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Chapter 4

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Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille.

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It was raining the next day so to pass a few hours, Rose just went to the supermarket for a few things and did some browsing then went home to get ready for her evening out, choosing a black sparkly dress with thin straps and a black velvet jacket to go under her winter coat. Chloe arrived just before seven, Camille already in her cot.

"I could have put her to bed for you," Chloe told her. "She knows me by now."

"Yeah, you have my number though in case she won't settle again and I've left that gel if she needs it. She seems to have settled down for now with her teething."

"She'll be fine Rose, I'm getting practice for when my baby sister arrives. Mum swears she's going to come early, the way she keeps kicking."

Rose smiled. "Yeah, my husband was checking every five minutes when I was having Camille."

"You must miss him Rose?"

"Yeah but he made me promise I wouldn't get all gloomy, well not all the time."

"You seem to be getting on well with DI Hardy," Chloe grinned.

"We're just friends Chloe, we don't see each other that much."

"Nigel said he saw the two of you yesterday, he was fixing someone's boiler across at the apartments."

Rose had failed to see the blue van she knew was Chloe's dad's.

"We often see each other while we're out Chloe, we don't always stop and talk though."

Chloe smiled. "Mum said she was talking to you when she first met you and he came to join you. She said Camille wanted to go to him?"

"Yeah, I can't seem to get her to stop doing that," Rose smiled back and checking her phone was on as she put it in her small shoulder bag with the gold chain.

"She must like him then or does she think he's her dad?"

Rose knew she had to be careful how she answered that. "She's just at that age, he doesn't seem to mind too much."

"Well have a nice time and don't worry if you're not back by ten, just enjoy yourself for a change."

"I'll try, just give her a drink if she wakes up."

Alec was just setting off to walk over the footbridge to the pub on the corner, wishing he'd said he'd walk across for her. At least it was dry weather even though it was cold and he wondered whether to invite her back to his chalet or not but thought he'd see how things went. They got to the pub at the same time as Rose was crossing the car park in front of it.

"Hi Alec, seems I'm just in time?" she smiled.

They found a corner table and Alec got them a menu, Rose taking her time looking at it.

"We could go some place else?" he offered as she handed it to him.

"No, it's fine, I'll have the special.

"That's two then," he glanced at the menu, since the special was listed in large letters so he didn't need his specs.

After their meals, Alec thought he'd be at a loss what to talk about apart from her daughter and getting over her husband but Rose wanted to know what had brought him to Broadchurch.

"After Sandbrook, I had a limited choice as to where I could be transferred. I promised the main suspect's wife I would hide her somewhere, she is just down the coast a bit but I hardly see her. She gave evidence against her husband and she is afraid he will come looking for her. I had no idea I was going to walk into another murder."

"You had a tough time, I read up about it recently. So, have you seen your daughter again?"

"No, she calls me, when she remembers. Do you miss your family Rose?"

"Yeah, especially my little brother, I'm looking forward to going back for Christmas. I'll have to think about getting all my presents in a few weeks, now we're in November. I wish there was an indoor shopping mall somewhere."

"There are several in Exeter, so I have been told. Maybe we should go there tomorrow instead of Weymouth?"

"I couldn't ask you to traipse around the shopping malls with us Alec," Rose smiled.

"How are you going to get the stroller in and out of the stores eh? I would be quite happy to go with you."

"No, we'll just go to Weymouth, then at least we can go for a walk on the seafront afterwards."

"Well, how about you go off to Exeter on Sunday and I will stay here with Camille? I could take her out if she wants?"

"Well if you're sure?"

That agreed, they walked back over to Rose's cottage, though Alec wasn't sure about Chloe Latimer seeing them go back together.

"She was fine Rose, she had some milk then went back to sleep. Had a good time?" Chloe asked as Rose took off her coat.

Alec had tried not to stare at her all evening and had failed miserably at it since her scooped neckline never seemed to reveal anything and he was hoping she may let down her guard and lean over. Rose called a cab for Chloe and Alec said he would walk her over to the car park. As they waited, Chloe was dying to know if they'd enjoyed themselves.

"It was a pleasant evening, thank you for looking after Rose's daughter."

"Ah, as soon as she said you'd invited her out, how could I resist? She said you two were just friends though."

"Aye, we are just friends so don't go spreading any rumours eh? Rose doesn't need that just now Chloe. Here comes your cab."

"Yeah, she even gave me the money to pay for it," Chloe grinned as the cab pulled up.

