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Chapter 2

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Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille.

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If her daughter was going to keep doing that with every man who looked like her dad, Rose was going to get nowhere fast trying to get on with her life. She had not expected to have so little time with her new Doctor, they had stood on the beach in Norway, hand in hand as the Tardis had disappeared and he had turned to her and told her he was never going to leave her. Well he had and this time, there was no looking for him and no getting him back.

This universe was playing a cruel trick on her, leaving her with a now eighteen month old baby who wanted her dad back and they'd just met a man who could be one of triplets, not counting the other Doctor as Rose had often joked with James about him looking like a certain actor.

She had heard of the detective who was in charge of finding a boy's killer but hadn't taken much notice of who he was and now, he was smiling at Camille as she tried to get away from Rose again. Alec put the chair down as Rose got up, then reaching for the toddler and placing her in the chair he fastened the belt. Rose went in the baby bag and got some juice and a baby biscuit out.

"So Rose, you are moving from, where, London?" he asked.

"Yeah, a fresh start, my mother smothers me but she means well. I have too many memories staying with her, James and I moved in there when he got really ill so there was someone to look after Camille. He had some treatment but it didn't work."

"I am really sorry to hear that Rose, my condition was the same, they did not know if I would survive or not," he admitted.

"I'm glad someone did Alec. Can we change the subject?"

"Yes, sorry. So, she must be a bit of a handful then?" he asked, helping Camille with her baby cup. "Is she walking yet?"

"Holding onto the furniture and her baby walker. My younger brother has her chasing him with it, he can't get around the fact he's her uncle when he calls my friends uncle."

"I can imagine. Rose, please don't take this the wrong way but I think I know who you are. I may have been in the middle of a murder investigation but I did read the newspapers, well one, that happened to accuse me of being the worst cop in Britain."

"We just put a notice out, well Pete did, there was a press embargo on us, after what happened before we got married. Well, we should be on our way."

"How far do you have to travel?" he asked, Camille trying to give him the remains of the biscuit.

"Down to Dorset. Where are you going?" Rose asked, getting some baby wipes out.

"Back to Broadchurch, to get my old job back," he replied, holding his hand out for the wipe.

Camille pulled a face as he cleaned around her mouth.

Rose wondered if she should tell him but he would see them there. He saw the look on Rose's face.

"I would have thought you'd want to leave there Alec," she told him as she went to get Camille out of the chair.

Alec got up and unfastened the belt and the youngster held her arms out to him.

"Leave her here, if you need to go to the ladies room," he suggested.

"Thanks, if you're sure?"

"We will be fine, go ahead."

When Rose got back, he carried the baby out to the car while Rose opened the door.

"Well thanks Alec, it was nice meeting you."

"You never told me where you were going Rose," he reminded her as he handed Camille to her.

The toddler began to protest. "Da!" Then she tried to struggle back to him.

"Allow me?" he asked, taking her back. "So, why don't you let me fasten you in eh?" he asked the youngster.

Rose watched as he fastened her back in and she hit him gently with her soft toy.

"Sorry, she used to do that to James, he used to pretend to take it from her and make growling noises at her."

Alec thought he was no good at making growling noises to someone else's child. Rose continued as she put the baby bag on the floor.

"That's where we're going, Broadchurch," Rose had to admit.

"Really? Why there?" he asked, smiling back at Camille.

"I told you, to make a new start. I bought a beach cottage there."

"The pink one?" Alec had to ask, raising his eyebrows at imagining anyone living there.

Rose smiled as she closed the door. "No, next door, the one in the middle."

"Then I may see you around? I have rented a place by the river. I will have to stick around for the hearing anyway, it seemed as good a place as any. Remember to fix your stroller when you get there."

"Yeah, I will and thanks for your help. Well I'd best get going, I have to drag all my luggage inside then go shopping."

"Rose, I could help you, when you get there. How will you manage to get everything out of your car?" he asked.

"I'll be fine, you've gone to enough trouble already. I can't ask you to help when you've just recovered from surgery."

"Well the offer is there, I will be at the blue chalet, you can't miss it."

"Yeah, thanks. Bye then," she told him as she opened the driver's door, Alec moving out of the way. "Say bye Camille," she told the baby.

Alec leaned down and gave a little wave to her and Camille began chattering away.

"Take care on the road, watch for the roundabout before you reach the town, it is always busy," he warned her. "It was nice to meet both of you."

