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Book One: Chapter 4: Megumi's Thought

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Megumi thinks about why they came and attacked?

Category: Drama - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2018-02-03 - 504 words

Last time, Haru went came straight to Megumi's Dojo. She runs into Aoi. Megumi looked at him as if they knew each other. Well let's not get wrapped up on a boy now Haru. That's not like you. Megumi replied. You know you are right. I replied. Oh Haru, I also came here because you left your jacket. Aoi replied. Thank you, Aoi. Haru replied. So you keep her stuff too? Haruto replied. This guy is Haruto Hirayama, he always picks on Aoi since we've been children. I was just doing the right thing by giving Haru her jacket. Aoi replied. Why are you here, Haruto? I asked. My girlfriend trains learning self defense. Haruto replied. Oh you mean Chihiro Suzuki? Megumi asked. Yeah that's her name. Haruto replied. Hey can you help me today? Megumi asked. Please don't tell me we are. I replied. What is Megumi implying? Yoshi asked. You three will being teaching my Self Defense class today. Megumi replied. I have to see someone today. Megumi replied. Who? I asked. My little secret. Megumi replied. What could she be hiding? I thought. Megumi drove off in a hurry. Hey do you guys feel like Megumi is hiding something? Haru asked. Yeah she is but let's respect her privacy. Yoshi replied. Alright, what does Megumi do with you guys regularly? I asked. Why did Megumi leave? I thought.

Well before we start, what do you do? I asked. Hey Higashiyama, do you know Martial Arts? Chihiro asked. Yeah I might not look it but I have been doing martial arts since I was a child. I replied. Wait you are serious? Natsumi asked. Yeah is that why you can't fight? Yoshi asked. I'll explain everything after the class ends alright. I replied. What the hell is Megumi doing? I thought. When Megumi left she ran into a young man in with dark brown hair with golden colored eyes. He was wearing a red jacket with black jeans and black and red colored sneakers. What the hell do you have to hide Aoi. Megumi replied. Well to eliminate Haru before she kills like the last time. Aoi replied. Well if you think that you can stop her, be my guest. Megumi replied. What could you be hiding from me? Aoi replied. The fact that her father and the Ten Generals sealed her powers away. Megumi replied. You know if Izanami finds out you are here, she will punish you. Megumi replied. You are right. Aoi replied.You know she will find out that is your true appearance one day. Megumi replied. I know that. Aoi replied. Well I am going back to my Dojo. Megumi replied. Alright. Aoi replied. The two went their separate ways. He is in love with Haru. At the same time he doesn't want to defy the woman who saved his life. Megumi thought.

I saw Megumi zoned out. I walked over out of concern. What are you thinking about Megumi? I asked. Oh nothing that is important.
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