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Chapter 1

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Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille.

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A Broadchurch/Doctor Who crossover

Rose buys a beach cottage down in Broadchurch, thinking Alec Hardy would have left town but they meet on the way and Camille thinks he's her dad. Alec then discovers he does indeed look like her dad and doesn't take it very well.

The day Rose and the Duplicate Doctor got back to London after the other Doctor brought them all back, they promised each other they would never be parted again. He took the name James Noble, after Donna, who if it hadn't been for her, he might have never existed or he wouldn't have her personality, which Rose told him made him so different to his twin.

It wasn't long before they settled down, Rose working alongside James at Torchwood and no-one questioned them but outside work, they tried to keep out of the media. Despite Pete's attempts to quash any speculation, the reporters made up stories Rose was out on the town every night and dating different men.

So the time came they decided to go public and announce their engagement, to keep the newshounds from the door and although James bought her an engagement ring, they never actually did anything about it but to fool the press, Pete announced they had got married in a private ceremony at the mansion.

James though was always camera shy and would never allow any photos of them to be published, his argument being someone may remember his twin from the last time he had been there so Rose had to be content with the photos they took themselves and the few Jackie had hired a photographer to take at their engagement party.

When Rose discovered she was pregnant, they were all over the moon and James was keen to find out what Rose was having and was delighted it was to be a girl, after he'd told Rose about Jenny.

There were many late night discussions about names but they both finally settled on Camille, after their romantic holiday in Paris where she was conceived and he spent all his spare time on the nursery, not letting Rose see it until it was complete. Well he had a bit of help from doting surrogate uncles Jake and Mickey.

James was encouraging Rose all through labour and finally, they were able to take their daughter home but James had not told her he suspected something was wrong with him so he had confided in Pete.

"You wanted to talk to me James?" Pete cornered him on their Christmas visit to the mansion when Camille was just nine months old.

"Yeah. Pete, you can't tell Rose but I think something's wrong with me," James confessed.

Pete smiled. "What? How can there be? You just became a father," he patted James on the back.

James put on a weak smile. "I don't mean in that regard Pete. No, I think there's something wrong with my single heart, maybe it's just my imagination but well, sometimes it seems to be beating like it's trying to make up for me not having two of them."

"Have you been to see Owen?" Pete asked him.

"When Rose watches me like a hawk? Still, now she's not working there any more, I may be able to sneak off to medical," he grinned.

"Good, go see him before you go jumping to any conclusions eh? You have a beautiful baby daughter so stop the doom and gloom."

"Yeah, it's probably nothing and I don't want to worry Rose, she's having a tough time with Camille keeping her awake. She won't let me get up and see to her even though I've got the holidays off."

"You can have more time off if you need it, you know that? Look, why don't I call you in for a meeting and tell Owen to expect you, say the day after Boxing Day? I'll appease Rose for you," Pete offered.

"Thanks Pete but she might not be so mad if her mother takes her shopping?" James smiled.

"I'll tell Jackie to keep her occupied at the shopping mall, they'll be after all the bargains," Pete laughed.

Everyone doted over Camille and since they were meant to go home the day after Boxing Day, Pete suggested they left the baby while mother and daughter went shopping. As soon as they'd set off, Pete took James to the medical bay at Torchwood.

"It's not good news James," Owen told him as he was putting his shirt back on and what made it worse was that he'd met this world's version of Martha Jones and she was still eyeing him up despite the fact he was meant to be married to Rose and they'd just had a baby together.

"Then tell me how bad it is?" James asked him, managing a weak smile at the dark-skinned trainee as she walked off.

"Your heart is trying to compensate James, it's strange though, since the rest of you appears human. Does it sometimes feel like it's going slower or just faster?"

"Just faster at times and no, it's not when I'm lying in bed naked with my partner," he grinned.

"I never said anything," Owen grinned back, holding up his hand in defence. "I'd like you to come in for regular check-ups, I'd say it was heart arrhythmia but since it's only going faster and not slower, it's hard to determine. When do you come back to work?"

"After the holidays, Rose will be kicking me out anyway. She's gone shopping with her mother today, that's why I was able to sneak out."

"She's got you well and truly hooked my friend and don't worry, no-one else here knows about you. Come and see me when you're back at work but in the meantime, if your symptoms worsen or change, call me right away and get to the nearest hospital, I'll put a note on your file for them to contact me."

"Rose will go crazy if she finds out Owen."

"I know but you can't hide it from her forever James, she wouldn't want you to either. Tell her, you're going to need her."

