So anyways, here's a chapter that you might most enjoy! But I won't spoil it here! ;) Please review and we'll update faster! XDDD

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Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. How will they survive?

Chapter Four - Just What We Need

"You should rest," Luminita pointed out at Van Helsing, who opened his mouth to argue. Instead he shut it back in place and let his body relax on the bed. Lovette dampened another cloth and placed it atop his head to keep him cool. Lovette nodded as Luminita stood up, her eyes narrowing a little. Her eyes were focused on the large window inside the room. Although the curtains were shut tight, a little bit of moonlight shed through. This worried her greatly, for reasons unknown to her. Her lips pursued as she shook away the thought that came to her mind. Was it her imagination or did she see a flicker of eyes behind the curtains?

"Luminita's right, you should rest..." Lovette said and smiled warmly towards Van Helsing, who returned her smile. Lovette glanced towards Luminita. "Where are you going?"

"Mother and Father have left for Vaseria, and something's troubling me at the moment. I'm going to have a little walk outside, get some fresh air. Would you like to come, Lovette?" Luminita answered and her hardened expression, which looked like someone had carved her expression out of marble, softened at the sight of her best friend. Van Helsing, who was watching this, looked a bit perplexed. But he didn't say anything about it.

Lovette looked towards Van Helsing and he nodded in a gentlemanly manner. "Don't worry about me, I will be fine!"

"Are you sure?" Lovette said, a doubtful tone in her voice. Van Helsing nodded to her and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Well alright. But don't get out of bed, ok?" Lovette spoke, almost in a motherly way as she stood up, and grinned towards Luminita. The girls went out of Van Helsing's room and shut the door softly behind them.

Van Helsing sighed softly as he lay in his bed, and frowned somewhat. He could only hope that Dracula hadn't found him yet.

The tabby cat Luminita had brought with her answered with a purr that almost sounded like a hiss.


"Do you believe his story, Lovette?"

The girls were standing outside of the manor, looking up at the sky. The night was cool and both girls pulled their shawls closer around them. The wind wasn't as harsh as it usually was and the moon shone bright up above, welcoming them outside. Both of them cast long darkened shadows on the ground as Lovette's expression turned to disbelief.

"What are you saying, Luminita?" Lovette answered, raising her eyebrows. Luminita sighed.

"I think he's lying... Perhaps maybe he got his injuries from fighting with a bunch of men in a bar! He may look like the gentleman on the outside but appearances can be deceiving, Lovette."

Lovette frowned deeply and her glasses reflected from the moonlight, so for a second Luminita wasn't able to see her friend's eyes. But when she did see them, a look of anger had crossed into Lovette's eyes.

"How can you say such a thing, Luminita! Just because you don't like men, doesn't mean you can brush aside the truth that they are trying to tell us!" Lovette fired back at Luminita's accusation. Luminita only stood in front of her best friend with a hint of fury in her expression. But it faded quickly, and it was a look of annoyance.

"Fine, let's just say his story is true. Where is this supposed 'King of Vampires'?"

"Here, my loves."

Luminita gasped at the voice and turned around to see someone standing right next to her. His whole body was cloaked in a black cape which drifted all the way down to his boots. Behind the cloak, he wore all black, slightly militaristic attire. His skin was milk white and his long black hair was pulled back handsomely with a golden clip. Lumintia's eyes widened in fear. Lovette gasped as she recognized him from all her books.

Count Vladislaus Dracula!

Count Vladislaus Dracula was standing right in front of them! He bowed in a gentlemanly way and then his eyes glowed a vampiric blue. Luminita immediately backed away from the grinning vampire and came beside Lovette, who looked wide eyed at the Count as well.

"Shall I introduce myself?" the vampire spoke, bit his lips curled into a fanged evil smile. Lovette and Luminita backed away from him once more, clinging to each other for protection, which made Dracula chuckle. "Perhaps that is a conversation for another time."

"What do you want?" Lovette shouted as she glared at the man in front of her. So, this is the King of Vampires who is responsible for the injuries Van Helsing now wears on his body. This only made clench her hand into fists.

Dracula chuckled again and then suddenly disappeared, out of Lovette and Luminita's sight. Luminita grabbed for the small knife hidden in her boots as Lovette stood still, turning to head to try to find him.

"Where could he have gone?" Luminita whispered.

Lovette looked around, not in anyway sure.