Rose was making drinks when he got back inside even though he'd not indicated to her he was actually going back, it had just been assumed he was. As he tapped on the door, he was getting more nervous. They'd seemed to have made a little progress while they were out, well he thought he had, telling her something about his past. He still wished she would talk to him about what had happened though, she was still reluctant to let go.

Rose let him in and they went to sit down, Alec putting his arm across the back of the sofa.

"Why not put some music on Rose or are you tired?" he asked, finishing his drink.

"No, I'll find something. I had a nice time tonight Alec, thanks."

"You must get tired of cooking for yourself?"

"Yeah, James stayed away from the kitchen though, he was always breaking things."

Alec didn't know what to say. "Tess said the same about me," he smiled as Rose got up.

"Can I tell you something Alec?" Rose asked as she chose a CD she thought was suitable, if he were to ask her to dance.

"Of course, you can tell me anything Rose, who have I to repeat it to?"

As the music started, Alec got up and held out his hand.

"Care to dance with me?" he asked.

Rose nodded and took his arm, she was beginning the steps of crossing over from being his friend to something more romantic and she knew it. She knew though she should try to resist a little longer, she still missed James very much. She tried to keep her distance but as the second tune played, he put his arm around her.

"Relax Rose, I won't bite," he smiled.

"Yeah, I know but I just feel guilty sometimes."

"Of what? You are trying to move on Rose, I know that, I thought having a friend would help?"

"It does Alec, really. I wanted to say, about what was said in the press about me and James. Pete only put that story out to keep them quiet. We didn't get married then, we only married a few days before he died."

"I see. Well I cannot blame you for keeping things quiet, I have been in the papers more than once myself. So you just got engaged then?"

"Yeah, it never mattered to us, even when Camille came along. He had some treatment Alec and it made him worse."

"I am sorry to hear that Rose, was it experimental?"

"Yeah, something at Torchwood, that's what we used to do Alec, we worked at Torchwood. We knew it might not work but we had to try, he was already getting worse at that point."

"They thought I would not survive," he said quietly as another tune started.

He took a chance and pulled her nearer, making Rose lean on his shoulder.

"I don't expect you to forget him Rose but please, let me help you?" he asked.

"I want to move on Alec but sometimes I think it's too soon, it's only been a few months. How long am I supposed to wait before I can?"

"When you feel comfortable Rose, that's the only answer since there is no set time it takes someone. Having a good friend helps."

He led her to the sofa and they sat down.

"How did you get over your divorce Alec?" Rose asked him.

"Work but that is not the answer for you, you have a very beautiful young daughter to think about. My situation was very different to yours. Life is unfair Rose, I was like him, I had heart arrhythmia but you mentioned his was only fast, not slow?"

"Yeah, he used to joke maybe he was meant to have two and the one he had was trying to make up for it."

Alec smiled. "I used to wake up after the nightmares of finding that young girl in the river."

"So you were both suffering at the same time but you had no-one?" she asked him, hovering her hand over his heart. "I used to go to sleep after him, listening to it racing."

"He was a very lucky man to have you Rose," Alec told her, taking her hand and placing it on his chest.

Rose flinched slightly and tried to pull away but he kept hold and Rose could feel his heart beating steadily.

"I know it is not fair he was taken from you Rose but let me try and assure you, I am not going anywhere."

"That's what he told me, when we met again. We knew each other before mum married Pete, we got separated but when he came back, we both knew we never wanted to spend time apart again."

That was as near to the truth as she was willing to go.

"He left you again though and that is what you are afraid of now?"

"Don't Alec, please?"

"Then what are you afraid of Rose?" he asked her, leaning forward until their noses touched and he put a finger on her cheek.

"Stepping over the line I drew, my comfort zone. I can't do this Alec."

He nudged with his nose again and Rose tried to turn away. "Yes, you can Rose, you have to cross that line sooner or later."

"I feel like I'm going too fast Alec."

"No, we can take this as slowly as you want Rose, you need someone."

He moved slightly and tried to kiss her but she tried to back away. He put his finger on her chin and tried again, this time, their lips met very briefly but then on the third attempt, Rose began to relax, so he thought but she pulled away again.

"I'm not ready for this Alec," she almost cried, leaning into his shoulder.

"You never will be if you do not try Rose, trust me."

He tried again, touching her cheek again as a tear ran down it. Rose knew she had to try to move on but how could she, with a man who could be her husband's twin and she could never tell him?

