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Book One: Chapter 14: Haru Is Wavering On What She Believes

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Haru is given some of the truth or a theory of the truth but she doesn't want to believe it.

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Last time, Haru tells the girls the names of Izanami’s Elites flowers names connection to her in some way. The leader Sayuri (Aoi) is shrouded in mystery. Who is he trying to take revenge upon?

Later that afternoon, I looked out the window. Hey that guy, isn’t that guy your friend Haru? Natsumi asked. Yes and he is secretly spying on me. I replied. I am not surprised you haven’t realized. He has been spying on you from the beginning. Megumi replied. Aoi walked back with Emma back to the orphanage. Welcome back Aoi, from your face you look like someone has scared you a little? Tomoki asked.Well Aoi, talked to that girl Haru Higashiyama. Emma replied. So you ran into that beast? Botan asked. Yes I did. Aoi replied. She was smiling while she was talking to him. It was like daggers were being stabbed inside of me. I have never seen her angry. Aoi replied. I only heard rumors from people who went to middle school with her would describe how bad her temper was. Aoi replied. I saw the way she was talking to him. I heard she cast off her malice and took form of that girl we saw earlier. Emma replied. I want her to pay attention and Haru as well. I will have my revenge upon they who wronged me. Aoi replied. When I walked home, I felt someones malice and hatred.

Next day, I walked to school with Ichiko. Hey Haru don’t you feel that Aoi is acting off? Ichiko asked. Yeah you could say that. I replied. What did you do to him? Ichiko asked. What kind of girl do you take me for? I asked. As I was walking into school, Haru bumped in Aoi. Hey I’m sorry, are you alright? Aoi asked. Thank you for asking. I replied. Good morning, Haru how are you today? Aoi asked. Why does he look scared of you? Ichiko asked. I have no clue. I replied. Haru did you talk to him with a smile on your face? Ichiko asked. I just asked a few questions. I replied. Aoi comes here, I am sorry that Haru talked so harshly to you. Ichiko replied. Who are you, you hang around Haru? Emma asked. Yes and I am sorry for her. She actually uses to have bad anger issues. Ichiko replied. Are you defending her? Emma asked. Ichiko, what are you going on about? Aoi asked. Aoi you can lie to her but I know you better than you think. Aoi Kamiya or should I say your real name. Ichiko replied. Ichiko what took you so long? I asked. Coming. Ichiko replied. What is she talking about? Emma asked. I have no clue myself, I will ask Izanami when we get home. At lunch, Ichiko and I were sitting together. Hey did you really tell him the truth about his name? I asked. Yeah, but you called me before I could. Ichiko replied. He has the right to know about himself and who his parents and twin brother are. I replied. Megumi walked into the classroom. What are you doing here? Ichiko asked. You can’t tell him by all cost if he knew the truth he will hate you and the other person taking his revenge. Megumi replied. Wait are you saying that Aoi is their son? I asked. Unfortunately, don’t get angry. Ichiko replied. I will not get angry at him. You guys are lying to me, right? I asked. Let’s just talk after school. Megumi replied. Stay Tuned.

Haru is faced with the truth but doesn’t believe Ichiko or Megumi.

Aoi and Haru bump into each other that morning. Ichiko confronts Aoi in front of Emma. Ichiko and Megumi whip up a theory that Aoi is not who he says. Haru doesn’t believe what they are saying.

Hey Haru, what is wrong with you? Yoshi asked. Well, my friend, Ichiko, and Megumi are making up theories that Aoi isn’t who he says he is. I replied. Now that I think about he seems mysterious to me. Natsumi replied. Haru you can’t deny that he has been acting suspicious lately. Ichiko replied. Well, he told me to keep a secret from you, Haru. Megumi replied. Why would he keep secrets from me? I asked. Aoi saw my expression from the distance. Hey what the hell are you looking at? Botan asked. Oh nothing. Aoi replied. If you keep on doing this you will hurt the one who cared about you the most. Ryoko replied. What in the hell you here to do? Mess with my head? Aoi asked. Ryoko caresses Aoi and tells him “If you keep hurting her as you are doing, she will never forgive you in the end” I know that and don’t want to hurt her any more than I am doing. Aoi replied. Ryoko why are you here? Stay away from him. Bara replied. You can keep lying to yourself and to her all you want. In return, she will never forgive you and cut all ties with you. Ryoko replied. When Ichiko was on her way to Megumi’s Dojo, she saw a guy that looked like Haruto. Soon as she looked his voice kind of reminded her of Aoi. Izanami, I have no clue what you are thinking but I have to know that boy will fulfill the meaning of his title. It will towards you. Ryoko replied. What will give you that assumption? Izanami asked. Another woman, on the other hand, would tell him with no care in the world and that girl he loves will kill him. Ryoko replied. At Megumi’s Dojo, Ichiko rushes inside and out of breath.
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