He stood back and guided her out of the parking space, then Rose opened the window.

"The paper was wrong Alec, you're not the worst cop in Britain, you're the kindest."

With that, he watched her drive off, hoping he would indeed run into her when he got back but she was still upset from her husband's death. She could use a friend though, surely? He could be friends with her, she wouldn't know anyone else in the town but he should keep his distance, let her seek him out. He got back in his car and waited a few moments, he didn't want her thinking he was following her but she was waiting to join the motorway traffic and he caught up with her.

Rose saw him in the mirror and saw Camille was falling asleep again. She knew she should stay away from Alec Hardy, it wouldn't do the toddler any good thinking he was her dad. When she next talked to Pete, she was going to ask him why everyone had failed to tell her the infamous detective looked just like James.

She knew Danny had died a few days after James had passed away so she'd been really out of it but towards the end of the investigation, she'd seen and heard about it. She hoped he wouldn't follow her down to the end of the motorway as she could see him waiting to get out himself but then she saw him passing her.

Alec had decided she would keep to a certain speed in view of the baby and he would be best passing her so as not to un-nerve her any further. He thought she'd looked a little out of it when he'd gone to ask her if she needed any help. He had seen it in the paper that she was coping with the death of her husband and the family had issued a general statement but there had been no pictures of her with him.

He wondered what she had meant when she'd said in view of whatever it was that no photos were ever printed of them. Maybe it was because of who she was men were claiming to have been going out with her when she had been seeing her future husband and he'd not wanted to be branded with being one of them. He did know they had married privately around two years ago, Camille must have been their only child. Funny how he couldn't bring himself to call Miller 'Ellie' when he was already using Rose and her daughter's names.

Rose found out what he'd meant when she came to the first roundabout as she approached Broadchurch, the second one was slightly better and she drove down the narrow road, passing the sign. Following Mickey's directions, she turned into the car park as she reached the harbour and drove around the block of apartments, going to the far end and seeing some parking spaces marked 'Residents only'.

Since using the stroller was still out of the question, Rose could only hope Mickey had left the playpen up like she'd asked him to and struggling inside, she noted the door locked behind her so she went to put the newly woken Camille into it.

"Right, let's get sorted then?" she asked her daughter. "You stay here while I bring the cases in yeah?"

She had noted she could see right to the other end of the short passageway so she could see anyone coming the other way and if the door locked, the baby would be fine for a few minutes at a time. Now though, she wished she'd taken Alec up on his offer of help but it would have been unfair to do so, since Camille, who was sat in the middle of the playpen playing with the toy dog, had kept thinking he was James.

It took a few trips to get everything into the kitchen, including the useless stroller, since the can she'd wanted was empty so she'd have to follow the sign for the superstore she'd seen up on the main road and whilst getting her groceries, get another can. Putting Camille back in the car, she drove back up and locating a trolley with a seat, parked at the side of the shelter.

She soon had everything she needed and realised she was hungry after feeding the young girl and decided the unpacking could wait and carried Camille over to the nearby catering stalls. Once seated, putting the youngster on the next chair, she could see what she thought was Alec's rented home.

It was now mid-afternoon and Alec had been to the mini-market for the few things he needed and having made himself a drink, went to sit outside and saw who he thought was Rose fussing over who could only be Camille. He debated whether to walk over then decided against it but she saw him and waved.

Getting back to her new home, she set about organizing things and elected to take their clothes out of the cases then drag the rest upstairs since Camille had fallen asleep in the playpen. She had forgotten to get the spray can of lubricant and meant to go get some the next day but just after six, there was a knock on the door.

Rose was really hoping it wasn't someone telling her to move her car, she'd told the sales office she had a car and she'd been assured it was fine for her to park where she had. She was just coming downstairs after settling Camille in her cot for the night and wondered if she should be answering it but she had to get used to living on her own.

So putting the chain on, she unlocked the door to find Alec standing there. He'd sat the rest of the afternoon battling himself against going to call on her. He'd told himself to leave her be, let her get settled in and she knew where he was if she needed any help but seeing her earlier had done nothing to help him convince himself. So he'd given in, gone back to the mini-market and bought a can of lubricant and a bottle of wine and found himself knocking on Rose's door.

"Alec, hi. Come in," she greeted him.

"Have you fixed the stroller yet?" he asked, thinking it was a reasonable excuse for calling on her.

"No, the can was empty when I finally got to it and I forgot to get some," she told him, wishing she'd tidied the place.

