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A Forbidden Love of He-Man and Skeletor

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He-Man and Skeletor are arch enemies, but the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Published: 2018-01-10 - Updated: 2018-01-10 - 660 words

It was a rainy night, and Skeletor’s life long lover, Evil-Lyn, is in the throes of passion with Beast Man in the next room. Evil-Lyn thought the cement walls and crashing of thunder would hush the sounds of their love making, but Skeletor couldn’t be fooled so easily. He wept silently in his bed, trying to drown out the sounds of familiar moans with his pillow wrapped around his head. Skeletor hated feeling as if he had lost, his sorrow turned into a rage so strong. He wanted a fight. Skeletor commanded the Comet to send a bolt to the home of Prince Adam to spark the battle he was longing for. I wasn’t long before He-Man arrived at Snake Mountain, ready to defeat Skeletor once again.

When He-Man arrived at Skeletor’s doorstep, the brawl happened immediately. Skeletor was pinned against the wall of his abode by the powers of He-Man’s sword. Skeletor’s fear of downfall was replaced with arousal. He-Man sensed this arousal and quickly left, feeling very confused.

After He-Man left, Skeletor crawled back into bed, and a few hours later Evil-Lyn joined him but Skeletor pretended to be asleep and instead was thinking about He-Man. He wanted to feel He-Man’s bronzed muscles pressed against his body. He couldn’t stop thinking about He-Man dominating him and fantasized about being pinned against the wall by him once again.

He-Man, on the other hand, laid in his bed unsettled by the events. He had felt the connection between him and Skeletor at Snake Mountain, it was undeniable. He-Man couldn’t stop filling his mind with what his father and mother would say if anything happened between them. He most of all didn’t want to upset his sister, She-Ra. Her disapproval would be the most devastating to He-Man.

The next day, Orko races to Prince Adam’s room. Evil-Lyn has shown up with Beast Man, holding her wand in her hand. Nothing good can come from this. Prince Adam runs down the corridor and sees Evil-Lyn waiting for him, the prince turns around back into his room. Cringer is still sleeping; he wakes him up. Prince Adam grads his sword, “By the power of Grayskull…”. Now He-Man greets Evil-Lyn at the door. He-Man is slightly preoccupied, looking to see of Skeletor shows up, he doesn’t know if he could handle the sexual tension between them. Battle cat takes care of Beast Man while He-Man takes care of Evil-Lyn swiftly, eager to leave the scene before Skeletor shows up.

He-Man and Battle Cat take a walk, he needs to tell someone about Skeletor and his feelings towards him. Battle Cat is the only one he can trust not to judge him. As they are walking, He-Man starts to get anxious then suddenly Skeletor shows up. He is alone, and not threatening. He-Man doesn’t care, he uses violence to distract him from his feelings. He-Man grips his sword and lashes it out, within seconds Skeletor is on the ground in pain.
He-Man is once again overwhelmed with desire. Battle Cat runs away, knowing to give He-Man his privacy.

“You think you can handle me?” says He-Man, standing over Skeletor. “I will defeat you.”

Skeletor liked the sound of that, “I’d like to see you try, He-Man,” giving him an enticing grin.

He-Man lifts Skeletor up by his faded purple armor and slams him against the trunk of a tree. “I don’t think you’d want to know what I’d do to you, Skeletor.” He-Man felt Skeletor’s hard cock on his groin.

Skeletor wanted He-Man in him, and tried to grab He-Man’s face to bring it closer into his. He-Man stopped it, he grabbed both of Skeletor’s hands, and then flipped Skeletor around so he could handcuff them together. He-Man pressed his bulge up against Skeletor’s backside, and whispered into his ear, “I have the power.”
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