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Chapter Five - We Have to Get Her Back!

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum

As you all know, we do not own anything from the movie and book, Van Helsing. The only things we do own are our characters, stories and plots! :)

Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. How will they survive?

Chapter Five - We Have to Get Her Back!

Van Helsing sighed and stared up at the night sky, his eyes filled with sadness and anger. He was furious with himself for letting Dracula get away, for losing Luminita's trust... and he was furious with himself for losing Lovette. He looked down at his bandaged leg and sighed. Ever since those girls had brought him here, he had caused them nothing but pain. He hated that. All they had tried to do was help him and where were they now? One was in horrid anger at him for losing her best friend and the other was now in the clutches of Count Dracula!

Perhaps Luminita was right. Maybe he was no better than the Count. He looked up at the stars again and felt the pain in his heart. Somehow... he felt as though it hadn't been the first time he had failed them... He shook his head. That was impossible. He had never met these girls before. And he had never let anyone down...

And he did not plan to now!

No. He would not be like Dracula. He would get Lovette back and make things alright with Luminita. These girls had risked their lives to make sure that he would be okay. Now it was time for him to do the same! He picked up his gun and walked as quickly as he could back to the house. Knowing the Count, they would not have much time.


Lovette lay unconscious in Dracula's arms during the whole flight back to his palace, unaware that she was in the arms of a bloodthirsty monster. The icy wind left tiny marks on her gentle face, making Lovette wince in her sleep. Her glasess were cracked slightly and a trickle of blood ran down her forehead. Dracula just chuckled at the sight before him. The Count was not exactly sure what it was about this girl, but whatever it was... she was intincing. Even sleeping, she drove him crazy. Her face glowed like a shimmering star to him and her body felt like a downy feather in his arms. Poor little dove. Soon, he arrived back at his icy palace and brought her to his bed chamber.

Decorated in an amazing Victorian style, every inch of the room was covered with silk, gold, fine materials and metals. A large bed lay in the center of the room... along side a coffin. A room fit for a king. The king of his kind.

He carried Lovette into the room and with a wave of his hand, the doors shut behind him. He placed the girl on the bed and just stared at her. She was so lovely...

The girl moaned in her sleep, dreaming her dreams. Dracula probed the edges of her mind, searching deep to see what she was dreaming of. He waited a moment... suddenly, eyes grew furious with rage.


Damn it!

She was dreaming of Gabriel! His whole body shook with horrific anger as he saw what she was dreaming of. Just the thought of her thinking about Gabriel drove him insane, though he was not exactly sure why.

I should be the one she is dreaming of! ME! Dracula thought furiously. Then, slowly, a devilish curve of his lips expressed what he was planning. His eyes looked back at Lovette and then at her forehead. Touching it softly with his cold hands, he closed his eyes and dreamed with her... entering her mind and altering her dreams.


The world around Lovette shimmered, but she didn't seem to notice. Lovette looked towards her clothes, and saw she was wearing her favorite dress from home. The beautiful blue and white one that grandmother had made for her. She smiled as the atmosphere around her softened. She took a step forward in this beautiful place in her mind and, from the mists, someone stepped forward.

It was Van Helsing, and he was smiling as he came to her. Lovette felt her heart leap into the air.

"Miss Lovette, where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you!" Those words were spoken from Van Helsing as Lovette was embraced in a warm and soft hug. The ground beneath her seemed to vibrate a little for some odd reason, but Lovette took no notice. Her world continued to shimmer brightly as Van Helsing let go.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, Mr. Van Helsing," Lovette spoke, a blush on her face and couldn't help but laugh. Van Helsing laughed with her.

"Please, call me Gabriel."

Lovette burned as red as a rose as her lips twitched, turning into a wide happy smile.

"Alright... Gabriel."

"And call me Vladislaus, my love..." a familiar voice cut through her dream as Lovette glanced back and gasped loudly. Her eyes widened in fear and anger at seeing Dracula.

"How can you stand such a man as sickening as Gabriel, My sweet Lovette?" Dracula hissed, the smile on his face turning into a frown at seeing Lovette so near beside the imaginary Gabriel.

As if finally conscious about her surroundings, Lovette blinked and looked around her, eyes widening even more at the beauty of her dream world. But she glared back this time at Dracula. She backed away, her eyes still tracing Dracula's frowning form. But before she could turn her back at him and run, her hold on the soft ground shivered like skin and made Lovette slip. She gave out a gasp as small tears formed on her eyes as she realized the ground was slowly slipping like sand under her.