As they spent Camille's birthday together at the mansion the following March, Rose knew she was losing him. Owen had advised him to stop working, which he had no problem with and money was nothing to worry about as Pete kept him on full pay but neither of them knew how long he really had. When Camille had been settled in her cot, they lay together in bed, Rose resting her head near his single heart.

"I wish you wouldn't do that Rose," he told her, kissing her forehead.

"You know I like to sleep like that? It's just a habit now," Rose replied.

"You don't get enough rest, worrying about me love. I'm not giving up just yet, I have you and Camille to think about. Owen thought he might try a new treatment on me next time."

"You already said but there's no guarantee is there?" she asked him.

"Is there with anything eh? Maybe we should give it a try?" he offered.

"Did he say what had caused it?"

"I was thinking about that. Maybe it was when Davros zapped me?" he told her.

Two weeks later, Owen was shaking his head again as he went through the diagnostic readings.

"I could try it James but it's only 50/50 and if it goes wrong, there's no way out."

"What about that pacemaker Owen?" Rose asked him, having left their daughter with her nan.

"Rose, the pacemaker won't work, I already told you that," Owen tried to explain. "Look James, the medication you're on is keeping you stable and since you stopped work and taking it easy, let's leave it a few months and in the meanwhile, I'll keep working on this device and see if I can better your chances."

"Tell me how it works Owen?" Rose asked him.

"No-one knows exactly Rose, it brings up a picture of the heart and you can send a pulse to regulate it, a bit like a pacemaker I suppose, the rest is a bit hard to explain."

"So how can ya work on it?" Rose wanted to know.

"A bit more precision, a stronger pulse, I'll get a full team of experts on it but if it fails? James will continue to have a strain on his heart, I'm sorry, both of you but if the device doesn't work, it will just make him worse, because of the attempt."

"How long do I have Owen?" James broke his silence as he'd fastened his shirt and glad Martha wasn't there, since she'd disappeared when Rose had arrived with him.

"After the attempt, if it doesn't work, a few days, a week at most and you'll have to stay immobilized, either here or at home with a full-time nurse and medical equipment."

"I don't want that Owen, what would be the point?" James asked. "I just want to be with Rose and our daughter."

James put the procedure off a while longer, taking it easy and relaxing by their pool in the warmer weather, watching Rose and his growing daughter as Rose held her in the water, waving at him. Camille was now almost walking, Rose had worried she should be already but her mother told her she'd been late in doing so but Camille was crawling everywhere, often getting herself up by James's legs.

Rose could see it was getting a strain for him to even help the toddler climb onto his lap but she was starting to talk, just baby-talk and James could hold a conversation with his daughter, which made Rose smile and Camille clung hold of the toy dog he'd bought her on their last trip out together.

The day came for James to go to Torchwood to let Owen try his enhanced device that didn't really have a name so Pete had collected them, dropped Camille at the mansion and he'd had a chair waiting for James but he refused and insisted walking down the corridor to medical. As he got undressed behind the curtain, Rose took his things and told him not to worry but he couldn't help but do so.

"Do you think he knew?" Rose asked him.

"You mean the other me, that there would be something wrong with me?" James asked her. "I doubt it Rose. If we still had the Tardis, this would never have got so bad but hey, at least I'm trying to get it fixed and Owen said resting these last months has increased my chances. That's got to count for something love? Now come here and snog me before Owen gets back."

Rose and Pete were waiting at the other side of the curtain as Owen wanted just him and James to be alone, with no distractions such as Rose asking any questions. They were talking quietly as Owen concentrated.

"So Doc, what are my chances?" James joked.

Owen just looked sternly at him. "Better than they were the last time but there is still a chance it won't work and you won't get a second chance. If it fails, well we've been through all that. You won't feel any worse at first but the strain on your already weak heart will be tremendous, like having a massive shock so afterwards, I want you to lie still and let it pass, I'll send Rose in."

Before any of them knew it, James let out a yell and Pete had to hold Rose back.

"It's no use dashing in there Rose, we knew what to expect and it means Owen's taking the shot, so to speak. It will be a few minutes before he knows if it's worked or not."

"It's not fair Dad, I get him back just to lose him again because he can't cope with being human. Did he tell you about when he hid for three months from those aliens?"

"Yeah, you can imagine what he felt when he met the Martha here?" Pete smiled.

Owen had a grave look on his face as he checked the heart monitor he'd adapted for James's condition. James had just opened his eyes as the shock slowly passed.

