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Book One: Chapter 1: Entering Haru Higashiyama: Your "Average" Teenage Girl...

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Introduction to Haru's Story

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I ran downstairs and I almost fell to the ground. Haru stop slow poking around you will miss your bus. Dad replied. I won't miss the bus I promise I won't. I replied. Well, the bus is right there. Dad replied. As my dad pointed at the bus I panic and ran outside nearly barefoot with a bagel in my mouth. Gabriel, stop doing that to her. Mom replied. Hey, we have spoiled her all her life. She needs to face reality. Dad replied. No, Gabriel, you have spoiled her. Mom replied.

When I got on the bus, I sat with my best friend, Ichiko. Hey Ichiko. I replied. Hey Miss Lateness, I see you finally caught the bus. Ichiko replied. Hey, I am up all night doing homework. I replied. You are number one in our class. Ichiko replied. Yeah, it is stressful as ever. I replied. Then the bus stopped and Aoi Kamiya on. Aoi is one of my best friends I have too. Hi Aoi, how are you? I asked. I'm fine and good morning, Ichiko. Aoi replied. Good morning to you too. Ichiko replied. You know Aoi you really know how to make someone smile in the morning. Ichiko replied. You know you really do. I replied. Then two girls from the rival school came on the bus.

I saw the two girls I had a feeling I know them. The girl who goes to Fujimoto High School was wearing sailor uniforms. Her olive-green eyes and orange hair reminded me of the sunset. The other girl had a sailor uniform on as well. She goes to Hira Academy, where the smart and elite students attend. She had straight, jet black hair and glasses and her beautiful amber eyes. Oh, it's nice to see you girls riding the bus. Jun replied. We'll Jun it would be fine if you would stop hitting on the girls. Natsumi replied. Yeah, she's right, you do hit on girls. Yoshie replied. Hey stop bullying me, Haru helps me. Jun replied. I can't save you this time Jun. I replied. You're so mean. Jun replied. I can we at least board the bus. Natsumi replied. Can we board or we will tell you? Yoshie replied. When the girls boarded the bus, the people on the bus started whispering. Hey don't look her, her hair reminds people of flames. I don't believe that I think she's just fed up with Jun's amorous behavior. I replied.

Then the girl that goes Hira Academy tripped and fell down in the aisle. Hey look the nerd fell down. Yuu replied. Seriously, grow up Yuu. I replied. Are you ok, let me help you up? I asked. Thank you. Yoshi replied. Your glasses fell off. I replied.

Thank you again. Yoshi replied. I looked at her eyes without her glasses off. Her eyes change colors from amber to ocean blue. Hey, Haru are you alright? Ichiko asked. Yeah, I am fine. I replied. Soon as the bus stopped at their high schools, I became a little suspicious about those two. I saw Aoi looking at them really funny as he knew them.

When they arrived at school. I was still thinking about those girls. Hey Haru? Ichiko asked. Were at school already? I asked. Are you ok, Haru? Aoi asked. I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me. Haru replied. The name of this school is "*Uesugi Kenshin High School". I'm a normal high school you can say. I thought. Haru hurries up and gets into the class. Ichiko replied. I know teach might give us a pop quiz. Haru replied. I wonder what will happen today? Megumi called me to come to her dojo after school. Haru thought. Higashiyama, tell me what happened in the year of 1868? Mrs. Mori asked. Yes, ma'am? Haru asked. If you get this question right, there will be no pop quiz today. Mrs. Mori replied. Hey, you better get this right Higashiyama. Teru replied. Shut up. Haru replied. That is simple, the time was the Meiji Restoration and out capital, the name was changed from Edo to Toyko. Haru replied. Very good. Mrs. Mori replied. After school, Haru was greeted by the people she usually sees on her way to Megumi's Dojo. Soon as she arrived at the dojo, she ran into those two girls again. What are you doing here? Haru asked. The both of us retrieved a mysterious text to come here. Natsumi replied. I see you retrieved the text message to come here. Megumi replied. I want you to introduce yourselves to each other. Megumi replied. My name is Yoshino Mori. You can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. My name is Sakura Natsumi Asahi. I rather you call me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. My name is Haru Higashiyama, nice to meet you. Haru replied. Now let me explain why you three are here today. Megumi replied.

Quick History Lesson

*Uesugi Kenshin was a powerful feudal lord that ruled over the Echigo Providence during the Sengoku Period. He was claimed to be the avatar of the Shinto God of War Bishamonten. Some believe he was a woman.
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