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Book One: Chapter 13: Haru Saves but Betrayed At The Same Time...

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Haru was asked to take a curse that she inflicted upon a person she took her anger out on. After she healed him, she threatened everyone in the household if they try to attack her. Later, Haru reco...

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Last time, Haru went to school and met a new student named Emma Volkov and Haru said something that she didn’t mean too. Haru really dug into Aoi with just words alone. His friends Emma was in fear as well. She took Aoi out to get some fresh air. Orchid said something that gave Aoi and Emma the idea to ask the question.

Haru, for a moment you said you cast away your negative emotions? Aoi asked. Yeah it is true just like how you and your buddies been targeting my friends. Haru replied. Also Aoi I know you’ve been lying to me. I replied. Hey Haru calm down, you know how you get when you are angry. Ichiko replied. I’m sorry Aoi I hope I didn’t scare you. It’s just a hypothesis. I replied. I sat back down at her desk. Aoi are you ok? Ichiko asked. You look a little shook up. Ichiko replied. Aoi is looking at me frozen in fear. I will take him to get fresh air. Emma replied. Aoi and Emma went out to get water. That Haru is like she could read a person’s mind and tear at until they go insane. Emma replied. I never want to get her angry. Emma replied. I know Ichiko told me that Haru wasn’t always nice as she is now. Aoi replied. I know right, I am glad Ichiko stopped her. She cast me away because her anger is what makes her known, feared and hated. Orchid replied. I can only tell you this ask Izanami about two years ago and who caused the wounds that were inflicted on her little brother’s body. Orchid replied. Orchid walked off into a shadow. That girl is her negative emotion, she is such an adorable looking girl. Emma replied. Are you ok, now Aoi? Emma replied. Yeah I am, the way she was talking it was like she was slowing torturing me with her words. Aoi replied. Aoi walked back into class. Hey Aoi I am really sorry if I terrified you. Haru replied. So that proves it. When she is away from that girl she becomes sweet and kindhearted. When she is near she becomes the devil reincarnated. Emma replied. What are you talking about the gruesome revelation I spoke of fifteen minutes. Haru replied. I’m sorry she is still angry but she talking with a smile. Ichiko replied. The bell rang we should get to class. Haru replied. Hey Aoi you and Emma are going straight home no socializing. Ari replied. I also want you to avoid that girl, she looks sweet but in reality, she is a demon in disguise and you have feelings for Aoi. Ari replied. After school, Aoi and Emma went home and in the car, Aoi asked a question. Hey two years ago what happened Master Tomoki, he was supposed to be wounded but he doesn’t show anything. Aoi replied. I’m surprised you don’t know. Ari replied. I will tell you when we get home. Aoi replied.

When Aoi and Emma went home, they met Tomoki. Hey can I ask you a question Master Tomoki? Aoi asked. Yes what do you have to ask me? Tomoki asked. Well for some reason Ari said stay away from Haru. Aoi replied. That woman inflicted a curse on my body and only she can remove it. Tomoki replied. I didn’t know Haru did that to you. Aoi replied. Yes she did. She never came to take away. Tomoki replied. I wonder if she would if I ask. Aoi replied. Let’s see the curse. Emma asked. Oh my gosh, it’s like if its consumed your body little by little. Emma replied. It is because it is. Tomoki replied. If it doesn’t get lifted I will die in two months. Tomoki replied. You say it so calm. Emma replied. I pissed her off by attacking her first out of fear. Tomoki replied. I don’t think she is willing to help the guy who attacked her. Tomoki replied. Oh you have to buy her two boxes strawberry jelly doughnuts with powder sugar on them from Lunar Sweets. She will be a perfect little lamb. Aoi replied. How do you figure that? Emma asked. I have known Haru since we were kids. She is a sucker for doughnuts and all kinds of cakes. Aoi replied. You really do know how to catch your pray. Tomoki replied. No that isn’t it, I copied off her notes last Friday. She wants something in compensation for her services. Aoi replied. She must know how to get you to do whatever you say. Tomoki replied.The next day, hey Haru I need your help with something? Aoi asked. Why should I help? I glared. I will buy you two boxes of Strawberry jelly doughnuts. Aoi replied. And what else will you add on top of those doughnuts? I asked. Powder sugar will be on them too. Thank you for the compensation from last Friday. I replied. I really can’t hurt her she can be intimidating and terrifying but she means well. Aoi thought. What do you need help with? I asked. Tomoki Ono’s curse that was inflicted on him four years ago. Emma replied. Oh yeah, the guy who attacked me from behind. I totally forgot all about that I inflicted that curse on him. I can lift it but he has to come to me so it can be lifted. I replied. Maybe today after school as you pay for my doughnuts. I replied. Well I am not buying them Tomoki is. Aoi replied. Really, you are supposed to buy them. I replied. I pouted. Oh, my is she always pouting like that to you? Emma asked. You don’t know the half of it. Aoi replied. After school ended, I walked into Izanami’s house. Is that you Tomoki? I asked. Wait you are the same Higashiyama that inflicted my wound? Tomoki asked. Yes, its just that grew up from my childish actions that’s all. I replied. Where is your bedroom or any room you feel at ease in by yourself? I asked.

