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Chapter 3

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Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille.

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They set off across the harbour.

Rose answered his question. "Yeah, a bit, I talk to people on the pier when we go and sit out, they make a fuss over her."

"Do you like Chinese food? I could bring some over later," he asked as he pushed the stroller.

"Yeah, I'd like that, thanks. Look, if you're not busy, maybe you could stay and keep Camille amused for an hour while I sort out my laundry?"

"I would be happy to, I'm sure we'll find something to keep her amused."

After Rose had put her to bed, Alec went out for some food and Rose got the remainder of the wine out of the cupboard. She still wasn't ready to be any more than friends with him but she was dying for some real adult conversation that didn't involve her mother asking how she was coping. While he was out, he'd called at the mini-market and got something to sooth Camille's pain from teething.

"If she wakes up, just rub that on, then you will both get a good night's sleep. I've been through it Rose, I do know what it is like."

"Thanks Alec, you always seem to be coming to my rescue."

"It's what I do Rose, I try to help people so please, don't think anything of it. I understand you are still trying to get over your husband but Camille seems to have accepted me. I really don't mind she wants to keep coming to me but I thought you may think it too much?"

"No, she likes you and she was used to my friends being around."

"Ah but did she keep calling 'Da' to them?" he smiled, taking another drink.

"No, sorry, she wasn't really talking much then anyway. She only used to chatter away to James."

"You said he had a degree in baby talk," Alec smiled, noting she'd got some wine glasses and pouring more into hers.

She didn't even try to stop him. "Don't ask me how he seemed to understand her," Rose smiled.

"My ex wife said I should have learned how to talk to our daughter. Still, they soon pick up the odd word or two and before you even know it, they are asking you all kinds of things."

"I suppose so and I'm sorry she seems to go to you a lot."

"Don't apologise Rose, there is no need. She is too young to understand I am not her dad. Does she not go to your friends?"

"We don't see much of them now, they have a fair way to travel. I can't believe I've been here over a month already."

"Time soon passes, I have been back at work a month and my chief will still only let me work six hours a day. I don't know what she thinks I may do," he smiled.

"Chase another suspect? I'm sorry I didn't know much about the case when I first met you."

"You had other things to worry about than what was going on down here Rose. You seem to have made another friend anyway, in Beth Latimer."

"Yeah, you said I needed to make some but we talk to a lot of people while we're out and the woman in the icecream kiosk makes a fuss over her, not that we've gone there the last week or so, it's turning a bit colder now."

Alec finished his drink and decided he shouldn't overstay his welcome.

"I should make a move, my cottage will take some warming up since I left the heating off."

"Sorry, I waylaid you when you were on your way home."

"You looked like you needed the company and don't forget to use that gel if Camille wakes up."

"I won't, thanks. Night then and I really enjoyed some adult conversation."

Alec got up to leave, hoping it wasn't too cold over in his chalet but what did he expect when it was next to the river? He just hoped he wouldn't need a boat to get to it during the bad weather or he was in real trouble. Rose got up to walk him to the door and surprised him by kissing his cheek.

"Thanks for the company Alec."

"You are most welcome. I will see you around again but maybe you won't be sitting out as much?"

Rose smiled at him. "As long as it's not raining or snowing, we go out at least for a few hours and we've started going in the caf
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