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Book One: Chapter 6: The Three Flowers Have Come to Show Off

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Botan of Izanami's Elite provoked Haru.

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The next day, I ran into Aoi. Hey Aoi. I replied. Yes I am fine now, I am glad you were concerned. Also you look like someone go you lol. Haruto replied. Shut up, I got into a fight no big deal. Aoi replied. Do you want me to take you to the Nurse's Office? I asked. I am fine, I can deal with it, you know how I am. Aoi replied. Hey I've seen wounds like that before. Were you fighting a young girl? I asked. What are you talking about, Haru? Aoi asked. It must be my imagination. I replied. You got you ass handed to him by a girl? Haruto asked. Stop picking on him. I replied. Whatever you say Haru. Haruto replied. After that Hey what are you going on about? Ichiko asked. You know those wounds were afflicted by martial arts. You know that. I replied. Yeah I know. I believe Aoi is with that nasty woman anyways. Ichiko replied. You know you have to stay low for a while until you are asked. I replied. Oh believe me, if they found out hell will break loose. Ichiko replied. As I was walking to math Trig class, she sees Megumi at the school. Hey Megumi. Ichiko replied. Wait is that you? Megumi asked. Yes it's me, Megumi. Ichiko replied. I need to talk to you after school. Megumi replied. What the hell is going on? I asked. You heard it didn't you? Megumi asked. If it is what you desire I can't refuse your request. Ichiko replied. Megumi what are you hiding? I asked. Well come to my Dojo and I might feel like answering you. Megumi replied.

Later that afternoon, the others were at the Dojo.

The girls an I met up at Megumi's Dojo. Hey you all it has been a while since we met up. Megumi replied. What were you hiding from us? Natsumi asked. Well Ms. Eager, you are right I was hiding some thing from you. It was the fact I know who you are going to face. Megumi replied. What are on going on about? I asked. Well you see, you are going to face their aces. Megumi replied. You mean we are going against their elite? Natsumi asked. Yes and you need to be ready for any attacks they are going to pull. Megumi replied. So they will pull any trick they can? Yoshi asked. I call that cowardly. Natsumi replied. It is cowardly in my eyes as well. IHaru replied. Yeah like for example, we have a spy in our presences! Haru yelled. I summoned a *shuriken and threw in at the wall. I know you are in here somewhere. You don't want me to find so come out this instant. I replied. Come out, if the Amazon wreck my Dojo in any fashion Izanami is paying the bill for a new one! Megumi yelled. Why do you call her an Amazon? Yoshi replied. You never want to witness her in anger. Megumi replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. You see she caste me off into a tangible form. I am her hatred and malice. Orchid replied. What?! Natsumi and Yoshi yelled. Yes I am, I just chose to become a servant who serves her to my full ability. You don't look like you could raise any hell or violent. Yoshi replied. Yeah the hell she can. if those two fuse she together, Haru becomes very terrifying beyond belief. Megumi replied. That is why I don't want you to fuse. Megumi replied. I know you don't want that to happen. Orchid replied. I thought you were a ordinary girl that was with Haru. Natsumi replied. No I am her hatred and malice, that is all. Orchid replied. While Orchid and the others were talking, Haru found the spy. I never thought I would ever see you ever again. I replied. So this is the people we are going to face. Tsubaki asked.

I would have never thought they would have had you spy on us? I asked. It's not like you all will win against Izanami's elite. Tsubaki replied. Well I am sorry you are sadly mistaken but we all will come out victorious. I replied. You say that Haru Higashiyama, but I now know about girl is you powers. Tsubaki replied. I mean you could try to attack me but by instinct she will attack you. I replied. Hey Haru, do you know the enemy is all around this place? Orchid asked. Now I have, how long did you now this? I replied. Well for the last twenty minutes we have been here. Orchid replied. You know you could have told all of this! I yelled. Hey don't yell at me bitch! Orchid replied. Hey ladies, yelling at each other won't solve anything. I know who sent Tsubaki. Megumi replied. Who could that be? Natsumi asked. Well it seems like this Botan's work in play. Megumi replied. Wow so you haven't really aged have you Miki? Botan asked. I see you dress like a little skank. Megumi replied. I am not a skank for your information. Botan replied. I see from all these weaklings. It seems this one would put up a descant fight. Botan replied. Are you talking about me? Yoshi asked. You are a cocky one I see? Botan replied. I'm just saying you are challenging me. I will make you wish you never met me. Yoshi replied. Botan stop picking fights with weaklings. Hyakunichisou replied. So you two are here. Where is the other two? Megumi asked. Oh wow, never thought I would see you ever again? Bara asked. You three are here, where is your leader? Megumi replied. He has no time for you girls, only to face Haru Higashiyama. Bara replied. I walk up and says, "So you boss wants me?" So this little girl is a major threat? Bara asked. Do you really want to try me? I asked. What will happen next?

Quick History Lesson....

*White Rose (Bara) means Innocence/ silence/devotion
*Peony (Botan) means bravery.
Do not get Botan mixed up with the female character Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho.
*Zinna (Hyakunichisou) means loyalty
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