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Book One: Chapter 11: Yoshi's Victory and Transition of The War...

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Yoshi won the fight. As a way of showing off by taking everyone out to Lunar Sweets Cafe. Then everyone is informed about Mashiro (Natsumi's Father).

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Last time, Yoshi won her fight in Bara’s Void. She wanted to celebrate by taking her bodyguard out on the town with her friends. After that, Ryo gave Guren some clothes to wear since Haru and the girls were going out to eat. They also found out information about Mashiro.

When Natsumi walked to her friends to her house, she unlocked the door and saw Mashiro and his family. They walking in the living room. I never thought I would see Gabriel’s little girl again. Mashiro replied. Do you two know each other? Natsumi asked. Her father and I go way back. I would have never met your mom if it wasn’t for him. Mashiro replied. My dad never told me that. I replied. Hey, do you have any clothes for my friend’s bodyguard? What do you want? Ryo asked. Well, do you have clothes for him? Natsumi asked. What is in it for me? Ryo asked. Stop being an ass and do what I requested. Natsumi replied. Are you two twins? I asked. Watch your mouth. Mashiro replied. Yeah, we really don’t see eye to eye sometimes. Natsumi replied. Ryo comes downstairs and looks at Guren. Where the hell did you come from? You look like a guy straight out of my old manga collect. Ryo replied. Watch your mouth. Mashiro replied. Now that I look at you, you kind of do. Natsumi replied. It’s been awhile Guren, I see you became a general after I left. Mashiro replied. Ryo threw the clothes on Natsumi. You bastard when I get my hands on you. Natsumi replied. I grabbed Natsumi replied. Ryo, you need to apologize to Natsumi. Mashiro replied. Yes, dad. Ryo replied. Would I have never thought one the Ten Generals would give up your rank and status? Guren replied. Dad now that I think about, what are they talking about? Natsumi asked. I will not tell you anything. Mashiro replied. Guren walked over to get dressed in the restroom. Natsumi glared at Mashiro. Well since you are glaring at me. Mashiro replied. I am one of the Ten Generals. I am ranked number three and I am known as Guren. Mashiro replied. Isn’t your body guard’s name Guren? I asked. I named him Guren because when I met him, he was an orphan that I couldn’t read or write. He was nameless so I just named him Guren. Mashiro replied. I think I have it on right. Guren replied. You have it on right. Ryo replied. So, let’s go. Yoshi replied. I will be back. Natsumi replied. I know where we should go. I replied. Where should we go? Yoshi asked. Let’s go to this really nice cafe. I replied. It is called Lunar Sweets. My grandmother and her friends used to go there and eat. It is open until ten so let’s go. We are not far from it actually. I replied.

I lead everyone to Lunar Sweets Cafe.

Hey you guys, here we are. I replied. This place looks really expensive. Natsumi replied. I will be paying for the meal. I replied. Soon as they went into the cafe, I brushed past a guy with honey brown colored eyes. He whispered, “Stay away for Aoi if you know what is good for you” Who the hell are you and how do you know Aoi? Haru asked. So, the leader comes out during the night? Orchid asked. What the hell do you want? Aoi asked. You know threatening her will peak her curiosity even more. Orchid replied. Oh yeah, I can’t let you leave her. Orchid replied. I know your friends are ready to attack soon as you give the word. Orchid replied. I didn’t know that you were here, Orchid? Natsumi asked. Something felt off so I manifested here. Orchid replied. That is half the reason I bet. She wanted me to buy her a Tiramisu back. I replied. Yes, I want Tiramisu. Orchid replied. Are you a manifestation of Haru? Yoshi asked. Yeah, I am, what of it? Orchid asked. You have your own personality. Natsumi replied. Not all the way. I don’t know how to put it. Guren replied. Well, let’s sit in that booth by the window. I replied. What is the Fet-ti-ci-ne Alf-ed-ro? Guren asked. Fettuccine Alfredo is what you are trying to say? Yoshi asked. What is it, Princess? Guren replied. You don’t call me Princess in public. I am Yoshi Mori here. Yoshi replied.I am so sorry. Guren replied. Don’t apologize. Yoshi replied. I still can’t believe this guy is the Sea General everyone fears. Natsumi replied. What are you going to order? I replied. I am ordering Pierogies. Natsumi replied. I want a Gyro. Yoshi replied. I want Thai Red Chicken Curry. I replied. What about my Tiramisu? Orchid asked. Soon as they ordered, the waiter said “I haven’t seen you here since you were a little girl” Yeah, I used to come here with my grandmother and my parents. I replied. I heard your orders. We will come out soon. I know guys will love their food. I replied. Soon as the food came out, everyone said: “Thank you for the food.” Everyone was happy. As they were looking outside I saw Izanami. What the hell is going on? I thought.

After everyone ate, Yoshi and Guren took their food to go. Natsumi and I bought food back in to go boxes as well. As they were walking home, I felt the same feeling of Izanami was still around. Hey, what is this feeling? Natsumi asked. Ignore your best ability. I replied. Soon as they got to Natsumi’s house, Mashiro was asking, “By any chance did you fight that her?” No, but she did. Natsumi replied. So, Orchid did you beat any of them up? Mashiro asked. I actually stayed on my best behavior. Orchid replied. I told her if she didn’t attack anyone, I promised to buy her Tiramisu. Haru replied. Now you can beat up anyone you want. I replied. Even the cocky honey brown eyed guy? Orchid replied. Wait did you say honey brown eyes? Mashiro asked. Yeah, that bastard is out to kill Haru. Orchid replied. I knew he was alive. Mashiro replied. Dad stops hiding stuff. Natsumi replied. I can only say this “his parents were old friends of Haru’s father and mine”. Well, I will be on my way home. I replied. Mashiro escorted her out the door. Mashiro escorted me out the door. Soon as Orchid left with Haru, Mashiro told her “Whatever you do protect her with all strength and being”. I will do that after all, that woman is the reason why. Orchid replied. Hurry up! you know how my dad is. I yelled. Alright. Orchid replied. As the two were on their way. Mashiro started to worry. “If he knew he was alive I don’t know how they react. Mashiro replied.

*Lunar Sweet is introduced in Natasha Book Two.

-Pierogies are Polish Dumplings.
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