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Book One: Chapter 5: Izanami's Appearance and her Loyal Bodyguards...

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Izanami's Elite has made their presence known.

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The next day, everyone sees Aoi all banged up and as usually they ignored him but today was different.

I went to school she runs into Aoi. For some reason he was giving off a bad vibe. I replied. Good morning, Aoi. I replied. Oh good morning Haru. Aoi replied. I want you to follow him again, Orchid replied. Yes my lady. Orchid replied. Out of curiosity, is he acting strange today? Orchid asked. Yeah as if he has some intentions to do something wrong. I whispered. Yes I will watch. Orchid replied. The bell rang for classes. Hey Haru are you in deep thought about something? Ichiko asked. You could say that. I replied. Hey Aoi do you want to join us for lunch? Ichiko asked. I would love to but I have to go but I have to appointment. Aoi replied. That Aoi just told the both of us a straight lie. I replied. Hey do you feel like Aoi just told the both of a big lie? Yukino asked. How does she know? I thought. Well where do you want to sit? Ichiko asked. How about the tree around of school gate? I replied. Sure. Ichiko replied.Hey so that is girl is Haru Higashiyama? Arisa asked. She is really pretty, I see why that dumb ass couldn't kill her. Denji replied. What the hell don't gock at her. Arisa replied. She is drop dead gorgeous and busty to boot. Denji replied. I already hate her. Arisa replied. You can't get mad at her because you have a big breast complex. Denji replied. When Haru and Ichiko were talking, Ichiko was looking outside. Is something outside? Haru asked. I thought I saw something but it was just me. Ichiko replied. Soon as class flew by, it was lunch time. Well lets go and sit outside. Ichiko replied. Yeah I will be leaving now. Aoi replied. Orchid. I replied. Yes my lady. Orchid replied. Soon as Aoi walked outside the school. Wait is that Izanami Ono the model? Yeah what is she doing here? Come on Aoi we need to go to your appointment. Izanami replied. Alright my lady. Aoi replied. I've heard that name before. I replied. Seriously, where did you hear it from? Ichiko asked.

When I saw that woman, she gave her a cold look. I know exactly who that woman is. I replied. My family has a bad blood between her and her clan. I replied. Now that I think about, your family comes form a very prestigious family right? Ichiko asked. Yeah I forgot what it was that made us hate her family. I replied. My lady, must I follow them? Orchid asked. Go ahead, I also want to know why my family hates that woman? I asked. I know why your family hates her but I would rather you hear it from the victim herself. Orchid replied. When the car was on the way to Izanami's house, Orchid saw some people. So Orchid went spying on them in incognito. It has many years since I have seen that little girl. Izanami replied. You know Haru? Aoi asked. Do you remember that incident that happen five years ago? Izanami asked. Yeah a few of our men barely came back alive. Aoi replied. Let's just say that girl is the cause. Izanami replied. You mean that bitch was the one who blinded Ryuu? Aoi asked. You know a few minutes ago you act like you love her? Izanami replied. You know I think we have a little birdie spying on us. Izanami asked. Let's show them what we are capable. Izanami replied. A bunch of her body guards came out and attacked Orchid. Don't tell me that was your elite? Orchid asked. You know you were always a glutton for punishment. Izanami replied. Don't lay a finger on her. Aoi replied. Aoi kicked Orchid in the stomach. You asshole! Orchid yelled. Orchid punched Aoi in the nose. I don't know why you follow or trust this woman? Orchid asked. I own my life to this woman. Aoi replied. You are a fool. The Ono Clan are evil people! Orchid yelled. I don't believe you!!! Aoi replied. If you won't listen then I will force you too!!! Orchid replied. I'm curious to what the backstory between the Higashiyama and Ono Clan? I thought.

When I got home, I saw my Aunt Kaori (Natasha). Hey Aunt Kaori, can I ask you about a certain matter? I asked. Sit down and talk away, tell me what you want to know. Kaori asked. I sat down and explained everything to her. Well what does the Ono Clan have against our family? I asked. That family had it in on our family. The Ono Clan are a branch of humans with supernatural abilities. Kaori replied. Seriously? I asked. Yes and they hate us because they are like monks and the Shadow Dragon Clans are demons that can take upon human forms. Kaori replied. One of the Ono family members brutally attacked and killed some of the Shadow Dragons of the North, the Higashiyama Clan we descend from. Kaori replied. Your great great-grandmother Ai, who was the Shadow Dragon of that generation took them down the clan down with single handed. Kaori replied. Were you there when she did this? I asked. Yes I was a little girl. I admired my mother at that time. I wanted to infamous like her. Kaori replied. So grandma took them down with ease. I replied. I wish I could fight like her. I thought. It seems they want their vengeance upon us by targeting you and your friends. Kaori replied. Soon as I was done talking to Aunt Kaori, Jeremy Higashiyama (Natasha) my great great grandfather and he told me that the Ono Clan has a elite squad but didn't tell me the number. Thank you grandpa. I replied. Oh can you read my new book? Jeremy asked. Grandpa I love your work. It is s realistic as if you are there. I replied. I will tell you the motivation for my books one of these days. Jeremy replied. Where did that cliffhanger come from? I thought.

Later that night, I asked Orchid to tailing Aoi and Izanami.

When Orchid was found out Aoi was attacking her.Orchid was fighting again. Aoi kicked her in the stomach. Orchid flew back into the wall. You are one dumb kid. You are fighting for the enemy? Orchid replied. What the hell do you mean by the enemy? Aoi asked. I wouldn't be surprised if you were abducted from your parents by that woman. Orchid replied. She would never do that to me. Aoi replied. Orchid jumped and punched Aoi in the face. Aoi got back up and punched her again. I don't believe you! Aoi replied. I know everything, kid. Orchid replied. One day you will find out on your own. Orchid replied. Well I am leaving. Orchid replied. Oh before I leave, why don't you ask Izanami's real name is. Orchid replied. What the hell is she talking about? Aoi thought. When Orchid returned, school was over. Orchid met the girls at Megumi's Dojo. Oh my gosh who got? Megumi asked. Bite me you bitch. Orchid replied. Don't get a attitude with me. Megumi replied. I'm sorry. Orchid replied. Are you ok? Are you hurt? Haru asked. I am fine, you know I can't die. Orchid replied. Are you one of the retainers of the Higashiyama Clan? Yoshi asked. Yes I am. Wait is that you Princess Yoshino? Orchid replied. Uh, Yoshi did she just call you princess? Natsumi asked. Let's ignore what ever you just heard. Yoshi replied. What do you know? Haru asked. You can get angry if you want but their are somethings that are left to be unsaid. Orchid replied. Haru, if Orchid told you what she saw you wouldn't believe her. Megumi replied. Megumi was looking outside. How about you girls go home. Megumi replied. Why do you want us to go home? Natsumi asked. As Haru and Orchid walked out first. Orchid brushed past Megumi. Megumi tells her. "She has called them out and they are out for a few people" Megumi whispered. You don't have to worry "They" won't let them have their way. Orchid replied.
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