Luminita moved away, searching for some hint that he was there, but suddenly heard a small muffled scream from behind her. She starred wide-eyed at Dracula, who held an unconscious Lovette firmly in his arms.

"Let her go, you sadistic bastard!" Luminita shouted angrily at seeing her best friend unconscious and attempted to throw the knife in her hand. But in an instant, Dracula and Lovette was gone. Luminita gasped as a cold hand pried the knife out of her hand and grabbed her around the neck. An icy breath swept through her neck as a familiar chuckle told Luminita who exactly was behind her.

"Scream for Gabriel, my dear. Scream with all your might!" Dracula hissed at her ear as Luminita struggled. Dracula's hold over her was too strong for her to get away. She turned her head slightly to see Lovette laying cold and unconscious on the ground. She gave out a pained scream as she felt something cut her neck. It wasn't fangs, but it sure felt the same to her as Luminita closed her eyes, shutting out the agonized tears hidden behind her lids.

"I'm not calling for Van He- Argh!"

"Call for Gabriel, my love, and you shall live!" Dracula growled impatiently as hands harshly grabbed her and started to choke the breath out of her. Unable to bear the pain anymore, Luminita gritted her teeth in pain and screamed.


As Dracula predicted, Van Helsing came rushing out the door, although limping as fast as he can was more like it. His expression showed how horrified he was as Dracula laughed triumphantly. Luminita was released from her iron grip as she slammed onto the dirt ground, coughing on the ground. He ignored Gabriel for a movement as he waved his hand and Lovette's body floated into his arms. He finally turned around and smiled at his old friend.

"Why Gabriel, so nice of you to come by!" Dracula spoke mockingly and laughed cruelly.

"Let Miss. Lovette go, Dracula!" Van Helsing shouted as he dragged his numb right leg. He held a pistol in his hand and he raised it at Dracula's direction. Dracula only smiled as he glanced towards Lovette's face. Lovette's eyes were closed, and she was limp in his grip. She breathed slightly, but no word or cry escaped from her lips A flicker of desire burned in the Count's eyes. He moved to touch her face, but pulled back looking back at Van Helsing, who glared venomously.

"No, I think not. Unless you want come and get her, you will never get her back, my dear friend!" Dracula shouted and grinning widely, he transformed into his beastly form with Lovette in his claws as the Count took flight. Van Helsing cursed as he shot towards Dracula but the bullets whizzed by, out of reach. A laugh lingered in the air as the vampire disappeared out of sight, his prize wrapped tightly in his claws.

Another cough reminded Van Helsing that Luminita was injured as ran towards her. Luminita was breathing, her chest rising and falling. Blood trickled from Luminita's neck as Luminita coughed again. Tears slipped from Luminita's eyes as Van Helsing dropped on the ground and leaned forward.

"Are you alright?" Van Helsing spoke, looking a bit out of breath as he raised a hand to help Luminita to her feet. Luminita nodded a little but, she didn't answer as she got up painfully.

"What's going to happen to Lovette! We have to save her! We have to- ah!"

Luminita was cut short from the pain on her neck. She touched it and she saw to her horror that it was her blood. She quickly tried to wipe it away on her dress with fear in her eyes as she looked at Van Helsing. Van Helsing tried to give a comforting smile, but it faltered each time he did. A thin smile was all he managed as he looked at Luminita.

"We will save her, Luminita. We will."

Luminita started to sob, and she sobbed for the safety of her best friend, who was now held captive by Dracula. Her eyes burned suddenly in anger and it surprised Van Helsing. He was taken off balance again as Luminita, with new strength running through her veins, shoved Van Helsing away hard. Van Helsing fell hard on the ground and confusion etched on his face as Luminita glared daggers at Van Helsing.

"Why didn't you try to save her! Why didn't you shoot? You could have taken her back! Why!" Luminita yelled at Van Helsing and tears slipped from her eyes and trailed down her cheeks as she glanced away, getting up to her feet.

"I-I tried, Luminita, I tried!" Van Helsing shouted as he got up to his feet with difficulty. Luminita frowned towards Van Helsing and anger burned in her eyes.

"Stay away from me, stranger! I may have saved you but you are a man. All men are just as vile, evil and as disgusting as the Count! And now, thanks to you, he has stolen my best friend away!"

And with that, Luminita cried out loud, running towards the manor. Van Helsing called out for her but she didn't answer as she vanished out of sight, leaving Van Helsing standing there looking crestfallen and beaten.

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