"You can not run from me, Lovette. You can never run from me..." Dracula spoke, a smile now spreading on his face as Lovette screamed in horror. She was paralyzed from head to toe as the ground still ate her up, darkening. Her dream world was faiding into a dark nightmare. She screamed out for Van Helsing, but Van Helsing only stared back at her...

Lovette gave one last yell for help before everything around her vanished...


Lovette's eyes shot open with a scream at the memory of her horrible dream. Her hands flew to her eyes, feeling her glasses. One of the lenses was broken, but thankfully, they were intact. She felt the cut on her forehead burn with pain and she stared around the room. Where was she? This was not home! This was nowhere close to home!

"Where am I? I have to get out of here!" She thought, her eyes brimming with tears. She rubbed her eyes and stood up, looking for a way out. She ran for the door and was just about to place her hands on the knob when something amazing happened. The whole knob covered over with a sheet of thick ice. She let out a scream and backed away. She looked around the room, realizing with a lump in her throat that she was trapped.

"Welcome sweet Lovette."

Lovette squealed and spun around, looking for the one who adressed her. But there was no one there, there was not even a sound of foot steps. She looked around the beautiful room in fear.

"Who... who's there?" She whispered, trying to muster up whatever courage she had. Lovette was by no means a coward, but she was not as courageous as Luminita was, unless her friends or family were in real danger.

"The Master of this Palace... the Ruler of Transylvania and... the King of my Kind." His voice was soft, seductive... horrifying, and proud of his status.

"Why have you brought me here?" Lovette asked, shreaking as ice like hands appeared before her and tried to grab for her. They grabbed at her skin and dress before she shoved them away. The heat of her hands caused them to melt. Dracula grinned, he loved toying with his prisoners.

"Oh, I have my reasons." He waved his hand, allowing the lights to go out. He jumped down from the platform he had been on a moment before and walked slowly towards the frightened Lovette. He moved delicately, almost as if she were a baby animal to be coaxed out from a hiding place.

"Let me go! Please, I have to get home to my friends!" She cried, thinking of Luminita and... Van Helsing. She couldn't bear the thought of not seeing them again.

"No." The cold voice said defiantly, "I shall not let you go. I have plans yet to be opened, my dear. Perhaps a meal for my taste... no... you are too sweet of a human to waste." He laughed at her fear. Oh, how her fear smelled so beautiful, "Perhaps a slave... forced to bow at my feet... oh, yes, I like that..."

"No more!" She could not longer take the way he was treating her. Trying to hide her fear, she cried out, "Show yourself!"

"Look behind you." A cold voice hissed in her ear and the lights grew bright. Lovette slowly spun around to face a nightmare.

There stood the one and only, Count Vladislaus Dragulia.

Lovette screamed, but it stuck in her throat as her eyes widened in horror. Dracula took a cold echoing step forward. Lovette tried to back away and run, but as if her dream had come back to haunt her, she was frozen in place.

She saw with terrified eyes as Dracula touched her cheek, his long fingernails caressing her skin. Lovette shivered at the touch and a slight frown creased Dracula's lips. Somehow, Lovette was able to move again and she slightly moved away from him.

But a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her to Dracula. Lovette gave a gasp as she slammed into his chest, his face so near her she thought she was going to faint from fright. She could not scream as Dracula wrapped his arms around her and held her to his chest. Anger flickered in Lovette's eyes as she saw Dracula smile.

Dracula leaned his face towards Lovette, a his fangs out of his lips as his eyes flickered with a glow. He was ready to kiss her soft lips, but he was immediately pushed away by Lovette's hand as she broke free from his arms. It was weak, but it was strong enough to stop him from leaning any further. He looked up towards Lovette and his smile wavered, the twinkle in his eyes vanishing like smoke.

"Do you not like what I can do to you, my dear?" Dracula spoke and Lovette only continued to glare. Dracula scowled slightly.

"You are a blood thirsty beast hiding behind human flesh! Stay away from me!" Lovette warned as she backed a step away from Dracula. Dracula, as if enjoying this moment, disappeared before Lovette's eyes. She gasped as she felt a cold hand touch her neck, harshly tracing through her skin.

