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Chapter Six - Welcome Stranger

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(Collaboration with a friend) Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find a injured man in a river. They decide they will shelter and n...

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Dilectio's Primoris Erratum

As you all know, we do not own anything from the movie and book, Van Helsing. The only things we do own are our characters, stories and plots:) The song's lyrics used on this chapter and sung by Luminita is called 'Wonder' by Megan McCauley. /We do not/, in any way, created it or own it.

Summary: Lovette and Luminita were just normal girls living in the 19th Century, but it all changed when they find an injuried man in a river. They decide they will shelter and nurse him back to health, but because of it, Dracula kidnaps one of them. Both girls are stuck with men they don't really care for. How will they survive?

Chapter Six - Welcome Stranger

The Brides of Dracula were never ones to welcome guests of their master, unless it was their supper. And, especially if that guest was a woman, they will do nothing to stop from killing her, even if it meant disobeying their Master. So, when they found out their Master had brought home a young girl from the village, they all yelled angrily in unison, screaming in madness and anger. Only when they saw who it was did they stop their screeches and just glared venomously at the direction of the girl.

Dracula and Lovette stood outside in the hall, where it was nothing like what it looked in Dracula's private quarters. It was all dark and full of cobwebs and rats that occasionally jumped out of their holes in search for food. The ground was icy beneath and up above were dangerous looking stone spikes that looked like they might come falling down at them any minute. Lovette gulped as she looked terrifyingly at her surroundings and then at the glaring brides. The red haired bride was frowning and her lips were twitching angrily. The other woman, beautiful with long dark hair looked at Lovette as if she was about to be squashed like a small bug.

"Welcome back, my lovelies," Dracula greeted them warmly as they bowed to him. "We have a guest in the house... Do no harm her, or you shall be punished for your..." Dracula chuckled as if he was saying an inside joke, "evil deeds..."

The brides hissed warningly towards Lovette, who backed up into Dracula without meaning to. She shuttered as she felt The Count's hands touch hers and caress them gently. The edge of Dracula's lips twitched into a small smile as the brides nodded softly with a murmur of a 'Yes, Master...' and disappeared into the darkness, back to their rooms, no doubt.

"Now, my love, let us eat. You have not eaten, no?" Dracula said and his eyes slightly glowed with passion as he looked at Lovette. Lovette shivered, and for the first time she heard her stomach growl like a hungry cat. She nodded slowly, her eyes watching Dracula closely as Dracula grinned widely.

Dracula took her arm and lead her through the dark, cold palace, never once being bothered by the creatures that crossed his path or the evil essence of the castle.

Lovette however, was horrified, everything made her jump or squeal in fear. She looked around at the darkened portraits. All of them seemed to stare at her, as though condemning her to death at Dracula's hand. She had to look away. Dracula chuckled as he sensed her fear.

"My Castle may not be warm, but it certainly is inviting," He whispered to her, "Especially to the children of the night..."

Lovette did not respond. She knew Dracula was trying to get a reaction out of her... and it was working. Suddenly, Lovette felt something up against her leg and tried not to scream. She jumped, moving aside and looked down in shock.

A majestic, yet powerful looking wolf stood at her feet, weaving in and out of her legs. A deep growl came from his throat as he brushed up against her skin. There was no doubt in Lovette's mind that he was a werewolf, yet he did not show it.

Dracula could not help but let out a laugh, "Come." He took Lovette's hand in his and ran it over the wolf's dark fur. The wolf let out another deep growl.

The Count grinned. "He likes you." He gave a quick wave of the hand and sent the powerful creature on his way. The creature bowed to Dracula and then left their presence.

"What was that?" Lovette asked gently.

"One of my servants," Dracula said, "Now come, I have supper waiting for you."

Dracula led her through the darkened halls, till he reached a large double door and waved his hand in front of it. It opened magically and from the moment it opened, Lovette was overpowered by the smell of wonderful dishes of food. Dracula lead her into the dinning hall and Lovette was shocked to find a table that was almost overflowing with food. It looked as though Dracula was holding a banquet.

"Come, my dear," He whispered and showed her to the table, "Sit."

Lovette was not sure about this, but she felt her stomach grumble again and accepted the invitation. She went inside the room, and she gasped. This time it was nowhere near as disgusting as that darkened room in the halls. It was bright and shining again, without any trace of cobwebs and rats that had scurried about before. She wondered why but her growling stomach made her look away from the beautiful walls of the room. Her eyes rested on the long table with all the food aligned on it. Her mouth started to water as she walked towards the other end of the long, yet suitably wide table. Dracula parted away from her, walking over to the other side of the table as well.

As Lovette began to sit on the chair, a pale boy came up towards her. He had blonde hair and his eyes glowed marvelous green as he smile towards her. He pulled the chair for her, and Lovette smiled back at him. But the glow of his eyes made her gasp in fear. The boy gave a nod at her and then pushing the chair, left the room.

