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Book One: Chapter 3: Action Before The Enemy Ambushes...

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Natasha tries to give Haru advice to deal with a stalker.

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As I walked home, I knocked on the door. Who is it? My mom asked. It's me Haru. I replied. You're late, did you have to stay for a meeting? My mom asked. You could say that. I replied. Well wash up and get ready for dinner. My mom replied. Mom is dad home yet? I asked. You know your dad is always late home. Mom replied. That is true. I replied. Soon as I entered my room and I changed into a periwinkle tank top, cool gray sweatpants and slide sandals.

When I came downstairs I saw my grandmother, Natasha Higashiyama. My grandmother is known for risking her life to destroy an evil force from her past. She killed off all the demons all by herself with a little help from my step-grandfather Keenan Higashikuni. She came up to me asking me if I am ok. I saw an assassin after you. I came here to get your parents informed about this problem. Natasha replied. Haru you two occupations ok sweetheart. Natasha replied. You could A: Break his spirit or B: Break some Higashiyama on his ass. Which one do you refer? Natasha asked. Mom, I will not be having you influencing Haru to do something reckless. Dad replied. Hi, dad your home. I replied. Hi Haru. Dad replied. I kind of agree and disagree with your mom at the same time. Mom replied. You just like violence in general. Dad replied. You know me too well. Mom replied. What will I do? I thought. Grandma's decision seems cool but dangerously violent. I replied. My dad is against the whole decision altogether. My mom agrees but disagrees. I replied. This is so confusing! I yelled. Haru your grandmother is a bad influence on anyone she talks to. Dad replied. Dad so you're saying, "Grandma is a horrible person to be around?" I asked. No, it's because I don't take mess from anyone. Natasha replied. Well, I'll sleep on what to do. I replied. Before I went to bed, I took a soothing bath. I kind of felt like I melted a piece of my troubles away. When I got out of the bath I changed into my favorite periwinkle pajamas. The shirt is white and periwinkle and my shorts are grey. As I was getting ready for bed, I saw a guy looking at me from a long distant murmuring something. Haru that guy is the person who has been stalking you. Orchid replied.Wait who is that? I asked. "Haru, that guy is the person who was stalking you" Orchid replied. Orchid jumped out the window and ran outside. She turned into my Shadow Dragon form and fought the assassins that were after Haru. You must be really stupid thinking you can attack Haru and live. Orchid replied. I was called to kill her. She is a nuisance to our leader, Izanami. Artemis replied. They say Haru possesses a certain power that could crush anything in her way and her name brings fear to demons and demon lords. Aoi replied. Is that so? Orchid asked. After all the Higashiyama have one hell of a reputation for defeating and overdoing it. Orchid replied. Where do you think you are going? Artemis asked. We will get a heavily paid killing you. Aoi replied. Orchid was fighting the guy and when she was fighting him she looked him in the eyes. You can't be, what is your name?! Orchid replied. Whenever we might see you again I might tell you. Aoi replied. When Orchid came back into the room she was mumbling "I can't believe it was him?" What do you mean? I asked. Maybe another time. Good Night Haru. Orchid replied.

As school got out, I was still thinking about those three girls and what were they trying to gain? I thought. Megumi might know about this mess so let me go see her. I thought. So I walked to Megumi's Dojo. As soon as I got there, Natsumi and Yoshi were there. Since you girls are here, you want to know something. Hey Megumi why did you pick us out of all people to be together? Natsumi asked. The reason I chose you, girls, is because your abilities you wield. For example, Natsumi you a fire wielder. Megumi replied. It felt so weird that I transformed like that. Natsumi replied. You are right it felt freaky too. Yoshi replied. Yoshi your powers come from your origin. What is my origin actually? Yoshi asked. I will tell you in time or you might find out on your own. Megumi replied. Don't try to play Mrs. Mysterious. I replied. No about your powers, Haru. Natsumi replied. My powers have two sides. I replied. Yeah, the form you witness earlier was one my shadow dragon elemental forms. Haru replied. Haru uses that because mmm. Megumi replied. Now Megumi we can't go telling my business out loud and I won't tell you yours. Haru replied. Whatever you say. Megumi replied. That weapon you wielded earlier was pretty cool. Natsumi replied. Well with every elemental I use I get a weapon like that. I replied. That halberd you wield was a replica of the real? Yoshi asked. Yeah, it is a replica but was bestowed upon me by the real people from the legends actually. Haru replied. You mean you met one of the Divine Kings? Yoshi asked. Yeah, I did, they are really nice elderly men. They kind of remind me of nice grandpas actually. I replied. It's 4:30 I have to get home. My mom will have my head. I replied. We should get going too. Natsumi replied. I hope one day I get a crazy weapon like that one. Natsumi thought. Hey, I see Haru Higashiyama. Artemis replied. Good, I need you take her to eliminate her. Izanami replied.

As we were talking I saw Aoi, he was giving her weird looks as if he was conflicted about something. I walked over and to ask if him if he was alright. Oh did I worry you Haru? Aoi asked. It's fine alright. I replied. Well, I am going to class now. Soon as I walked off, she asked Orchid to play look out for her. Something is off with him I know it. I replied. As you wish my lady and mistress. Orchid replied. You don't have to call me that you know. I replied. "Were partners, Orchid." I replied. I know but " I was entrusted to you." Orchid replied. Then Orchid do what requested. I replied. My Lady, what happens if he resists and attacks me? Orchid asked. Do what you do best. I replied. Alright, you're giving me permission to hurt him badly? Orchid asked. Yes, you can hurt him bad. I replied. Hey, Haru who were you talking to just now? Yukino asked. Whatever do you mean? The bell just rang so let's got to class. I replied. After school, Aoi followed Haru to Megumi's Dojo. Wait, Aoi what are you doing here? I asked. Had I to ask you a question? Aoi asked. Yeah, what is it? I asked. Haru why did you let that girl attack you yesterday night? Aoi asked. Aoi what are you talking about? I asked. Haru who are you talking too? Megumi asked. Oh, my friend Aoi Amachi. I replied. Wow, I didn't know this young man is a friend? Megumi asked. Yeah, do you know him? I asked. Let's just say, I met him many years ago. Megumi replied. Nice seeing you again Miki. Aoi replied. Well, I have to head home. Aoi replied. See you tomorrow. I replied.

Quick History Lesson

*Izanami is the Ruler of the Underworld in Shinto Mythology. Her name means "she who invites". She is stuck in the underworld because she ate the food of that place and now she is bound there. As it says in the stories, if you have a party with her and you eat the food she serves you, you will be bound there with her forever for eternity.

In this case, the Izanami is just the reference as the villain basically.
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