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The Return

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Harry dissapears for ten years and comes back as an undead lich. Oneshot for now, I may continue, I may not, depends on the reviews. I do not own any thing in this fic except for harry as a lich.

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AN: This is a story I had in my head and just had to get it down. Harry disappeared for ten years and comes back as a lich. I own nothing.

"I call the three-hundred-forty-fifth meeting of the Order of the Phoenix to order. Now is there any news on Harry Potter?" Dumbledore said in the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

"I have some news Dumbassdore," a bone chilling voice said from the doors of the Great Hall.

Instantly hundreds of wands were pointed at a cloaked figure leaning against the doors.

"Who are you?" Dumbledore questioned coldly.

"I am the only one who knows where Harry Potter is. But I can tell you that the only reason he would come back is to get revenge on Voldemort."

"What? He would abandon his friends?" a twenty-six year-old Ron said from the crowd.

"Friends that spy on him for five years? Friends that take his money? Friends that betray him? Oh I can see why he would want to come back." The figure said sarcastically. As he said all this, Ron and Hermione were getting paler and paler.

"Could you please tell us where Harry is?" Dumbledore asked trying the grandfather card.

"Dead, and it's because of you Dumbledore. It's because of you that Voldemort captured him. It's because of you that Voldemort tortured him for two years. It's because of you that he got sent to another universe. It's because of you that his soul got ripped from his body."

"How can you know this?" Hermione interrupted.

"Because I am Harry Potter." He then removed his hood to reveal a rotten face with a gold lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Several spells were sent toward him once the Order members saw the undead face. Harry just lifted a hand, muttered some words, and smiled. When the spells were a few inches from him, they stopped and went up toward the ceiling. Harry then snapped his fingers and all wands in the room went flying toward him.

"Don't bother; I've had eight hundred years of experience in magic, for one hundred years in the universe I was in is one year in this universe."

"What happened to you?" Dumbledore asked.

"I was the first person to be unwillingly turned into a lich."

"What is a lich?" the know-it-all Hermione questioned.

"You will regret asking, but a lich is a spellcaster that places their soul into an object called a phylactery. This turns them into an undead that is immortal as long as the phylactery is intact. I was captured by half-human half-snake creatures called Yaun-Ti. They removed my soul from my body and placed it in a phylactery after making me drink a brew normally used to make dragon liches. I was forced to learn their magic which I eventually use to kill them."

As Harry described what had happened to him, several of the weaker members threw up (including, believe it or not, Fudggie).

"Why are you here Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"One, to end the prophecy; two, revenge; and three, to remake the corrupt government. When I am done there will be no prejudice to Dark Creatures, the magical and muggle worlds will be united, and peace will exist through out the world."

"Do you think you can accomplish all of that?" Fudge shouted.

"I'm already one-third of the way there," when Harry said this he threw a sack into the midst of the Order, "take a look in the sack."

When Hermione opened the sack and looked in, she screamed and threw up the contents of her dinner, for in the sack was the decapitated head of Voldemort.

"Now for the second part of my to-do list, revenge." Once Harry said that, he threw four multi-colored orbs: one at Ron, one at Hermione, one at Snape, and one at Fudge. When they hit, they imploded in a burst of fire, electricity, acid, and sound. "I just love my Hellball spell(AN: don't own). It fires a ball of fire, acid, electric, and sonic energy. Now for you Dumbledore, prepare to feel the awesome might of my most powerful spell: the Vengeful Gaze of God!(don't own that either)" Once Harry shouted that, he flung his arm toward Dumbledore and a pair of eyes looked down at Dumbledore from the enchanted ceiling. The eyes glowed and Dumblie dropped dead. The Order turned to look at the lich only to see him disappear.

There, not sure if this will be a oneshot or not. Please review and tell me if I should continue it.
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