"He is a vampire!" Lovette stuttered out loud, meaning to whisper it under her breath. A chuckle answered her and she looked back at the table in front of her. She could see the Count was really amused with all this. She looked angrily at his direction as she grabbed for the utensils. Using her manners, she picked a chicken and put it on her white and shiny plate. She cut into small pieces and was about to eat it but stopped.

"It's not poisoned, is it?" Lovette asked, and she saw Dracula smile wide.

"Now why would I do that, dear Lovette?"

"Why wouldn't you do it?" Lovette snapped back. She placed the fork and knife on the ground, sliding away the napkin on her lap. She was getting sick of his riddles. She wanted answers! That's all she was asking from him!

"You're no good to me dead, my sweet. You should know that by now..." Dracula drawled and smiled, his eyes glowing. Lovette opened her mouth to speak, but she stopped, shutting them back again. She looked down at her food. She was really hungry now, and it wasn't doing her any good to see it left untouched.

"I'm going to take your word for it, Count," Lovette said as her eyes narrowed through her glasses. Then she picked up the fork and knife, laying the napkin on her lap again and stabbed a small piece of the chicken rather angrily. She popped it into her mouth and chewed slowly. The juicy taste of the chicken flooded through her mouth and she closed her eyes, swallowing it down. Before long she was eating faster then Dracula may have done. When at last Lovette finished eating, putting her napkin to her lips and brushing away the scraps of food on her lips, she noticed that Dracula was not eating. At all.

All she could see was him sipping slowly from the drink she had mistaken for 'wine'. A shiver ran down her spine as she realized it was blood. Dracula noticed her gaze and smile at her.

"Would you like a sip, my love?" He spoke and a sly smile spread on his lips as he raised the cup in his hand. Lovette's eyes widened in horror as shook her head.

"Pity, it's such a delicious drink..." He whispered and lifted a golden goblet from in front of her. He reached over and took an unmarked blue bottle and poured a deep red liquid into the goblet. He watched as she watched his every move, wondering what it was he was doing. Making sure he was quick about it, he cast a white powder into the drink. Something to make her... relax. He smiled and then handed the goblets back to her.

"Some wine, my love?" He asked gently, "there is no blood in it."
Lovette stared at the goblet before her as if it were a great weapon or a venomous snake. The chicken had left her rather thirsty and she got the feeling Dracula was not the type to offer plain water to his guests. She gulped and picked up the goblet, be razing it like a toast.

"Here's to you, Luminita, my dearest friend... and to you Van Helsing..." Dracula clenched his fingers in anger, but did not show it. He watched every second as she lifted the goblet to her lips and drank off the wine. She coughed for a moment, but then placed it back down.

Good wine, no?" He asked her. Lovette nodded slightly, "I don't drink wine often, it messes with my head."

Dracula didn't think he could hear a more beautiful sentence come out of her mouth at that moment.

"Well, then, you must enjoy what you are given from time to time. Here," He refilled the goblet and placed in front of her, "drink some more."
He lifted the goblet towards her, but she refused.

"No, even one sip too many can... can.." Her eyelids were closing and a pained look crossed her face as she rubbed her temples. Her cheeks gained a bright red color. Dracula smiled. Everything was working exactly as he had planed.


"You want one sip, Miss Elavora?" Van Helsing asked as he raised the dark blue bottle in his hands. Luminita raised an eyebrow and smiled softly and yet lightly. Van Helsing handed the bottle to her and she took it.

"Only one sip..." Luminita said, mixed feelings swarming in her insides as she let the open end of the dark blue bottle touch her lips. She smiled as she did this as she started to drink from the bottle, gulping it down. It burned, but it didn't hurt her as her cheeks started to turn red. When at last Luminita had finished, her gestures were nothing like what Van Helsing had seen ever before.

"More for you, Mr. Van Helsing?" Luminita slurred as she swung the bottle in Van Helsing's direction. Van Helsing only shook his head, a look of concern flashing a little on his expression. But only just a little.

Luminita smiled now towards him, with a drunken grin as she spoke, "No? Well, that's a shame!"

Van Helsing sighed slightly as he did this. His cheeks were also rather red, but only lightly. He was much more accustiomed to drinking than she was. He looked down at the crackling fire near him as he sat on the dirt ground beside Luminita, who hiccupped softly and raised her bottle as if it was God himself. He sighed again. The only reason they were drinking in the middle of the forest with a crackling fire and wine for company was because they did not have the slightest idea where their villainous bat-man was. He seemingly vanished out of the face of the earth without them noticing, taking Luminita's best friend along with them.

Van Helsing and Luminita had decided they'll search through the towns and ask where the great King of Vampires may be lingering. But that didn't seem to get them anywhere. All they got was either a look that said, "Are you out of your mind?" or an even better one that looked like, "You're crazy!" They had no leads and now they were stuck.

