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Book One: Chapter 8: Natsumi is trapped in Hyakunichisou Void

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Natsumi is forced into Hyakunichisou Void against her will and now she has to die or survive.

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Last time Sayuri (Aoi) the leader of Izanami Elite was trying to test Haru it seems. Orchid said “Golden Honey Eyes”? What is up with that?
After Haru got home, her parents came up to her asking if she why she was scared shaking. What are you talking about mom and dad? Haru asked. What happened to you on the way home? Gabriel asked. Mom and Dad, didn’t you say you went to school with a guy with the most beautiful brown eyes? Haru asked. Yeah it is my childhood friend, Aoishi. Alexandra replied. You mean that guy has in for me to this very day? Gabriel replied. What color is his eyes? Haru asked. He has honey brown eye color, why? Alexandra asked. That is all I want to know. Haru replied. When Aoi got home he was in pain. What the hell happen to your arm? Izanami asked. That fragment stabbed me in the arm. Aoi replied. Were you trying to see what you are messing with? Izanami asked. That fragment also saw my eyes. Aoi replied. No one is to know what you really look like. Izanami replied. I’ll treat my arm injury. Aoi replied. I heard you got hurt leader. Botan replied. Is that really you? Botan asked. Yes and you can’t tell anyone else about this. Aoi replied. I see what that fragment was talking about. They are really honey golden eyes. Botan replied. Aoi had a blank stare with a cranky face. Yeah I look like the guy I despise. Aoi replied. Well let me help you out with that. Botan replied. Did the other prey the other two? Aoi asked. Yeah I wonder how this will work out? Aoi asked. As soon as Natsumi was walking home, she was ambushed by Hyakunichisou. So you people will do almost anything to get in our way huh? Natsumi asked. We were told to silence you and that Haru and saltwater fish. Hyakunichisou replied. Natsumi dropped her book bag. She ran and kick Hyakunichisou in the face. You little bitch you kicked me in my pretty face. Hyakunichisou replied. Did I hit a nerve? Natsumi asked. I like you, you don’t care what you do. Hyakunichisou replied. The feeling is mutual, sweetheart. Natsumi replied. What is the hell is going on out there?! Mashiro yelled. No it can’t be. Mashiro mumbled. What is going on? Natalie asked. Natsumi get out of there! Mashiro yelled. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Seal of the Royals! Hyakunichisou yelled. Soon after Natsumi vanished. Dad what is wrong? Akihiko asked. I have to save your sister. I know where she was sent off to! Mashiro yelled. Mashiro ran outside.

Natsumi! Mashiro yelled. Who the hell are you? Hyakunichisou asked. Wow its been years hasn’t Mashiro? Megumi asked. Miki tell me why did you not stop her from swallowing Natsumi in her damn void! Mashiro yelled. You know you can get pissed off all you want. Megumi replied. You need to trust your daughter. Megumi replied. She will get herself out of it I know it. Megumi replied. Where am I? Natsumi asked. Welcome to my world. Hyakunichisou replied. What the hell did you do to my body? Natsumi asked. Why don’t you look for yourself. Hyakunichisou replied. Natsumi turned her head and she saw her body. She was dead. What the hell did you do to me? Natsumi asked. Well I ripped your soul out of your body. Hyakunichisou replied. You make it seem like it’s alright. Natsumi replied. Well since we are here the ten flowers represent your life. I Hyakunichisou replied. After all ten are gone I am stuck here. Natsumi replied. What will happen if I win? What will happen to you? Natsumi asked. I will not die, I am Izanami’s Elite! Hyakunichisou yelled. Well I am sorry but I will not lose either. I have people are concerned about me. Natsumi replied. Natsumi transformed into a form that no one ever seen. She had a strapless white bikini top and black kobakama with black boots. She also had a scarlet uwa-obi around her waist. Natsumi unsheathed her sword and pointed her sword at her face. “I will defeat you Hyakunichisou!” Natsumi yelled.

Natsumi declared that she will defeat Hyakunichisou and leave her void in one piece.

