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Chapter 5

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Rose Tyler and the Duplicate Doctor were together for 4 years before his single heart gave out, leaving Rose with their 18 month old daughter Camille.

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Rose had almost forgotten what it was like to go around the shops without either being limited to the ground floor or getting frowned at by other shoppers for taking the stroller in so she almost got carried away and forgot she was meeting Alec and Camille in the department store's coffee shop. She had at least got something for Tony and her mother in the way of presents although when she thought about it, maybe Alec had been right and it was a bit early.

They had exchanged phone numbers in case one of them got delayed so as Alec got himself a drink and got Camille's juice out of the baby bag, he looked around to see if Rose was making her way to the corner of the store.

"Where's your mum got to then eh Camille?" he asked the toddler as she took the cup.

"Where Mama?" Camille asked him as she smiled at him.

"Let's find out shall we?" he asked her, getting his phone out. "Hello Rose, where are you?" he asked when she answered.

"Sorry, I got a bit distracted, I'm on my way. You two been okay?"

"Yes, we have been fine and I did not buy the whole toy department although they were probably watching on camera."

"Sorry, I'll be there in a few minutes. Did you get what you wanted?"

"Yes, you may have a house guest again tonight," he smiled at Camille, who was watching him.

"Who says I'll object?" Rose smiled to herself.

After Rose made a fuss over her daughter, who squirmed as Rose tried to shower her with kisses, Rose went to get a drink and told Alec what she'd bought.

"Well we will take everything back to the car then go for a walk along the seafront before the sun goes in," he suggested.

As they walked along, Camille fell asleep again and Rose walked with her arm in Alec's, stopping at a caf
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