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Chapter 1 Heartbreak

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Brooke calls her friend Puck to see if she can move in with him after she saw her bestfriend and boyfriend together in bed.

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Chapter 1 Heartbreak

Horror, Sadness, Anger , Betrayal. That's all I feel. How could they? How could he? I thought I made him happy. I thought he loved me. And how could she? Peyton of all people, how could she do this to me? We grew up together, we were always there for one another. How could she just go after Lucas like that? She knew I loved him. She knew I wanted him and she just took him.
You know what, I'm done thinking. I'm just going to go. Go somewhere far away from having to see their tongue's in each other's throats. I have just the place to go, Ohio. Hopefully my old pal Puck is okay for some company.

Brooke calls Puck. Puck picks up.

"Hey Brookie, what's up?"

"Oh hey Puck Bear, nothing much. Just wanted to know if your up for me coming to see you."

"Oh I would actually love for you to come. For how long would you stay for?"

"I was thinking the rest of the school year. Like I would transfer from Tree Hill High to McKinley. And maybe if you don't mind, I would probably stay at your place."

"Okay. Fine by me. But if you don't mind me asking. Why you leaving Tree Hill?"

"I will explain everything when I get there, okay? Now I'll see you soon. Bye Puck Bear."

"Okay, bye Brookie." Puck hangs up. Brooke lets out a sigh of relief. Brooke decides she'll start packing tomorrow. For now she will rest.
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