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Book One: Chapter 12: Haru's Curiosity and Orchid's Duty

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Haru is informed about "Honey Brown Eyes" once again. Mashiro knows of someone with those colored eyes. Mashiro asks Orchid of a request to protect Haru and get her home safe.

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Last time, Yoshi and Guren went their separate ways. Haru and Natsumi walked to her house. Soon as they went into the house, Mashiro knew something about the honey colored eyes. As Haru left, Mashiro made a request for Orchid to protect Haru with all her being.

As I was on her way home, she asked Orchid. “Out of curiosity is alright for me to hurt them?” Much as I know you would love too, I would tell you to decline from all violence. Orchid replied. Alright, let’s get to the train station before it closes. Orchid replied. As soon as I got on the train, I thought she saw the golden-brown eyes guy again. Can you tell me your name, I won’t attack you? I replied. Just stay away from me and Aoi. Aoi replied. Why are including Aoi into this? I asked. I reached over to him and he pushes her away. Hey, I don’t care if you don’t want to know who you really are but you didn’t have to push her like that. Orchid replied. Soon as the trained stopped at the station, both got out. Orchid walked past him and said, “You know Aoi you pushing down was out of your nature.” He looked shocked. Also, you dropped your train pass. Orchid replied. Have a good night. Orchid replied. Aoi was in shock wondering how Orchid knew his identity. Hey, do you know who that guy is? I asked. You can say in a way. Orchid replied. Soon as they walked home, Gabriel said. “Where have you been?” Sorry dad, I went to Natsumi’s house. I found out General Asai is actually Natsumi’s dad. I replied. I knew he was married and had two children. Gabriel replied. Guren’s little girl is a friend of yours? Alexandra asked. You know him, mom? I asked. Yes, I remember him and his wife. Your father uses to call him “Guren” Alexandra replied. Haru I want you to know that you are a lucky girl to meet many people and befriend them good an evil. Alexandra replied. Thank you, mom. You know out of all those you befriend, a guy out them will consider you as his “Rare Treasure”. Alexandra replied. Mom, are you going on about me falling in love with a bad guy or something? I replied. You know how to bring out the good in others. Gabriel replied. Now get ready for bed. Gabriel replied. Well, let’s first put our food up Orchid. I replied. So, you went to Lunar Sweets? Gabriel asked. Yes, dad, we bought our favorite dishes. I replied. I bet you bought Orchid Tiramisu, right? Gabriel asked. Yes, I didn’t destroy anything today. Orchid replied. Alright, get ready for bed. Alexandra replied. I changed into her Pajamas and got ready be. She thought about what her mom said. ’Rare Treasure”?

After my mom said that to me, I was just so curious about what she meant? I thought. After that, I had a strange dream about Aoi betrayed me. I thought I just had a strange dream nothing more nothing less.

The next morning, I got ready and ran down the stairs to get on the bus. I got on the bus and I saw Aoi. Hey Haru, how are you doing this morning? Aoi asked. I am doing great, how are you? I asked. Hey, why are you two acting strange? Ichiko asked. What are you talking about? I asked. When they got to school, a new student was transferred into their class. Hi, my name is Emma Volkov and it is nice to meet you. Emma replied. Wow, the new girl is really cute. Haruto replied. Aren’t you the guy who has a girlfriend? I asked. She is my ex and we are not going to bring her up. Haruto replied. Hey Aoi how are you? Emma asked. That girl, why is she here? Aoi thought. Hey, what the hell are you doing here? Aoi asked. Well, Izanami wants me to go to school so I am going here. Emma replied. Emma, you know you can’t do whatever you feel here. Aoi replied. I was told to stay on my best behavior. Emma replied. I walked over. Hi, my name is Haru Higashiyama. I am the student council president, it is nice to meet you. I replied. I know all about you, Aoi talks about you very much. Emma replied. I knew that four eyes had feelings for her. Haruto replied. Stop picking on him. Haru replied. Hey, Aoi is you two(mmmm). Emma replied. Why are you covering her mouth? I asked. Come here, Emma. Aoi replied. Aoi pulled Emma to the side. Orchid I want you to follow him and see what he is talking about. I asked. Orchid followed Aoi. No one knows what I really look like alright. Aoi replied. These glasses just give off an illusion of what they see me as. Aoi replied. I knew he was using old magic that deceives what the victim he or she looks at. Orchid though. When they walked back, Emma asked. “Hey did you see that shadow?” That shadow is more than you think, she knows the truth. Aoi replied. How does she know? Emma asked. She can see through the magic in the glasses. Aoi replied. Is she a major threat? Emma asked. She might not look it but she is just a manifestation of Haru’s negative emotions. Aoi replied. When Aoi and Emma walked back into the classroom, every guy was asking if she was single? Why are you asking me this? Emma asked. Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out this weekend? Haruto asked. I will think about it. Emma replied. Hey you bastard, you always get the girls. Shima replied. Shut up and stop talking like that. I replied. Why do we have to listen to you? Shima asked. I glared at Shima and he and his friends said: “I am so sorry ma’am.” I would not get on Haru’s bad side if I were you. Aoi replied. Listen to Aoi, Haru is nicer compared to her back in the day. Ichiko replied. Don’t say such things. For your information, I cast away my negative emotions. I replied. I pouted. Wait did you say cast away your negative emotions? Aoi asked.

Guren means the Japanese words Crimson-colored lotus.
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