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Book One: Chapter 7: It Begins! Entering the Izanami's Elite!

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The leader of Izanami's Elite, Sayuri was trying to test Haru.

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Last time Botan, of Izanami's Elite Squad provoked Haru.
So you think you are going to scare me little girl? Botan asked. That Amazon might be little soft but she is one of the Top Ten. Megumi replied. So you are the supposed to be the most feared person huh? Bara replied. I want to see what makes you so terrifying? Botan replied. I grabbed her face with her bare hands. She began to squeeze her skull. What the hell, so the rumors are true about you and that devilish anger and supernatural strength. Let her go Haru! Megumi yelled. I released her. Give you a little heads up. You better be glad Megumi stopped. I can do way more than cracking skulls sweetheart. I replied. Wow so you got your ass handed to you by that girl huh, Botan? Aoi asked. That girl is Izanami told you to fight, Sayuri. Bara replied. Well see I have to play wisely. Aoi replied. Orchid glared at Aoi. Hey you. Orchid replied. Orchid walked up to Aoi. You know you have very beautiful eyes you know. Orchid replied. You look familiar as a certain guy under that cloak. Orchid replied. Aoi put a knife to Orchid. Hey what is that girl talking about? Bara asked. Let's just say, I could expose his true identity anytime I feel like. Orchid replied. What the hell are you going on about? I asked. Orchid don't you dare. Megumi replied. Oh I know after all, he isn't hurting no one but himself and the person who cares about him the most. Orchid replied.

That night, I was wondering why I just let her get to me? I remember that girl too. Orchid replied. I can't believe she changed that easily? I asked. Well we have to set her straight through violence. Orchid replied. Yeah no. I replied. I forgot you don't have that old mindset anymore. Orchid replied. Yeah I changed for the better. I replied. That was something I would do out of pit of anger. I replied. When I got home, I just ran into my room and laid on my bed and thought about what would have happened if I never attacked an ignored. I thought.

The next day, Megumi called us in after school to discuss about those people who bombarded into the Dojo.

So you are the leader who ass I will beating? Haru asked. Hey watch your mouth. You four get the hell out of here causing a damn scene. Megumi replied. Hey practice what you preach. Natsumi replied. Don't even start with you smart remarks. Megumi replied. That is just Natsumi for you. Yoshi replied. Yoshi, I know that far to well. Megumi replied. Haru don't let that masked guy get to you. Natsumi replied. By the way, who is that guy? Haru asked. If we told you, you would think differently about that person. Orchid replied. Stop keeping secrets from me! Haru replied. Well ladies go home for today. Megumi replied. As everyone went their separate ways, they all sensed they were being watched. When I was walking home, she felt the presences of the leader, Sayuri. What the hell is going on? I replied. You know I wonder how confident you are? Sayuri (Aoi) asked. You bastard I will kill you. I replied. As soon as I woke up I was in a self-created dimension.You know sneaking up on a girl is not a way to get her attention or her number. I replied. Also he should beware the girls who has perceptive hearing and reflexes. I replied. I had a sword to Sayuri (Aoi). He was confused asking "How did you?" I bet you are asking how did I put a dagger to your neck? I asked. Well let me explain. I have the power of the Shadow Dragon Clan. That gives me the sight, sharp hearing and smelling of a Wolf. I replied. Also I am curious why are you wearing a cloak? What do you have to hide? I asked. If I were you, I would count on that ass to show his face anytime soon. Orchid replied. If you want to get out of the dimension, hurt the caster. Orchid replied. What? I asked. As so. Orchid replied. Orchid summoned a sword and cut Sayuri's (Aoi) arm. You broke the barrier that easily? I asked. Yeah if I didn't help you, you could have been stuck in here forever. Orchid replied. You. Sayuri replied. You know you shouldn't get so angry. Those honey brown eyes are more beautiful with a smile. Orchid replied. Orchid did you just say honey brown eyes? I asked.
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