"Shush Rose, let me help you?" he asked, brushing her cheek.

He leaned her against the cushion, putting a hand out on the arm of the sofa to avoid leaning on her, the other arm around her shoulders and went to kiss her again.

"I hate being on my own Alec," Rose confessed. "He promised he'd never leave me again."

"I know and I am sure he did not want to. How long had he known Rose?"

"I found out just after Christmas last year, when he'd been for some tests. He said he didn't want to spoil things, our first Christmas as a real family. He told Pete before though, he arranged the tests."

"He maybe thought it was nothing, that was how I started. He had a reason to want to get well again."

"You didn't? No-one was there for you Alec."

"Shush, I am still here," he assured her, brushing her lips with his finger and Rose kissing it.

He nudged her again and she let him kiss her a little longer but her own heart was racing. She knew her comfort zone was fading away and she was out of her depth. After she'd lost the Doctor and until getting his twin back, there had been no-one and now, she could back away or try again with another man who looked like him. Was the universe actually trying to get things right this time?

"Alec, I don't know how much longer I can do this, being on my own."

"I know, I was the same so I buried myself in the job. Believe me, working does not make things any better. My daughter kept me going, just like Camille gives you a reason to go on."

Rose let him dry a tear on her cheek. "What's her name Alec?"

"It's Daisy and yes, tell me about me making friends with a woman called Rose?" he smiled.

"Can I tell you something else? James, well he had loads of degrees, everyone called him The Doctor. I used to call him that when we were on our own."

"You will never forget him, you have your daughter. You look tired, when was the last time you slept properly eh? I know all the signs, I used to wake up in a cold sweat before I got myself fixed. Would you let me stay tonight, to see you get some sleep? I can deal with Camille if she wakes."

"I don't expect you to see to her Alec."

"You are doing neither yourself or her any good if you are tired, you said you trusted me."

"Yeah I do trust you Alec. If you stay and you go see to her, she'll get used to it."

"We can deal with that. You said you made sure James was okay before you went to sleep, let me do the same for you?"

"You'd do that? Just let me sleep?"

"Aye, I would Rose, you and Camille are becoming part of my life. I miss you both when I don't see you for days or even a week and it bothers me. I try to think of excuses to come over but I ran out of them and you said it was not a good idea to start meeting after I get out of work."

"Yeah, I'm sorry I said that Alec, Camille would get used to it."

"Would that be a bad thing eh?" he asked as he tried to kiss her again.

Rose was still all mixed up but having someone with her after all this time wouldn't be such a bad thing. If she had to get over James, at least Alec knew what he was up against. Once upstairs, they both checked on the sleeping youngster, Alec resting his hand on Rose's shoulder.

"Does she always sleep with that globe on?" he asked, pointing to the glitter globe that hung over the cot.

"Yeah, my mum got it for her, it's a nice soft glow if she wakes up. I'll just use the bathroom, you go into the bedroom."

"I will have to go back in the morning, to get changed before we go out," he told her as Rose went to the bathroom.

Rose stood looking at herself, her cheeks still wet and red from the tears. Alec had been a good friend when she needed it and she just hoped she wasn't going to spoil things by saying anything but he was a detective, he was bound to start asking a few more questions. She just had to hold him off a bit longer and hope Camille wouldn't call him her dad for much longer.

Alec kept his word as he sat up in her bed but him having no t-shirt on did not help Rose try and forget it was Alec and not James who was waiting for her.

"Sorry, I should have worn a t-shirt," he smiled as he apologized.

"Don't worry about it, I was married, well technically. We never did the paperwork, we sort of got married in a rush, after the treatment failed. We were married less than a week."

"You loved each other, whether you had a piece of paper or not, that is what counts. Just sleep Rose, there is no pressure with my being here. You don't have to keep checking on me, let me look after you."

Rose settled down facing him and fell asleep but when she woke up, she was alone. She thought maybe it had been too much for him and he'd sneaked out but then she heard Camille laughing at something.

"You are going to wake your mum," Alec was telling her as she jumped up and down clinging onto the side of the cot, holding out the toy dog for him to growl again, which he thought he was getting better at.

"Gen, Daddy," Camille was laughing.

Rose stood in the doorway to see Alec in his shorts and his shirt half fastened.

"I told you you'd wake your mum," Alec told the young girl. "Sorry, we woke you."

"It's okay. Hey you, who's making all that noise?" she asked her daughter, Camille trying to get her toy back as Alec was gently hitting her nose with it.