"Sorry, couldn't help it," James tried to grin. "Well?"

Rose didn't take the news very well as she broke down in Pete's arms. He led her over to James and sat her down, James reaching out to her.

"We knew it might not work love but hey, Owen could be wrong, I could suddenly grow another heart," he joked.

"Stop it James, it's not funny. What am I going to do without you?" Rose asked him tearfully.

"Rose, Owen may have miscalculated how much time I have, I could still live to give our daughter away at her wedding. Rose, marry me, properly, right now?"

"Yes, do you have to ask? You mean here?"

"Yes, I mean here. Get Pete to go find a minister, I don't care if it's legal and binding, I want to hear you say the words, never mind all the paperwork. Everyone thinks we're married anyway and Camille has my name but I want you to change it to yours, when I'm gone, I don't want you having any complications. Promise me?"

"If that's what you want? Dad thinks we should go stay at the mansion, so there's someone to watch Camille while I look after you."

"Yeah, good idea, I want to spend every moment I have left with the two of you. I love you Rose, be my wife, for real, even if it's only for a few days."

"I'll get dad to send for the minister and my mum, she can bring Camille."

Two hours later, Rose was sort of officially Rose Noble but James didn't want the complication of any certificates so Pete said he would take care of everything and as they sat together when everyone had left, James wanted to go back to the mansion. He spent the last week or so lying on the comfy sofa Pete had moved to their room, watching TV with Camille on his lap, smiling at her gurgling when a cartoon was on. Rose sat with them, his legs over hers.

He passed away just as everyone who was gathered around left the three of them, James closing his eyes after telling Rose and his daughter how much he loved them. After the cremation and Rose scattering his ashes in the garden of rest, she got Jake and Mickey to clear out the house and Pete put it up for sale and she moved back home, Jackie trying to comfort her as much as she could but she felt sorry for her daughter.

She had got him back and they were so happy together and Jackie just hoped Rose wouldn't do anything stupid like try and get back to the other Doctor again so in the middle of September, Rose had sold the house and bought a cottage by the sea but Jackie questioned where.

"You can't be serious Rose?" her mother had asked her. "A two bedroom cottage in Broadchurch? What do ya want to go there for? There's just been a murder there."

"I do know Mum, I might have been busy sorting things out but I saw about it. It's just what we need, a fresh start and Camille will love all the sand and the water. I'll keep everything else in storage and take what I need, Mickey said he'd hire a van and take everything down that I need for now and have it ready for us. I need this Mum, I have to get over James on my own."

Her mother wasn't sure about that but Rose had made up her mind. Neither she or Pete, Jake or Mickey had pointed out the recent death of a young boy had been investigated by Alec Hardy, who himself had been through a similar illness as James, was the same age and could have been another twin.

Rose had indeed heard about it on the radio but had never seen any photos of him or seen him giving interviews on the TV but unlike James, Alec Hardy had been suitable for a pacemaker and his daughter had encouraged him to go for it. So he'd travelled back near Sandbrook and she'd gone with him to the hospital and to his surprise, he'd come through it so now, he was at a loss what to do.

As he met Daisy one evening, she was still a bit off with him.

"So, you don't want me to stick around then?" he'd asked as they ate in her favourite place.

"Dad, I said I'd go with you to the hospital but you know mum won't have you back, I've accepted she's with Dave and I'm really sorry I got mad at you over what happened. I know it wasn't your fault."

"Aye, I know Daisy but I think maybe I'll go back to Broadchurch, I rang the chief, she'll take me back when I've passed the medical and I found a place to rent before I came here, not that I expected I'd actually go back, I just thought you might want me around?"

"I'll come and visit you, if you want?"

"Aye, I'd like that. Best get you back then?"

"Should you be driving Dad?" Daisy laughed.

"I never gave up my license, did I? I'm fine, honestly, you fuss more than your mother. I leave in the morning."

"Look after yourself Dad," Daisy told him as he dropped her outside where he used to live.

So the next morning, Rose was strapping her daughter in the baby seat, her cases were in the back of her silver sports model SUV and the day before, Jake and Mickey had got back from furnishing the cottage for her and had handed her the keys, giving her details how to get there and where to park in the resident's car park behind a block of apartments.

"You should have gone to see it first Rose," her mother was telling her.

"Mum, I saw a virtual tour of it, it was like being there and it would have been too much going twice. Mickey said everything's set up for us and he'll come back next weekend with our other stuff, not that we need much more apart from toys and things. Come down for a visit."

