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Book One: Chapter 10: Yoshi is trapped! Bara's Void and Unwavering Conviction

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Yoshi is trapped by Bara in her Void. All everyone can do is have faith in her. Yoshi turned showed everyone a new side of herself. A new person is introduced.

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Last time, Yoshi was caught in Bara’s Void. All her friends can do is hope she will get out in one piece.

Let me out of here! Yoshi yelled. You know you can scream all you want but no one can hear you. Bara replied. Damn, that crazy chick is backing me into a corner. Yoshi thought. Yoshi turned into water. So, you are one of the sea-folk huh? Bara asked. Nice try but the hair will be tighter. Bara replied. I didn’t turn, my friend, water to just for the hell it. Yoshi replied. Outside, Haru and the others were watching Bara torturing Yoshi. Why did she turn into water? Natsumi asked. She is about to summon that weapon. Megumi replied. I never saw her summon a weapon before. Natsumi replied. It is because she doesn’t like violence or weapons. Megumi replied. I wonder what the weapon is called? I asked. So, you are summoning a weapon? Bara asked. Yes, I have. Yoshi replied. If I remember correctly, aren’t the sea folk all happy go smiley? Bara asked. Yoshi broke free as her weapon came near to her to cut the hair. Wait how the hell did you break loose? Bara asked. Well, you see Bara, I am not a fan, violence but the way you and your friends attacked Natsumi and I are unforgivable. Yoshi replied. Yoshi’s weapon is a bow and arrow? I replied. Damn is she an archer or something? Natsumi asked. What are you mad about this? Bara asked. Yoshi shot her arrows and one cut Bara’s cheek. Did she just injury Bara? Botan asked. Damn, I almost hit the mark. Yoshi thought. I see they captured, Princess Yoshino. Guren replied. I have failed to protect her. Guren replied as he is weeping. Who are you? Haru asked.

Yoshi resorted to her last resort. She summoned a bow and arrow. As she was stuck in Bara’s Void, a man who was weeping about the fact he is supposed to protect her.

Hey, why are you sad? I replied. I am her bodyguard and I didn’t even guard and that is part of my job. Guren replied. If you are supposed to be her bodyguard, you must be really strong. Natsumi replied. I am just one of the youngest sea general in history. It’s not really a big deal if I can’t protect anyone. Guren weep. Hold the fuck up you are the sea general that took down a whole army by yourself? Your power is compared to freaking Poseidon! Megumi yelled. I am strong but I didn’t protect her. Guren replied. How about we sit down and let’s eat something after Yoshi wins. Megumi replied. Yes, ma’am, I know she will win. That bow is not your average bow, it is her powers manifested into that bow. Guren replied. Wait that bow is that strong? Where was the hell hiding that? I asked. Meanwhile, in Bara’s Void, Yoshi attacked Bara and she was injured. Yoshi took her last arrow and she passed out. Bara was defeated and the Void bursts. Are you ok, I think we went too hard on her. Yoshi replied. You won why do you care? Bara asked. Didn’t you say, “the seas are all friendly” or something? Yoshi replied. After all, I am their princess and I would disgrace them acting out of character. Yoshi replied. Here is a fruit if you eat this you will return to full strength. Maybe we can fight again sometime on fair terms. Yoshi replied. My lady, you are alive! Guren replied as he was hugging her. Guren, I keep telling you I can protect myself. downfall like you keeping tabs on me. Yoshi replied. I see you have met Guren. Guren is my childhood friend and a Sea General. I know he is giving off he is the biggest shy softy vibe but he is really as the rumors. Yoshi replied. How about we go out to get something to eat? Yoshi asked. Since you are kind of unfamiliar with things Guren. Hey, you guys want to show him around? Yoshi replied. First, we have to get him a change of clothes. I replied. Don’t look at me, I am an only child. I replied. I will ask my brother. Come on to my house. Natsumi replied.
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