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Harry dissapears for ten years and comes back as an undead lich. Oneshot for now, I may continue, I may not, depends on the reviews. I do not own any thing in this fic except for harry as a lich.

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AN: I have decided to continue this fic after the nice reviews.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From here on out, knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons is very useful to understand the aspects of Harry's armies.

Harry chuckled as he reappeared at his new home base. Unknown to anyone living, except his followers, he had taken over Azkaban shortly after his return to this world. He also was no longer affected by Dementors; it seems that they are a type of undead. They create more of their kind with their kisses. Those kissed by a Dementor will become one when they die.

"How was your escapade My Lord?" one of Harry's few human followers asked.

"Profitable. Prepare wrights. Winter and lava. Tonight we will march against the Ministry of Magic," he replied.

Harry had actually been on Earth for several months, building his armies. He had armies of several different creatures. He had even recruited help of the Tarrasque. A massive creature that is practically invincible. It can heal any damage done to it and could swallow anything smaller than it, which is almost everything. The only reason Harry was able to avoid being eaten was the fact that undead didn't taste good which gave Harry enough time to promise the Tarrasque a mate if she helped him.

He also had several legions of undead. Ranging from expendable skeletons and zombies to powerful vampires and hullathoins.

Another branch of his armies were his angels and demons. He had summoned and bound several legions of the celestials and fiends. From lowly quasits and lantern archons to mighty balors and solar angels.

"Sir, the wrights are ready," one of Harry's generals said, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Good, have Errtu lead them. After ten minutes, I will Dimension Door there," Harry replied.

"The balor?"

"Yes, he is my most powerful and his loyalty is unmatched. He would even impale himself on his own sword if I asked him to."

"I thought that binding demons didn't produce that kind of loyalty?"

"I bound him after he was already as loyal as a normal demon could get. He was already loyal to me as thanks for killing Drizzt Do'Urden, the one person who ever defeated him not once, but twice."

The were-rat general bowed before leaving.

"Soon, this world will be mine," Harry said to himself.

Harry thought back to those several centuries ago, when he was a pitiful human on this world, shortly after Sirius' death.

FLASHBACK (the chapters from here on out will be one long flashback)

It was shortly after his sixteenth birthday that Voldemort captured him. Voldemort took great pleasure in having Harry tortured. He would have the Death Eaters use almost every form of torture known to man. And he never asked any questions. He just had them torture him for their perverse pleasure. Voldemort also found a new type of magic.

Normal Wizards cast Arcane Magic. There were legends of a type of magic granted by gods called Divine Magic. Voldemort proved those legends reality. He gained Divine magic from some bastard god named Bane. Bane granted Voldemort the power to bring the dead back to life. He used it frequently on Harry.

Harry's torture only ended with the help of another god. The one who's symbol was on his head. Talos the Destroyer helped Harry escape into another universe. Unfortunately they weren't able to control where Harry landed and he wound up in a place called Chult and capture by Yuan-ti.

They threw him into a cell and left him a plate of raw meat.

'Talos, can you get me out of here?' Harry thought.

'I'm sorry Harry, bringing you here drained my power. I'm also sorry about you landing with these yuan-tis, Bane must have done something that scrambled the location you landed at,' Talos replied.

'So I'm stuck here?'

'For the time being, I'll send one of my followers to get you out of there as soon as I can.'

Before Harry could continue the conversation, another yuan-ti came into Harry's cell. At first Harry didn't realize that she was a yuan-ti; then he noticed the snake-like features.

"What do you want?" Harry snarled at her.

She just smirked and snapped her fingers. Harry found that he couldn't move. He couldn't do anything as she removed his clothes. He couldn't do anything as she raped him.


As the weeks pass, the yuan-ti continued to rape him and use him for slave labor. Harry continued his talks to Talos. The talks prevented him from going insane.

'Any luck yet Talos?' Harry asked one night.

'I'm sorry Harry; the closest of my followers is several leagues away. The best I can do right now is to give you Divine magic,' Talos replied.

'That would be nice.'

So Harry started learning Divine magic. He started out learning Orisons and other low-level spells. He was up to midlevel spells after a few weeks when a yuan-ti half-blood, this one with a cobra head and human body, came into his cell and started dragging him to the ritual chamber.

'Talos! What are they going to do?' Harry cried out.

'I think they are going to sacrifice you. Don't worry! You can't die because of the prophecy in your world! It might be worse though," Talos answered.
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