So you really think you can win my game? Hyakunichisou asked. I don’t think I know. Natsumi replied. Her void is like Megumi’s Dojo. Natsumi thought. Outside the void her father, Mashiro is praying that she makes it out alive. You said I have ten flowers resembling my lie source right? Natsumi asked. You are right, I can and will win in my domain. Hyakunichisou replied. As Hyakunichisou was gloating to Natsumi about not leaving. Natsumi sped up and unsheathed her sword. You think you can cut me down with such a weak attack strategy. Hyakunichisou replied. Who said the attack was weak? Natsumi replied. Natsumi vanished and she slashed her sword and she saying “Wrath of Enyo”. What the hell? She cut me. Hyakunichisou thought. How did you cut me? Hyakunichisou asked. Well if I attack the caster, he or she will lose their concentration and the attack won’t be in full powers. Natsumi replied. No one has ever cut me and I won’t tolerate it. Hyakunichisou replied and as she glared at Natsumi. You can glare at me all you want, it won’t phase me. Natsumi replied. Hyakunichisou unsheathed her sword and the attack cut Natsumi. What the hell was that? Natsumi asked. Wow two four huh? Hyakunichisou asked. Don’t act like that shit all cool, what was that attack just now? Natsumi asked. Well my dear Natsumi, that attack is called Eurus. Hyakunichisou replied. So you use advanced attacks big deal. Natsumi replied. Outside, Mashiro is getting angry. Mashiro calm down even thought Eurus is a deadly attack, if she gets attacked again. Megumi replied. Shut up, I can’t just can’t watch her struggle like this. Mashiro replied. Back in the void. How did she not get any damage? Natsumi thought. I can’t take this anymore! Mashiro yelled. Mashiro summoned a sword and slashed Hyakunichisou’s Void. So someone of a elite class cracked my Void? Hyakunichisou asked. Who cracked her barrier? Natsumi asked. Mashiro, did you put a crack in her Void? Megumi asked. Believe I could have shattered it completely. Mashiro asked. Why does I feel I know this presence? Natsumi asked.

Who cracked the void? Hyakunichisou asked. Whoever did it, I am grateful. It’s not my style to be dependent on others but I thank you. Natsumi replied. I helped her. Mashiro replied. Stop praising yourself. Megumi replied. Well whatever, Chaos of the Beast King! Hyakunichisou yelled. The Beast King attacked Natsumi and she lost two flowers. Wow look there. If I attack you again you will be stuck here in the prison with the people who lost to me. Hyakunichisou replied. I’m sorry but I have no intention of being stuck here. Natsumi replied. Natsumi stud up and out of anger swung her sword in the air. What the hell did you just do? Hyakunichisou asked. Well as you were gloating about being stuck here. I got creative and found where that person made a crack. Natsumi replied. So you added a force to the crack? Hyakunichisou asked. This will end, Hyakunichisou! Natsumi replied. Natsumi ran up and slashed her sword. That attack it cant be! Hyakunichisou yelled. Damn right. I will break out and I will use the attack “Regulus”. Regulus is a advanced attack you couldn’t execute it. Hyakunichisou replied. Is that so! Natsumi yelled. Natsumi ran and her speed sped up. She summoned her sword.As Hyakunichisou said she couldn’t do it, Natsumi pulled it off. Natsumi called for the light of Regulus. On the outside, Mashiro and Megumi looked at how she summoned an attack on her first time using the sword. Natalie runs outside. Where is our little girl? Natalie asked. Well our little girl is about to escape out of the void. Mashiro replied. There is a flashing light. Natalie replied. That means she is almost out of there. As Natalie heard that, she started praying for Natsumi to get back here in one piece. Soon as Natalie began to pray. A burst of light comes out and Natsumi came out pointing a sword saying “You have been defeated”. Natsumi! Mashiro yelled. Dad? Natsumi asked. Megumi why are you here? Natsumi replied. I was passing by. Megumi replied. Oh that sword you summoned daddy is going to teach you all about it. Megumi replied. Why do I have to do it? Mashiro asked. I’m a busy woman with children and a dojo. Megumi replied. Megumi you know I can not use swords anymore.

“Wrath of Enyo” refers to Enyo the minor Greek Goddess of War. She usually brought destruction to cities and the massacres on top of that. She also was known as the “waster of cities”.

Eurus was the East Wind God that brings forth Autumn of Fall.
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