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A New Beginning

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Axl receives some news.

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Chapter 6: A New Beginning

The days spent at the countryside home were quiet and were mainly spent indoors. Whether they would admit it to one another or not, they were still shaken up from the events that had happened leading up to their trip to the beautiful home. It wasn’t long until Axl had decided he needed to get home and get back to work on his songs. Stella had been hesitant to agree at first but had ultimately agreed deciding it would help Axl in the long run and make him happy. They had now been home for just over a week and Axl was due to meet his managers and record company.
“How do I look?” Axl questioned as he emerged from the bathroom and into the bedroom they had begun to share.
“Stunning, as always.” Stella approved as she moved to fix his jacket and press a kiss to his cheek.
“You are even more so.” He grinned as he pulled the girl in one of his shirts to him, a kiss being pressed to her forehead.
“What is this meeting about?” Stella questioned, her curiosity getting the best of her.
“I’m not sure, they called me and asked me to come in.” Axl shrugged as he let go of her and grabbed his keys.
“I hope it’s good things.” Stella grinned as she gave him a kiss goodbye.
Once Axl was gone, Stella moved into their bedroom and began to clean up. She decided housekeeping would be a good way to keep her mind from thoughts of what had happened in the house. Meanwhile, it wasn’t long before Axl arrived at his meeting and received some less than satisfactory news; he was to go on tour. Though he knew it was only a matter of time before a tour was decided considering he and most of his original band members were finally on good terms. He didn’t want to go though, didn’t want to leave Stella. But he couldn’t ask her to go with him and drop everything for a year, could he? That would be selfish. The drive home went by far faster than Axl found himself comfortable with, not wanting to have to tell Stella about the yearlong tour.
“Stella?” His voice echoed through the house as he entered from the garage and into the kitchen.
“How’d your meeting go?” Stella asked as she moved from the dining room where she’d been cleaning and to Axl.
“Far worse than I’d hoped.” He said as he pulled her against him, his arms tightening around her waist.
“What happened?” Stella frowned as she cupped his cheeks, making him look at her.
“There’s a big change coming up.” He said, trying to decide how he would explain what was happening.
“What’s happening, Axl.” Stella’s tone suddenly becoming serious, her green eyes piercing into his.
“I’m going on tour.” He finally blurted, his chest aching as he watched the smile falling from Stella’s face.
“For how long?” She could feel her throat beginning to tighten and a lump beginning to form there.
“A year…Maybe longer.” Axl said as he watched her sad green eyes. He hated himself. He had to ask her to come with him, he didn’t think he could stand to be away from her.
“Axl…” She was cut off by his lips against her.
“Come with me.” He stated once the kiss was broken, his hands cupping her cheeks gently.
“What?” Stella laughed a bit in shock.
“Come with me. Stella, you’ve made me a better man and you’ve done more for me in the weeks we’ve known one another than anybody has ever done for me. I don’t want to have to be away from you, not for a single minute. Please come on tour with me.” He asked, his hands moving from her face and to snake around her waist.
“Of course.” She nodded and kissed him, silently relieved that he’d asked her.
“I honestly don’t think I could stand to be away from you.” He spoke honestly and so softly that it made her heart skip a beat.
And so it was settled, the two of them would prepare to go on a yearlong journey.
“I think you should probably meet Duff and Slash, they need to know about us. That way there is no sneaking around or tip toeing. It’ll avoid drama and they’ll be able to meet the woman who has made me a better man.” He said as he moved with her over to the couch.
“I would love to.” She nodded once and pressed a kiss to his cheek, shifting in his lap so he could pull his phone from his jacket pocket.
“How’s dinner tonight sound? We can have it anywhere you’d like.” He smiled and ran his fingers along her thigh.
“I would love that…But can we eat here? I’d like to cook you and the guys something.” She asked as she ran a hand through his hair, Axl smiling as he texted the two bandmates.
“What are we having?” He questioned curiously as he got a thumb up emoji from each person, tossing his phone aside he pulled her, so she straddled him.
“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” She teased and moved from his lap.
“That’s hardly fair!” He laughed and pressed a kiss to her lips as he pulled her back for a moment before releasing her again.
“It’s completely fair. Now go get changed.” She stuck her tongue out before moving into the kitchen to prepare her meal preparation.
Stella worked on preparing the best meal she’d been taught how to make by her cooking classes; lasagna. Once it was in the oven, she began to chop lettuce to make a salad and soon was adding vegetables to it. Within the next couple of hours, Stella had managed to finish setting the table and preparing the meal. With the lasagna in the oven, Stella moved upstairs to prepare herself for company.
“Stella! They’re here!” Axl called from downstairs. Stella smiled as she listened to Axl laughing along at whatever joke someone had made.
Stella adjusted her black skirt and black low-cut blouse before heading downstairs to join Axl and his friends. As she came down the stairs, Duff and Slash stopped talking and stared at her in shock.
“Axl!” Duff was the first to break the silence, his mouth formed into a wide grin. “You never told me you had a girlfriend.”
“Yeah, well…It sort of happened pretty quickly.” He laughed softly as Stella came to stand with him and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“I’m Slash.” Slash smiled as he held his hand out to her.
“I’m Stella. It’s nice to finally meet you.” She grinned and took his hand, shaking it. “I already knew who the two of you were.”
“Yeah, I warned her about the two of you, stupid assholes.” Axl joked, earning a slight shove from Slash.
“Shut the fuck up.” He chuckled and glanced between the couple. “Where did you two meet?”
“Through Beta, she used to be my nanny. I came to visit her and ended up falling for Axl.” She explained as she led them to the table.
And so there they were, Axl finally allowing people from his life to meet Stella. They were about to embark on a journey that would change all that sat at the dinner table, whether they wished to be changed or not.
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