Alec held up the white plastic carrier bag. "Then allow me to fix it for you?" he asked, getting the blue and yellow can out. "Oh and I thought you may like this," he added as he got the bottle of wine out.

Rose smiled. "How did you guess?"

"When I saw you earlier, you looked like you needed it. The stroller?" he asked, looking around and seeing it in the corner by a tall cupboard. "I will take it outside into the garden or you will smell this stuff for a week. You put your daughter to bed?"

"Yeah, poor thing, she's never really been on that long a journey by car. We went on holiday last year to Brighton, it's not that far from London but she wasn't very old then. That was before James got really ill."

"How long had he been ill Rose?" Alec asked her as he picked up the stroller.

"He realised something was wrong when I'd just had Camille. Maybe if he'd realised sooner, they could have done something more for him."

Alec realised he was on very shaky ground and took the stroller and the can outside and Rose went to make some tea. He was back inside a few minutes later, minus the stroller.

"Best let the smell go away?" he told her as he accepted the mug she gave him. "Have you eaten yet?"

Rose shook her head. "I was gonna order a takeout. Care to join me?"

After their food arrived, Alec went looking for wine glasses and brought out two tumblers. Rose stood in the kitchen doorway.

"Sorry, I should get some the next time I go shopping."

"You have just moved Rose, it is understandable. These will do just fine. Have you done your unpacking?"

"Just about. When do you go back to work?" she asked,trying to make conversation.

"I have a medical tomorrow, then I can go back a few hours a day, just as long as I don't chase any more suspects," he smiled.

"Why, what happened?" Rose wondered.

"You did not read about it?" he asked, a bit surprised.

"I was busy, making arrangements to move, sorry."

"I had another attack and almost died, it brought me to my senses. I asked my daughter to go with me, that was why I was on my way back here today, I had to stay resting for a few days. What happened to your husband Rose? Could they not do anything for him?"

"They tried, it was complicated. You won't tell anyone who I am, will you?" she asked as he poured the wine.

"Of course not, who have I to tell?" he asked, opening the door to the decking. "You should not leave the key in there Rose."

"I know, I was just standing outside with Camille earlier. I'll take her on the beach tomorrow, she'll love it here."

They stood against the railings and drank from the tumblers for a while, Alec not wanting to upset her any further.

"I am sure she will like it here. Well, I should let you finish unpacking. You know where I am, if you need anything."

"Yeah, it looks nice there. Thanks for fixing the stroller," she told him as they went back inside and Alec locked the door.

"My pleasure, I only wish I could have fixed it earlier for you," he told her as he sat by the window.

"My friend Mickey must have used all the can up the last time he checked the car over for me. He used to be a mechanic."

Alec got up to leave. "Very useful. Keep it, I will get another for my car, you may need it again."

"Alec, maybe I'll see you around the harbour?" Rose asked as she got up with him.

"Yes, no doubt but you should make some friends Rose, you should find it easy. At least the press have left town now."

"Yeah, I made sure they had, my friends bought all my stuff down yesterday, they can spot a reporter a mile off."

"Well watch out for the local one, he's the nephew of my old DS," he warned her.

"I'll remember that, thanks. Goodnight Alec."

Rose thought she should let her mother know they had arrived safely but not that she'd met Alec Hardy.

The next few weeks, Rose settled down to life in a small seaside town, taking Camille for walks on the beach and around the harbour. The youngster was fascinated with all the boats and they would sit on the harbour pier for hours, it was just at the end of the short passageway but she often wished there was a way down onto the beach from the decking and thought about asking Jake or Mickey to find someone to make some steps for her.

It was four weeks before she saw Alec again to talk to. He would wave if he saw her walking past his riverside home when he'd finished work but she'd not seen him the last week or so and thought he must have got more hours. One afternoon, she'd taken her daughter to the end of the esplanade and they'd watched the waves below foam over the rocks.

For the middle of October, it wasn't really that cold so she stopped on the way back at one of the other catering stalls opposite the police station to get a drink and enjoy the last of the autumn sunshine. She looked up from helping Camille with her baby cup to see a woman sitting down at the next table.

"What a cute little girl," the woman told Camille, holding her hand out.

"Thanks, looks like you're expecting one, or a boy?" Rose asked politely.

"A girl, I had a scan. I have a while to go yet though. How old is she?"

"Nineteen months, just about. She's still teething and driving me nuts," Rose admitted.

