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Marty is taken.

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The Vampire Awakening
By: Hot4KidFlash

Disclaimer: I do not own Back to the Future or anything that might sound like this story. Please do not sue me I own only my destiny.
Summary: The McFlys get a new neighbor, but what they do not know is that she's got a dark past and that she wants one of the McFlys, who is it and will they survive this adventure.
Hilly Valley School, Friday 8:00pm
Marty: Early, I got 30 mins until class.
As Marty walked into the school, he went straight to his locker.
Jennifer: Hey, Marty how are you today, you look pale.
Marty: I feel so tried Jen, and my eyes hurt that is why I am wearing...
Strickland: Sunglasses inside that is a broken rule.
Marty: Look, Mr. Strickland my eyes hurt and I need them.
Strickland: No, exceptions McFly I need to take those.
Marty: Mr. Strickland, I really need them.
Strickland: Sorry, I need those now.
Marty handed them to Mr. Strickland his eyes, and as he left Marty's eyes were hurt so badly that he wanted to kill Strickland and eat out his heart.
Jennifer: What a jerk, I cannot believe he will not show any compassion for you just because you are a McFly.
Marty squeezed his eyes and groaned loudly that Mr. Strickland and everyone look at him.
Jennifer: Marty, are you ok you do not look so well.
Marty: I feel like I am going to...going to
Just then, he bent over and puke, Blood all over the floor then passed out.
Hill Valley School Nurse's office, Friday 11:00pm
Hours later, he heard whispers and a shinning light in his eyes.
Marty: Ah, who is it?
Nurse: Easy, Marty you just threw up about a ton of Blood.
Marty: I did, I feel fine now I am just hungry.
Nurse: Ok, I will just take you blood samples and you can go.
The Nurse took the blood and Marty walked out of the Office with the schools eyes on him.
Cafeteria Friday, 11:15pm
Marty walked into the cafeteria with a roomful of stares on him. His band, Jennifer and Jules and Vern (A/N: I want this school to have all grades in the school I thought it would be cool) walked to him after they got their lunch.
Jennifer: Marty, are you ok now you passed out for 3 hours.
Marty: I am fine; I am just hungry that is all.
JJ: Well, you better fell good you got practice after school then we have to go over to Doc's house to teach the boys here how to skateboard.
Rick: Yeah, so do not throw up over the stage please.
Spydo: Ha, McFly you shocked Strickland when you did that he even carried you into the office.
Marty: Wow, I really have an affect on people.
Jennifer: Yes you do.
As the gang walked over to the table Needles, tripped over Marty making him fall over good thing he did not get any food.
Needles: Ha, a fallen McFly GET YOUR SORRY BUTT UP YOU WUSS!
Marty got up and looked straight into his eyes, and smirked.
Marty: What did you say to me you son of a freak, huh!
Needles: Oh, McFly has a backbone what are you going to do about it.
Marty laughed in a way that put a shrivel up their spine: How about I rip you heart out and eat it.
Needles looked very scared: Ok, McFly I am sorry I will leave you alone.
As he left, everyone was shocked, but went back to eating.
JJ: McFly, you really showed him.
Rick: I have not seen Needles back off to you before.
Spydo: Ha, look at Needles now he looks so scared.
Jennifer: Marty, you do not look ok are you feeling ill again?
Marty: No, I feel fine; it is just I meant what I said, I was about to rip his heart out and eat it, but something stopped me.
Jennifer: What do you mean?
Marty: I mean I really felt like killing Needles.
The gang blinked and was shocked that Marty said that.
Marty: Well, it is just a feeling look let us eat our lunch and, talk about something else, than this.
The Gang: Ok, let's rock and roll.