"Mama! Daddy give back?"

"I'm really sorry she keeps calling you that. No Camille, it's uncle Alec."

Camille sat down after Alec gave her the toy back.

"It's fine Rose, she is too young to understand and you were right."

"About what?" Rose asked, getting a clean disposable pair of nappypants from the drawer and some clothes.

"Rose, I can't keep seeing her and not expect her to think that I'm her dad, I asked you why you avoided me during the week, she is getting used to calling me that."

"I tried to warn you Alec. Come on, let's get you dressed Camille."

"I will go and make her breakfast, what does she have?" he asked.

"Chocolate Readybreak, not too hot."

"Sounds good, I may steal some from her," he grinned, leaning down to pick Camille up and handing her to Rose.

"When you get dressed," Rose smiled at him with his shorts and bare feet.

"Yes, well I was unprepared for a sleepover. Feeling better?"

"Yeah, thanks. Don't let us stop you," Rose smiled, looking down at his bare feet and his hairy legs that weren't bad for a man's.

"You find this amusing after you slept on me last night?" he asked.

"I did? Oh, did I move?"

"You could say that, I only just got out when I heard Camille on the baby monitor and then only because you moved."

"Oops, sorry, James used to say I hogged the bed and the duvet, you should have just moved me."

"That would be defeating the object of me staying, waking you up, eh Camille?" he asked the toddler who was trying to get back to him.

He went off, wondering if he had just started something neither of them could finish. Rose had sprawled herself over him at some point, which had been nice when he woken up but forced him to devise a way of getting from under her when he'd heard the youngster talking to her toys. He'd made some of it out but unlike her dad, he didn't have a degree in babytalk but he'd heard da and daddy a few times.

He could only surmise Rose was trying to teach her to call him uncle Alec but was clearly fighting a losing battle with it. Rose got her daughter dressed then took her downstairs and put her in the baby seat.

"You get dressed Rose, I will feed her," Alec suggested. "Is this all too much for you?"

"A little but I'm trying not to let it bother me. I'll make some toast when I come back down."

After breakfast, Alec went home to get changed, saying he wouldn't be long and they were soon on the way to Weymouth, parking just by the railway station.

"I should start thinking about presents," Rose told him as he put Camille in the stroller after waking her up.

"Well you go wander around, I can take care of her for an hour or so. Is it a bit early to be Christmas shopping?"

"You sound like James, he hated doing it."

"Well getting dragged into shops playing Christmas music in November is enough to put anyone off, eh Camille?" he asked, taking the baby bag out of the back seat and putting it over the stroller handle.

"They're not playing Christmas songs yet are they?" Rose smiled as he locked the car and took the stroller handles.

"They start earlier every year," he told her as he saw a large department store and a passageway at the side and assumed that was where the shopping area was.

Rose put her arm in Alec's and they walked off, Camille chattering away to her toy. Alec told Rose to go ahead and look in some shops while he headed into the department store.

"I need a few more things if I am going to stay over," he smiled as Camille looked at the trimmings that were already up in the precinct.

"Okay, we'll meet in an hour? Do they have a coffee shop here?" she asked as they stood near the doorway.

"I expect so, I will make my way there, Camille and I will go look at the toys. Go on, we will be fine won't we princess?" he asked Camille.

"Don't buy her anything Alec, there's really no need."

"Aye, we can just see what she wants for Christmas then?"

"If you want. Alec, are you okay with this?" she asked as they moved to one side away from the entrance.

"Yes, you go do your Christmas shopping Rose. What are your plans anyway?"

Rose had been talking to her mother about arrangements for the holidays and it had been decided she would travel up to London on the 23rd and if the weather was bad, Mickey would come down for them.

"We're going back to London for the holidays. What have you got planned?"

"I may go and visit my daughter on Boxing Day, I have yet to arrange it with her. So now are you going shopping?" he asked as Camille held her cup out for him to take.

"I can see when I'm not wanted," Rose smiled, bending to kiss Camille's forehead then going to kiss Alec's cheek.

"Be good baby," she told Camille. "Alec, don't let her call you dad or daddy."

"She seems to have other ideas," Alec grinned as Camille began to say 'Go daddy'.

"Sorry, I'm gonna have to get her to stop doing that."

If Alec were to admit it, he quite liked it but wasn't sure he should tell Rose if she wanted him to take the role, he would consider it carefully. The idea was growing on him and it was quite appealing.
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