"We will and you're coming back for Christmas?" Jackie asked her.

"Yes Mum but it won't be the same, not now."

"I know sweetheart but you said that when you first got here. You made a Christmas wish that first time and look what you got? You could make another one."

"I did, I got Camille," Rose smiled at the toddler, who was talking to her toy dog.

When she got halfway, she decided to take a break and pulled into a service area just as a black SUV with tinted windows followed her so she didn't bother reversing. As she got out and taking no notice of the driver, whom she thought was showing off and making a point of parking next to her, she went around to the back to get the stroller out.

She'd had a bit of trouble with it and had meant to ask Pete to take a look at it and was now regretting not doing so as she put it on the ground and it wouldn't open.

Alec had followed the silver car in after he'd set off and realised he should have stayed for breakfast or at least a drink but he'd got up late and had to pack. He saw Rose struggling with the stroller and glanced in the shaded back window and saw a baby asleep.

"Having trouble with that?" he called out as he saw Rose attempting again to battle with the stroller.

Rose looked up when she heard the Scottish voice and almost dropped it on his foot. She hadn't expected to see who could be her husband's other twin staring at her and attempting to pick up the fallen stroller. She tried to recover but it was obvious she was taken aback.

"Did I frighten you?" Alec asked, going in his pocket and Rose stepping back. "It's fine, I'm a police officer, well I will be again soon, I've been on medical leave. I'm DI Alec Hardy," he told her, opening his ID card. "Let's have a look at this eh?" he offered, going for the stroller again.

"I meant to get it fixed but I've sort of been busy lately," Rose tried to explain, not that the initial shock of looking at him had yet passed.

Then she heard Camille murmuring.

Alec heard. "Go see to your daughter, I will have a go at this. Do you have any lubricant in the back of your car?" he asked.

"Yeah but the can's under all that lot, I wasn't expecting to have to use it," Rose called back to him.

"Well I don't have any in mine, I just hired it a few days ago and this part will not budge," he indicated to the slider.

"Guess I'll have to carry her in then," Rose sighed. "The car seat comes out but it's more of a pain getting it back in."

Alec put the stroller back on top of the cases.

"Going on holiday?" he asked as he closed the back door, since Rose had gone to get her daughter out.

"No, we're moving," Rose replied as Camille was squirming to get out when she saw Alec.

The toddler was now trying to get to him and he instinctively held his arms out.

"Let me take her while you get her things?" he offered.

Rose nodded and getting the baby bag and her handbag from under the seat Alec noted, she locked the doors and offered to take her daughter back but Camille seemed quite happy to stay where she was.

"Sorry about this," Rose told him as she held her arms out and Camille stayed holding the dog by its ear.

"It's quite alright, I have a teenage daughter, they can be very persistent at this age. Shall we go inside?" Alec smiled.

"Yeah, I have to go change her first, we've been travelling for a few hours."

"I only stopped off because I had missed breakfast, I was visiting my daughter nearby, well amongst other things," he told her as they walked to the entrance.

He didn't think she would be bothered in knowing the real reason he had been there. He carried Camille inside and they located the rest room and baby change station and Rose tried to get her back.

"What's her name?" Alec asked as the toddler looked at him.

"It's Camille, I'm Rose."

"Well Camille, why don't you go get cleaned up with your mum eh?" Alec spoke softly to the toddler.

With that, the youngster held her arms out for Rose to take her.

"That's what her dad used to do, he always carried her and then if she didn't want to come back, he'd say that."

"When you say used to?" Alec dared ask as he passed the young girl back. "Sorry, none of my business," he added as he looked around.

"No, it's fine. He died a few months ago, it was his heart," Rose told him sadly.

"Oh, then I am the one who is sorry for asking. I had a similar problem, I recently had a pacemaker fitted," Alec tried to apologise.

"He couldn't have one, it was complicated. I really have to see to her now," Rose said as Camille was squirming to get away.

"Yes, of course. There is a queue for the coffee shop, may I get you a drink to save you waiting?" he offered.

Rose wasn't so sure about this but he was a police detective. She nodded.

"I will find us a table and a baby chair while you are gone," Alec suggested.

"Thanks, you're very kind Alec, just a latte, thanks. I won't be long."

When she got out, Alec was trying to find a table but Rose pointed to one where she was and he made his way over. He put the cartons on the table and located a spare baby seat, carrying it back.

"Da, da, da," Camille was gurgling before he reached them as she saw him.

"No sweetheart, he's not your dad." Rose told her sadly.
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