Hilly Valley School, Friday 2:15pm
As the gang left school to go teach Jules and Vern to skate. This is the weirdest day of Marty's life, so Marty told the gang that after they teach the boys how to skate he was going to Doc to see if he can find out, what the hell is wrong with him.
Marty: Jules you need to have balance, on the skateboard.
Rick: Vern, you need to learn how to run and then start to ride the board.
Vern: Ok, wait a second I think I got it...
Just then, he fell on his knees scarring them up showing a knee full of blood.
Vern: Ow, that hurt!
Jennifer: Oh, Vern you ok.
JJ, Rick, and Spydo: Who little dude you all right?
Marty: Stand back I have the first AID kit, let me see your knee Vern.
Vern showed his bloody knee, and Marty was feeling that hungry feeling again that feeling of emptiness, he had this urge to lick it. He put his finger on the blood and licked it tasted so good, he wanted more.
Vern: Marty what are you doing?
Marty: Jennifer can you give Vern bandage and clean him up I have to go.
Jennifer: Wait here Marty; it will be just a min.
JJ: Man, are you ok.
Rick: Yeah, you licked Vern's blood and you look like you liked it.
Spydo: we really need to go to Doc' house.
Moments later, Marty and the gang showed up at Doc's house.
Knock, Knock
Clara: Oh, Marty what happen to Vern.
Marty: He fell, I am very sorry.
Clara: Oh, it is ok.
Marty: Where's Doc, I need to speck to him.
Clara: Oh, he is in the den.
Marty: Thanks, Clara.
As the group walked in the den Doc was reading a book of his by Jules Vern.
Doc: Hey, Marty you do not look well you all right.
Marty: No, I do not know what is wrong with me Doc, I fucking scared off Needles, I...I lick Vern's blood and I loved it.
Doc: Clam, down Marty you need some sleep, then tomorrow then I will get some blood samples.
Marty: Ok, Doc I have to go anyway bye.
Doc: Bye Marty, hope you feel better.
Later Marty was driving to his house and parked it. As he walked in his house, everyone looked at him.
Marty: Sorry I am late I do not feel hungry I am just tried.
Lorraine: Its ok Honey, you get up to bed.
George: Yeah, we are about to turn in ourselves.
Marty: G-Night, everyone, see you tomorrow.
Lorraine: Good Night Honey, sleep well.
McFly house, Friday 12:00
Marty was feeling hungry so he got down stairs to get a snack.
Marty: Might as well, get something.
He searched the refrigerator, and found a raw bloody steak. He moaned he wanted it so badly, then he took it unwrapped the container and ate the steak lick the blood and loved it.
Marty: Ah, that was so good, I feel better now maybe all I needed was some blood I might have had low blood.
He didn't mind the blood, threw away the container and left to go to bed.
McFly House Saturday 8:00am
The McFly family was sitting down eating a hearty breakfast, when Marty came in.
Marty: Good Morning everyone, and how are we this morning.
Lorraine: Marty, you sure are feeling better.
Marty: Guess all I needed was some rest.
Lorraine: Ok, honey you going to practice with your band, and perform.
Marty: Yeah, see ya I will be back at 11 I got a date with Jen.
Dave: Ok, Marty, well I had better go I have to go to the office.
Linda: Yeah me, to (A/N: Linda is thin in my fan fiction I thought since Marty changed his timeline I want her to be lend and thin.)
Marty left to practice with his band he felt a lot better, than yesterday.
Hilly Valley Saturday, 6:00pm
After the practice and the performance, Marty was driving over to pick over Jennifer, after eating dinner they went over to the lake.
Marty: Look at the stars Jen isn't they beautiful.
Jennifer: Yeah, Marty they are, oh I love this date and I love you Martin Seamus McFly.
Marty: I love you to Jennifer Jane Parker I love you with all my heart.
Jennifer: I have a song for you Marty, I wanted to sing to you.
Marty: Go ahead Jen; I have something for you to.
Jennifer: Ok, here it goes.
Fly by Hilary Duff
Any moment everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute all the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday

Can you hear it calling?
Can you feel it in your soul?
Can you trust this longing and take control?

Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can
deny and start to try 'cus it's your time, time to fly

All your worries, leave them somewhere else
Find a dream you can follow
Reach for something when there's
nothing left and the world's feeling hollow

Can you hear it calling?
Can you feel it in your soul?
Can you trust this longing and take control?


And when your down and feeling low,
just want to run away
Trust yourself and don't give up
You know you better than anyone else

Any moment everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute all the world can wait
Let go of yesterday


Forget about the reasons why you
can deny and start to try 'cus it's your time, time to fly
Any moment everything can change

Marty: That was awesome Jennifer, now this is your song from me.
Jennifer: Ok, Marty I'm ready.
Marty: Ok, here it goes...
A View To A Kill by Duran Duran

Meeting you, with a view to a kill
Face to face in secret places, feel the chill.
Night fall covers me, but you know the plans Im making,
Still oversea, could it be the whole world opening wide
A sacred why? , a mystery gaping inside
The weekends why?

Until we dance into the fire
That fatal kiss is all we need
Dance into the fire,
To fatal sounds of broken dreams
Dance into the fire,
That fatal kiss is all we need
Dance into the fire.....

Choice for you, is the view to a kill
Between the shades, assination standing still.
The first crystal tears, fall as snowflakes on your body
First time in years, to drench you skin with lovers rosy stain
A chance to find the phoenix for the flame,
A chance to die..

But can we dance into the fire
That fatal kiss is all we need
Dance into the fire
To fatal sounds of broken dreams
Dance into the fire
That fatal kiss is all we need
Dance into the fire
When all we see.. is the view to a kill

Jennifer: Thank you Marty, for showing me such a good time, I will never let you go.
Marty: You don't have to, I love you, and I'm not going anywhere.
Actually Yes you are, your going with me Martin.
Marty: What the heck, who is it.
Christina: Your future mate, I will have you Martin, this mortal is nothing like you.
Marty: Mortal, what do you mean Christiana?
Christiana: I mean I'm taking you with me so you can marry me.
Marty blinked: Marry! Look woman Jennifer is my girl, ok I'm taken.
Christina scoffed: Mortal is not what you need as a mate, a vampire like you is what you need.
Marty: Vampire, I'm not a...
Christiania: Yes, I bit you while you slept, because you look like my deceased fiancée, and I want him back.
Marty: Look, I'm sorry, but...
Jennifer: Your not taking my Marty away if I have something to say about it.
Christina: Foolish mortal, I shall...
Marty: If you touch one hand on her I'll rip up in half.
Christina disappeared, then she reappeared and knocked out Marty for about 10 hours.
Christina: He will thank me later for this., and as for you mortal I suggest you say out of this.
Jennifer: You WITCH!
Jennifer yelled as she charged at Christina, but Christina threw Jennifer and knocked her out.
Christina: In one day I'll be Mrs. McFly and Marty as my husband, ha this is to easy.
Christina said as she slipped into the night to marry the man that died years ago.

A/N: Well what do you think, please RnR, the more review I get the sooner I will update. Please correct my work, and NO FLAMES; Flaming Tails I had to use you characters for my story I hope that's ok. Btw, I don't own the song Fly or A View to a Kill, so please don't sue.
See you in the future or maybe in the past.
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