So let me remove the curse. I replied. Tomoki sat on his bed. I summoned her sword and Tomoki looked at her as she summoned her sword that cursed him. You will feel intense pain so get ready. I replied. What? Tomoki asked. I slashed the curse and it went away. Is there a wound from your swords slash? Tomoki asked. No it only thing that it cuts Shadow Dragon attributes attack. I replied. Also to give your bodyguards the heads up. “If you are curious to why I inflicted that curse on you at that time was because of your bloodlust and hatred you have for me being a Higashiyama grew to the point that curse stayed in you for so long.” What are you trying to say? Tomoki asked. In actuality, you were plagued with that before I did that to you. I replied. I want those doughnuts in compensation. I replied. Aoi walked into the room and I was walking out happy with the doughnuts. I want you to keep tabs on her, Aoi and Emma. Tomoki replied. Why would you request that? Emma asked. That girl is actually deceiving you with that kind act. She is really cold-hearted and savage. Tomoki replied. Don’t come back her demon. Ari replied. Oh yeah you don’t have to worry. If I wanted to I could have killed everyone in the house but did I? I asked. As I was walking on the way to Megumi’s Dojo. As she was on her way there, Megumi walked up to her. Hey Megumi what is your problem? I asked. You went to Izanami’s House. Megumi replied. That is true but remember that bastard Tomoki who I put a curse on him. I replied. Yeah but now Tomoki is going to have people watching you. Megumi replied. I know how guys like him work. I replied. Are you ok, Haru? Yoshi asked. I’m alright, it takes a lot to hurt me. I replied. If they are having people watching you, they will use that friend of yours name Aoi. Natsumi replied. I know but not just him that guy named Sayuri too. I replied. Haven’t you really fought him have you? Natsumi asked. You are right about that but I have a feeling he won’t pull that move he pulled last time with that void of his. I replied. I know how that demented boy thinks. Megumi replied. What do you mean? Natsumi asked. Let’s say he will get his revenge. Megumi replied.

Later that day, I was still thinking about Sayuri and what revenge has to do with it. When I got home, I rushed upstairs and got on her laptop and looked up the meaning of Sayuri. What the hell? Orchid asked. So they were named after flower meanings. Sayuri means hatred/revenge. Botan means bravery. Hyakunichisou means loyalty. Lastly, Bara means to silence and devotion. I replied. I should tell the girls tomorrow about this. I replied. I kinda caught on to that but I thought it was about Hanakotoba or Language of Flowers. Orchid replied. As Haru went to sleep that night, Sayuri (Aoi) was spying on her as Tomoki asked him too. Well that bastard actually listens to someone. Orchid replied. What is going on? I asked. Just go to sleep alright. Orchid replied. I have no damn clue on who he is trying to get revenge upon? Orchid thought. What a lapdog. Orchid replied. Is he spying on me or something? I asked. Yes he is and what should we do about it? Orchid asked. We’ll find out tomorrow. I replied. The next morning, I went to school and Aoi walked pass me. Oh good morning Aoi, how are you doing today? I asked. I’m doing great today so far. Aoi replied. That is good to hear. I replied.

As the school day ended, I rushed to Megumi’s Dojo. Megumi, I did a little research on Izanami’s Elite squad and how the traits are the same a the flower they after. I replied. Wait are you telling me that their are meanings behind their actions? Natsumi asked. So you figured it out on your own? Megumi asked. You knew that their names derive from Hanakotoba or the Language of Flowers. I replied. When I fought Hyakunichisou, she had an intense loyalty to Izanami for some reason. Bara showed immense devotion towards Izanami. Yoshi replied. You are right, that is what their flowers names meanings. Megumi replied. I still have a question? I asked. Let me guess it’s about Sayuri? Megumi asked. Yes, his flower means Hatred and Revenge. I replied. Now that you pay attention to his actions, he is angry and he is trying to vent out someone. Natsumi replied. Soon as Aoi ran after I, he came into the Dojo, he paused in shock.You are right, he is trying to vent out on someone but at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt that person. Orchid replied. Excuse me, Haru you left your jacket in the classroom. Aoi replied. Thank you, Aoi see you tomorrow. I replied. As Aoi walked out the door, Megumi came up to him. You know if you keep deceiving her, she will never trust you ever again. Megumi replied. Aoi froze in fear again. See you later, Aoi. Megumi replied. Aoi walked away and ran into Emma.
What does Megumi mean by revenge?
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