"My other two were just the same. Is she your only one?" the woman asked her.

"Yeah, my husband died a few months back, we only had her."

"Oh, sorry, I had no idea. If you don't mind me saying though, I thought I recognized you."

"I thought no-one would down here," Rose sighed. "It was bound to happen though and I got warned to stay away from the local reporter."

"Olly's not too bad now it's all died down but I can't forgive him for starting a lot of what happened here."

"Oh, what did he do?" Rose asked.

"Released my son's name before the police did," Beth told her sadly.

"Oh, you're Danny's mum? I'm sorry, my husband died at the same time, I was well out of it," Rose apologized.

"Sorry, it must have been difficult for you, with the baby? You are Rose Tyler, right?"

"Yeah, guilty. I came down here to escape my mother, she means well but she was driving me crazy."

"My mum's not well, not since the funeral, I'd just been to see her and thought I'd get some fresh air before I went home. Seems we have a lot in common?" Beth asked her.

"Yeah, someone told me I should make some friends."

"Well, I'd like to be friends with you, I lost my best friend, her husband killed my Danny."

"Oh, that must have been awful. I still don't know that much about what happened. Why don't you come over sometime or we could meet somewhere? I live just next to that pink cottage."

"Yeah, I'd like that Rose. I'm Beth. Watch out, here comes DI Hardy, though he's not been as bad since he got himself fixed."

"Yeah, we've met. Hi Alec, how are you?" Rose asked as he approached the tables.

Camille spotted him and held her arms out to him.

"No sweetheart, you stay there for now," Rose told her but the toddler was trying to get to him.

"Hello Rose, Beth. Hey there little one, where are you tryin' to go eh?" he asked Camille.

The youngster made a noise and grinned at him, covering her mouth with the baby cup.

"She seems to know him," Beth smiled.

"Long story. Come and join us Alec," Rose encouraged him.

"Can I get either of you a refill?" he asked, taking Camille's hand and blowing into it, making her laugh.

"Yeah thanks, another latte," Rose replied.

Beth shook her head. "Not for me, I should be getting home. Nice to have met you Rose, I'll call in sometime."

Alec went off for drinks and Rose was thinking she should go change her daughter but she could probably wait until they got home.

"How are you doing Rose?" Alec asked when he sat opposite her and Camille tried to hand him her cup, which he took, looking at Rose.

After the last time he'd visited Rose and taken her the bottle of wine, he'd hardly seen her, having decided to respect the fact she was trying to get over her husband's death and she wanted some time to herself but he had missed the young baby. She reminded him of when Daisy had been that age, before things had gone sour between him and Tess.

"Oh, you know, getting on with things. I'm starting to like it here, we go for walks and sit and watch the boats and she likes to watch the swans on the river. We've not seen you in your cottage, are you still there?"

"Yes, I increased my hours slightly so I have been finishing later. You look tired," he observed.

"Yeah, she's teething again, I should get her something."

"Yes, you are no good if you are getting your sleep disturbed, trust me. Are you going home?"

"Yeah, we've been out a while, I should get her back and get her tea."

"What about you? Tired of baby talk?" he smiled.

Rose managed a smile back. "James was the expert in baby talk, he teased me he had a degree in it. He'd sit for hours with her when he got really ill, they used to fall asleep watching TV but he'd never let me take her."

"Then I must remind your daughter of him a lot then? I don't mean to be rude Rose but there are no photos of you and your husband to be found anywhere."

"You've been looking me up?" Rose asked him, thinking she should be annoyed about it.

"I was concerned about you and I wanted to know what had really happened to him but you were right, you really did keep him out of the press."

"When we started dating, it was in the news every week that I had a different boyfriend and they even got some men to say they'd been out with me, which was a lie. There was no-one else after I met him so we got engaged and made it public but Pete wouldn't let the press near us and he had the power and the money to do it."

"So you got married quietly, with no fuss?" he asked, picking up Camille's toy dog.

Rose nodded, she wasn't ready to tell him the truth just yet. Camille was playing with her toy dog again having taking it from Alec.

"May I walk back with you Rose?" he asked as she finished her second drink.

"Thanks, she'll like that, won't you sweetheart?" she asked the toddler.

"May I?" he asked, going for the handle of the stroller.

"If you don't mind being seen?" Rose smiled.

"I am quite used to small town gossip. I asked you if you were tired of baby talk, you never answered me."
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