Eyes widened, Lovette could only freeze in her place as a cold chuckle was heard near her ears.

"There's more to me then you know, my love..." And with this, fangs started to grow out of the figure's lips. She felt the sharp tips graze her throat and broke free.

"I think I know and have read enough about you to know something!" Lovette shouted bravely, and she glared at Dracula. She wasn't going to be frightened any more in front of Dracula, she wouldn't let herself be! She had just about enough of him and she wanted to go home and see Van Helsing and Luminita.

"You may apper to be handsome and wordly, but I know that your heart is as cold, and hollow as a cave. No, not a cave, you're not even close to it! You are just a lonely, bratty boy inside, hungering for power, chaos and trouble. That's why you do everything you do!" Lovette snapped back.

A yell of anger escaped from the King of Vampires and the courage inside of Lovette seemed to disapparate as she saw Dracula's face. His eyes glowed red, and his fangs had protruded from his mouth so threateningly Lovette couldn't help but fear for her life. The red eyes and the long fangs quickly disappeared from Dracula's face and he looked calmly towards Lovette, as if nothing had happened to him.

"Perhaps you will not think of me that way after I show you something of myself," Dracula spoke but when he parted his lips to speak again, he stopped. His eyes looked away from the frightened Lovette and at the window. A hideous screech that sounded like a woman's echoed outside as Dracula grinned towards Lovette.

"My Brides have returned from their hunt. They will be most pleased to find they have a guest in the palace..." His eyes glowing again...


Luminita lay on her bed, her eyes filled with tears of sadness and anger. How could Van Helsing just stand there like that and do nothing? Thanks to him, the Count now had her best friend. Who knows what horrible things he was doing to poor Lovette at this moment. Even as little ones, Luminita and Lovette had barely be away from each other... and now, her best friend was gone.

"I have to find her..." Luminita whispered, "I have to get her back!"

"Well, you're not going to do it alone."

Luminita turned around and stared. Van Helsing stood there, in his full hunter garb, his wounds bandages, and his crowbow over his shoulder.

"What the hell do you want!" Luminita spat angerly at him.

"The same thing as you, to get Lovette back." He said and entered the room, his hat in his other hand.

Luminita didn't know what to say, she was still too filled with anger towards this man to agree to his help.

"You didn't do anything before! Why should I believe you wanna help now?" Luminita hissed. Van Helsing sighed, "I know you are angry at me for not getting her back, but there was nothing I could do! Now I can do something. I can help Lovette."

"Not without me, you are not!" Luminita snapped. "My best friend is in danger and I am coming with you. Who knows? The Count could have killed her by now."

Van Helsing shook his head in thought. "No, if all he wanted was a meal, he would have bitten her in the first place. He wanted something else. I don't understand though," he said softly.

"You don't understand what?" Luminita asked. Suddenly, her eyes widdened in fear. "Wait... do you mean he wants her for..." Luminita trailed off as she looked at Van Helsing with horror.

"I don't know," Van Helsing whispered, "I have heard that when the Count takes a bride, he usualy hunts a girl down, torments her in her dreams for a few nights, kills all her family, then comes to claim her for his own."

"So why would he just take Lovette?" Luminita asked.

"Again, I don't know. But I don't think it just has to do with Lovette. I... I think it has to do with you... and it has to do with me."

Luminita just shook her head, "I don't care if it does or doesn't! I am going and getting her back!" She rose to walk to the door, but Van Helsing grabbed her arm.

"Then you are following my lead." He spoke sharply. "I won't risk losing you too!

"Why? Why would you care?" She hissed. "Because it might look bad on your chart?"

"No!" Van Helsing snapped, "Because YOU saved me too and I can't lose you too!"

Luminita stopped and looked at him for a moment, studying him. Van Helsing sighed.

"I don't understand what it is... but you and Lovette... I can't lose you. You both... mean so much... And I have no idea... why."

Luminita stared at him, her eyes wide. Her anger had died, but her trust had not risen. She looked him square in the eye as she spoke.

"Show me I can regan your trust... and maybe I shall regard you as not a foe but a friend," She whispered. Van Helsing gave a half smile.

"If not... you shall suffer all that Lovette has!" Luminita swore it. Van Helsing nodded and held out his hand.

"Done." He whispered.

Luminita nodded and shook his hand... amazed at how warm, strong and soft it felt to the touch...
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