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Nightmares of Years Past

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An unexpected and unwelcomed visitor arrives.

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Author's Note: Sorry for the shitty chapter, I promise what lies ahead is far more exciting! Please review and rate!

Chapter 5: Nightmares of Years Past

After having seen Axl in such a vulnerable state the previous night, Stella couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could be so awful to a child and torment them so terribly that they were scarred for life and plagued with nightmares. She decided that she hated Axl’s stepfather for what he had done and hated the rest of his family for using Axl and never intervening to help him in his times of need. She allowed Axl to sleep in that day, knowing he probably needed the rest to recover from such an emotionally draining night. She quietly moved out from under the snoring man’s arm that had been draped across her waist and moved into the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker and clean up around the house. She wanted to make sure Axl knew he could be open with her about his feelings and the things troubling him. So, as she cleaned she thought out her words carefully so that when the time came; she would be able to talk to him about the previous night if he wished to.
It was around ten that Axl emerged from the bedroom, wearing his pajama pants and not bothering to cover his bare torso or smooth out his messy hair. Stella couldn’t help the smile that came across her face at the sight of the older man. He looked so natural and carefree like this, he was beautiful. She walked over to him with a gentle smile and ran her hands along his chest and up around his shoulders, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips.
“Good morning.” He said in his usual raspy morning voice, his arms wrapping around her waist.
“Good morning to you, would you like some breakfast? I was just about to make some.” She stated as she let go of him and moved into the kitchen.
“That would be nice, thank you.” Axl said quietly as he poured himself a cup of coffee before heading back towards the bedroom, leaving Stella took cook their breakfast.
Axl’s quiet mood didn’t worry Stella at all, she knew he was probably still a touch embarrassed from the previous night. She decided that giving him space is probably what he preferred and took her time making breakfast. She just hoped she could somehow find a way to help Axl work through this newest episode he’d had. With breakfast finished, she moved to the bedroom and found Axl sitting at the table on the patio.
“Are you okay?” She asked as she set his plate in front of him before sitting down with her own plate.
“Yeah, just a little groggy still.” He said as they ate, managing a soft chuckle. She was relieved when she heard the chuckle, relieved that some form of normalcy was returning between them. The two ate breakfast, discussing whatever came to mind and worked together to clean up once breakfast was over.
“You know, I really like this look. The messy hair and shirtless torso.” Stella grinned at him as they sat in the den drinking their coffee.
“And why is that?” He questioned as he set his now empty coffee cup down.
“You look more relaxed.” She explained as she set her mug down. “Stella…I want to thank you for last night. I don’t know what came over me, I haven’t cried like that in years.”
“You don’t have to thank me for that. You opened up to me instead of shutting me out, that means so much.” Stella said as she leaned against him, kissing his cheek as he wrapped an arm around her.
“Why would I have shut you out?” He asked as he ran his hand along her cheek.
“Because you weren’t ready to acknowledge I’d heard anything, because we’re so new to this that you might not trust me in that sense, because you were worried I might hurt you one day. I want you to know that I would never hurt you.” Stella said as she cupped his cheek.
“I’m in this all the way, Stella. I want to be open and real with you.” Axl explained, his green eyes locking with Stella’s for a moment before he rested his forehead against hers.
“I am too, Axl.” Stella spoke softly before Axl closed the gap between the two of them, kissing her deeply and passionately just as he had done each time in the past.
It wasn’t long before the kiss grew heavier and more intense, Axl pulling Stella’s small frame into his lap so that she straddled him, her fingers moving into her messy hair as she leaned forward against him. His hands ran down her back until they rested at the small of her back, Stella humming into the kiss at the touch. Just as things began to grow more heated, there was a knock at the door; causing Axl to groan and Stella to move from his lap to answer the door.
It was an older man, too old to pose any threat to them.
“Hi, can I help you?” Stella questioned as she answered the door for the elderly man.
“Stella? Who is---” Axl froze as he walked to the door and saw the man.
Suddenly it was like he was a child again, he could feel the panic rising in his chest and his heart pounding. The man looked at him the same he always had, with a glare.
“Stephen.” Axl tried to put on a strong mask, his hand reaching out and taking Stella’s to keep him grounded.
Stephen said nothing, brushing past Stella as he steped into the home and glanced around.
“What are you doing here?” Axl spoke quietly, eyes not making contact with the elderly man.
“Your mother left you something and since you wouldn’t come pick it up, I tracked your sorry ass down.” Stephen said, glaring at Axl.
“Don’t speak to him that way.” Stella said sternly, her green eyes glaring at the old man. “He is a good man and you will speak to him with respect.”
“And who are you? His daughter?” Stephen laughed at her and shook his head. “Must have gotten your mother’s looks, your father should have taught you manners.”
“She’s not my daughter. She’s my girlfriend.” Axl said, inching back from Stephen and taking in a shaky breath.
“Still living in sin? You are a worthless piece of shit. If you hadn’t given up on God, you could have been worth something, but instead you decided it would be time well spent living in sin. You don’t deserve what your mother left for you.” Stephen said as he threw it at Axl. “Ungrateful and just as horrible as I remember you.”
As Stephen spoke, Stella could see Axl’s mind reverting to what it had been during his years of abuse at the hands of this awful man. Axl stood there, taking the verbal abuse that was thrown his way and cowering away from the elderly man.
“Out! Get the fuck out right now, god damn it!” Stella had finally had enough, moving to stand between Axl and his stepfather. “Out or so help me God, I will kick your ass straight to Hell.” Stella said as she shoved the man, not giving a damn that he was old.
“God sees everything you do! God will punish –” Stella cut the crazed man off, slamming the door shut in his face before turning to Axl who was seeming to be having trouble breathing properly.
“Axl, look at me.” She reached out to cup his cheeks, frowning as he flinched away from her. She took a step forward and caught his cheeks in her hands as she pressed a gentle kiss to his nose. “You’re having a panic attack. I need you to sit down for me.” Stella said as she walked him over to the couch, her heart aching as her lover wheezed.
“I need you to try to breathe like me. Can you do that for me?” She questioned as she sat on her knees in front of him. “Deep breath.” She said as she took a deep breath in, repeating this step several times before Axl finally calmed, tears in his eyes. “It’s over. He can’t hurt you anymore.” She promised. “You’re none of those awful things he said about you. You are a smart, kind, generous, and loving man. Do you understand?” She asked as she made him look at her, earning a nod from Axl.
“Don’t leave me alone.” He begged softly, hand reaching out to catch hers as she went to make them tea.
“Anything for you.” She said as she pressed a kiss to his lips onfe again.
With the worst part of the day over, the pair remained fairly quiet working on how to deal with all that had taken place that day and Stella working to make sure nothing near them could upset Axl. A nightmare from the past was over and what laid ahead was something most girls only dream of.
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