Luminita grinned towards Van Helsing as the glowing fiery light blazed on her cheeks. Although her eyes were drooping a little now, Van Helsing could see that she was still going to be awake. She leaned closer to him and he let her. But to the drunken Luminita there was a little bit of uncertainty to the touch, and even in her drunk state. She shied away and instead grabbed another bottle left on the ground, throwing the bottle in her hand lazily out towards the distance. She met Van Helsing's eyes as she drank another large sip from the bottle.

"Are you sure you don't wanna drink, Mr. Van Helsing?" Luminita said and she looked inquiringly towards the hunter.

"Call me Gabriel. And..." Van Helsing took this opportunity to quickly, yet gently grab the bottle from Luminita's weak grasp. She didn't seem to notice, but she did seem to shiver when Van Helsing touched her. Van Helsing narrowed his eyes but quickly pushed away the thought as he left the bottle of wine near him. "-that will be quite enough for tonight, Miss Elavora."

"Alright, Mr.- I mean Gabriel."

Luminita hiccupped softly but she didn't argue she only sat there, her body swaying back and forth in the air as she gazed at Van Helsing as if she was admiring a rather beautifully sculptured artifact. Van Helsing looked away from her gaze as he felt her eyes bore into him.

"Do you wanna know why I despise men, Gabriel?" Luminita spoke, and this seemed to got Van Helsing's interest. He looked towards her and waited for her to continue. Maybe getting Luminita drunk wasn't bad for him after all.

"Why is that, Miss Elavora?" Van Helsing inquired, his smile returning again as the camp fire continued to crackle, hungrily eating away at the logs.

Luminita's swaying continued as her lips parted.

" have always been fascinating to me, interesting... because I pitied their existence. They just felt very... unfamiliar to my taste. Many would come to me to ask for my hand, but I had none of that. I did not want to belong with a man and to spend a lifetime with him..." Luminita stopped but her drunken smile continued to shine, almost sadly looking towards Van Helsing.

"I always felt uneased with a man's presence. They have always startled me, and made me wonder why God made it so Women and Men will marry. I didn't understand. I still don't understand..."

She gave a puzzling look towards Van Helsing and continued.

"Music was my man, my second best friend... the one thing I truly loved and cared -besides my family and my best friend, of course-. It eased my mind and always guided me through. It was almost like a living thing that cared for me, yet stayed well away from me. So when it came to men, the concept of being in love and later maybe even carrying the lover's baby sounded preposterous to me..."

Luminita let her words slur and trail off into the distance as she looked at Van Helsing with a bitter and sad smile.

"I was never loved, Mr. Van Hel- I mean, Gabriel. Not one man who asked for my hand took it seriously... Took me seriously for who I really was. They didn't understand me, and I didn't understand them."

Luminita started to cry as she said the last of the sentence, but without her permission, Van Helsing leaned closer to her and set her head on his shoulder, hugging her shoulders in a warm embrace. A sympathetic expression was on his face as he soothed her. Luminita looked surprised at first, but then her whole body relaxed and sagged as she closed her eyes. Then she started to sing softly...

"Midnight workings, weather down the storyline...

I try to find the truth between all the lies...

When bleeding is feeling and feeling ain't real...

Will I see you when I open my eyes?

Will I see you when I open my eyes?

When breathing's a burden we all have to bear,

And trust is one thing we're taught never to share...

Somehow you just seem to shine,

When loving means breaking and saying goodbye...

And I can't help but wonder what it is you do...

You help heal the pain, and the thoughts of the truth...

You're a question to the universe, a wonder to the world...

And somehow, when I'm with you, I never get burned...

Caught in a trap of what we're taught to believe...

When night overcomes day, life's so hard to perceive...

And the clock keeps on ticking through night-shattered skies,

Where the stars are all broken, and so are all the ties...

But the one thing remaining is you.

When I'm broken and bleeding, you pull me right through...

And I can't help but wonder what it is you do...

When you help heal the pain, and the thoughts of the truth...

You're a question to the universe, a wonder to the world...

And somehow, when I'm with you there's nothing I'd rather do...

than be right there...

To escape my own life and all my fear...

And I cant feel...

Am I really real?

Come and wipe all my tears...

Come and wipe all my tears...

And I can't help but wonder what it is you do...

You help heal the pain, and the thoughts of the truth...

You're a question to the universe, a wonder to the world

And somehow, when I'm with you...

I can't help but wonder what it is you do...

You help heal the pain, and the thoughts of the truth...

You're a question to the universe, a wonder to the world...

And somehow, when I'm with you, I never get burned..."

Van Helsing gaped wide eyed as the song finished. The melody of the song was both haunting, and yet it was so beautiful tears were starting to sting in his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but he realized that Luminita was already sound asleep, her chest rising and falling. Van Helsing smiled softly, and then pulling his jacket off, he placed it over her like a blanket.

He looked up at the stars, and prayed for both him and Luminita's sake that they will soon find Dracula's lair. If only he knew the consequences that will bring him in the near future just by wishing this...
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