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Book One: Chapter 2: We Have All United for a Common Cause

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Everyone is introducing themselves and preparing for battle.

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When I arrived at Megumi's Dojo, I saw the two girls from earlier. Haru I want you to meet Sakura Asahi and Yoshino Mori you will be working with them. Megumi replied. Wait for you two are very well known. I replied. Yeah, we are, my name is Sakura Asahi but I refer you calling me Natsumi. Natsumi replied. You are the most athletic female in your school, right? I asked. Yeah, I am, you are? Natsumi asked. My name is Haru Higashiyama and I am known for my artistic work. I replied. We'll let me introduce myself, my name is Yoshino Mori you can call me Yoshi. Yoshi replied. You're the smartest student in your school you are very well known for that. I replied. Yeah, I really don't think that I am a brainiac. Yoshi replied. That is not what I heard. I replied.

I see you girls have introduced each other. I brought you three together to fight the evil that will doom the city. Megumi replied. You say "we'll doom downtown?" Natsumi asked. Well, there was a loud booming sound I heard a few minutes before I arrived. Yoshi replied. Look outside. Megumi replied. What the hell! Natsumi replied. I need you three to transform. Megumi replied. I'll try. Natsumi and Yumi replied. Natsumi turned into the Fire Empress. She had a scarlet sleeveless kimono with black and scarlet obi. She was wearing long black socks with scarlet sandals. Yoshi transformed into the Sea Empress. Yoshi's hair turned brown and her eye color turned Ocean Blue. She wore a light blue long-sleeved kimono. She had white ribbons around her arms. She also had long socks on the knees. Her shoes were boots other than sandals. Haru transformed turned into the Shadow Dragon. She was wearing a black bikini top with the Shadow Dragon emblem on it. She wears a black bikini bottom and a ninja cloth over her mouth. You kind of remind me of a genie. Natsumi replied. Reminds me of an Amazon. Megumi replied. Shut up Megumi. Haru replied. I give you two a request. Defeat the villains that a plaguing the city. Megumi replied. Let's show these villains who run this town. Haru replied.

Enough pep talk lets fight. Natsumi replied. You just like to fight. Yoshie replied. It kind of my nature. Natsumi replied. Soon as we stopped on the road, three girls appeared. So, you girls are our opponents? Hana asked. Afraid so. Mai replied. The one in black is very strong, I feel it emanating from her I want to fight her. Jessabelle replied. You know I want the red head, she looks like she could give up a good fight. Hana replied. Alright, I'll be delighted as you beat up, wise ass. Natsumi replied. I like your attitude. Hana replied. Natsumi and Hana started fighting and nearly destroyed a building. Am I left with the water element? Mai replied. What was that? Yoshi asked. You'll regret those words. Yoshi replied. Then let's start this fight. Mai replied. Mai used the attack "Barracuda". Yoshi ran and used the water around her to create a shield. So, you can use water to create weapons that are pretty clever. Mai replied. Oh, I'm just getting started. Yoshi replied. Yoshi was fighting so fast that the pressure broke the glass window. I see you can keep up with my attacks. Mai replied. I'm smarter than I look. Yoshi replied. You say you're going to beat me up? I asked. Wait you are Haru Higashiyama? Jessabelle asked. Yes, I am but that be the last words you speak of my name before I defeat you. Why is she so scared of her? Aoi thought. You're the elemental summoner. Jessabelle replied. Only thing is you are in your Shadow Dragon State though. Isn't that a taboo? Jessabelle asked. None of your damn business! Haru yelled. Final Attack: *Aku no Surasshu!!! Haru yelled as she swung her Universal Blade Boreas. What the hell? Hana replied. Hana was paralyzed with fear. Damn Haru you brought fear to her. Natsumi replied. Did you finish your fight with her? Haru asked. Yeah, and I beat her ass. Natsumi replied. Yes, and I am the redhead who beat you ass, Hana. Natsumi replied. Well, now we have to be patient and wait for Yoshi to finish her battle with Mai.

What the hell? Mai replied. Am I left with the water element? Mai asked. what is that supposed to mean? Yoshie asked. What I meant. Mai replied with an attitude. You guys finished your fights already? Yoshi asked. Yeah, we did! Haru yelled. Have the girls fallen to those two? Mai asked. Should never turn your back on your enemy! Yoshi yelled. What? Mai asked. Yoshi punched Mai in the face. Didn your enemy! Yoshi yelled. What? Mai asked. Yoshi punched Mai in the face. Did Yoshi just send her flying? Natsumi replied. Yeah, she actually did. Haru replied. You can't be who I think you are? Mai asked. What are you implying? Yoshi asked. The fact that because I am not as weak as you thought I would be? Yoshi asked. You are nothing be a no one. Mai replied. Yoshi ran towards her and summoned her ribbons and tangled Mai in her ribbons. Did she get her? Natsumi asked. Not yet. Haru replied. You are right, this is not. Mai replied. Yoshi! Natsumi yelled. Yoshi pulled her ribbon and squeezed her. How did I lose her? Mai asked. Well, you lost to me and that is that. Yoshi replied. You are right! Haru yelled. Let's go and tell Megumi. Natsumi replied. Did they say the name Megumi? Jessabelle mumbled. I think they did. Hana replied. So, they are associated with her? Aoi replied.

Boreas is the Greek God of the northern wind and Winter. He is also one of the Anemoi (the seasonal wind gods).
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