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Book One: Chapter 9: Natsumi's Surprise and Bara's Plot

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Natsumi survived her attack from Hyakunichisou. She finds out the truth about her father. Then Haru and she are curious about how Yoshi will be attacked. As they were discussing their theories two ...

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Last time, Natsumi found out about her father is not a human.

The next day,it was after school and Natsumi was walking to Megumi’s Dojo. When she walked inside she seemed kind of out of it. I walked over to see what was wrong with Natsumi. Hey Natsumi, are you alright? I asked. Yeah I am, you don’t have to worry about me. Natsumi replied with a smile. Let me guess you found out the truth about your father? Megumi asked. How do you know about it? Natsumi asked. Well your father is full of mysteries. Megumi replied. Your father has a high status among demons. I replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Well he is known for his swordsmanship. I replied. Then again he stopped fight all together, no one knows why? I asked. I know why. Megumi replied. Why? Natsumi replied. It is because he fell in love with your mother and gave his powers to live a peaceful life without violence with your mother. Megumi replied. That sounds so sweet he gave up everything to live a peaceful life so he could settle down. I replied. That is so adorable right? Megumi replied. Now we have to talk about the Voids they are casting to trap all of us. I replied. I know my soul was ripped out of my body while my real body was outside. Natsumi replied. They have attacked Natsumi and I so far. Megumi replied. When Haru, Megumi and Natsumi were talking,Yoshi was walking inside the door. Hey you guys. Yoshi replied. What are you talking about? Yoshi asked. How and where we were ambushed and attacked. Natsumi replied. Yoshi you are the only one that hasn’t been attacked. Natsumi replied.You are right, I am next. Yoshi replied. I am curious to how they attack you all one by one? Yoshi asked. I was attacked on the way home. I replied. How did you escape? Yoshi asked. I wounded the caster. I replied. I did the same but I had some assistance from outside cracking the void. Natsumi replied. Who is the one that is left? I asked. I think it is Bara I believe. Natsumi replied. I wonder why she hasn’t ambushed you yet? I asked. I have no clue but lets keep it like that. Yoshi replied in caution.I have a feeling, she is going to have an audience to expose you. I replied. You are right, she is going to expose and have a big crowd watch you be tortured in such a way it is unreal. Megumi replied. Why are you coming to that conclusion? Yoshi asked. I know how girls like her work. Megumi replied. Do any of you know what Bara or the White Rose’s meaning in Hanakotoba do you? Megumi asked.

Yoshi was thinking about Natsumi and my response to what Bara was going to do to her. Then Megumi asked a question, “Do any of you know what Bara or the White Rose means?“. I am still curious about what it means.

Hey Yoshi are you thinking about what Megumi asked. Haru asked. Yeah am wondering what it means too. Natsumi asked. Hey Natsumi you have to go home for practice. Mashiro replied. Mr. Asai do you know what Bara means? Yoshi asked. It means devotion, why do you ask? Mashiro replied. You see what I mean. Megumi replied. So she is so devoted she would take down someone and not care if they are alive or dead. Yoshi replied. Yeah I remember when that girl before she met that evil woman. Megumi replied. So I have to stay alert about my surroundings. Yoshi replied. Are the people who trapped Natsumi after you? Mashiro asked. They have come after all of us one by one. They haven’t got to Yoshi yet. Natsumi replied. I think I know why. Mashiro replied. From the way they attacked Natsumi I could tell how they work. They are going to attack you at school but you won’t know that you are caught in her void. Mashiro replied. Are you implying I will unconsciously be sent in her void world? Yoshi replied. It is an ancient technique the Shadow Dragon’s use to do to humans who kicked them off their land. Mashiro replied. I don’t know much about that you might have to ask one the older Shadow Dragons about the technique. Mashiro replied. A girl with blonde hair and fair skin came into the door asking where can I find Hira Academy? Lilith asked. Yeah it is twenty minutes from here on the train here. Yoshi replied. Why do you need to know where it is? Yoshi asked. We have a musical recital in a few hours. Lilith replied. I am sorry where are my manners, my name is Lillith Ferreira and this is my shy friend Marina Le Goff. Lillith replied. Thank you, we might see each other around. Lillith replied. As Lillith left, Marina looked at Yoshi. Are they really having a recital at your school? Yeah the art students having one in the Fall,Spring and Summer. Yoshi replied. I never participate so I really don’t care. Yoshi replied. That girl that looked at Yoshi I felt something was off about her. Natsumi replied. Who are those girls? I asked.
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