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Yes, He-Man

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Skeletor gets He-Man alone, and He-Man fills Skeletor with satisfaction

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Warnings: [X] [R] - Published: 2018-01-11 - 553 words

Skeletor wakes up the next morning, his body is still ripe from his afternoon with He-Man. He lays in his bed looking for reasons to see He-Man again, picturing his bronzed body dominating his. He cannot waste any more time fantasizing, he has to make a plan. Skeletor strategizes a way to lure the Masters of the Universe away from He-Man so he can have him alone, once again.

Trap Jaw is sent out to terrorize He-Man and create a scene at castle Grayskull. Skeletor then lures He-Man away from the others. He-Man knows exactly what is happening.

“So I see you came back to finish what we started, Skeletor.” He-Man said sternly.

“I didn’t think you were done with me.” Skeletor submissively replies.

The two of them walk back to Snake Mountain, making sure no one is following them. Once they get there, He-Man scolds Skeletor for threatening the Masters of the Universe, and leaving them to deal with the Evil Warriors back at Grayskull all alone. “You need to be punished for your actions, Skeletor.” He-Man states, looking at Skeletor.

Skeletor is shaking. “I am so sorry He-Man, I needed a reason to see you.” He says with his voice quivering. This weakness provokes He-Man.

“I decide when we see each other,” He-Man affirmed as he knelt down close to Skeletor washed out green skull. “I make the rules around here.”

He-Man made Skeletor stand before him and undress. His cold blue body was exposed, and He-Man began to walk towards him. He stops before getting close to him and inhales deeply. When he exhales he uses the full capabilities of his lungs to knock over Skeletor.

Skeletor was in awe of the abilities of He-Man’s mouth. “I will do anything for you, He-Man. Anything.” The desperation for affection made He-Man feel powerful and told Skeletor to lay down.

He-Man straddled Skeletor’s naked body and began to tease him. He would brush against his erect penis, ever so slightly, just enough to send chills of pleasure up Skeletor’s spine. This went on for only a short period of time, before He-Man himself needed more.

He ripped off the remaining clothes he had on and told Skeletor to bend over. He-Man’s body was slick with sweat and his veins were protruding from his skin. He glided his thick cock into Skeletor. Skeletor was in pain, and he wanted more.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it, Skeletor.” He-Man chanted. His teeth grinding together as he forces himself deeper into Skeletor.

“Yes, He-Man, yes.” Skeletor moaned back to He-Man with desire. “I needed you inside me, He-Man. I needed your big long cock.”

A proud smirk appeared on He-Man’s face, he started pounding into Skeletor’s body faster and harder with every audible grunt Skeletor made. Skeletor was getting close to climaxing and then He-Man pulled out of him.

“Suck my cock.” He-Man demanded.

Skeletor did it in delight. He was ready for He-Man’s load to fill his mouth. He wanted to pleasure He-Man the way no person has ever been able to. After only a few short minuets He-Man came into Skeletor’s mouth. This satisfied Skeletor.

He-Man started getting dressed and Skeletor finished himself off on the bed. With no goodbyes, He-Man left.
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