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Book One: Chapter 15: Haru's Time To Confront The Leader...

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Haru and Sayuri were fighting outside of Megumi's Dojo. It ended up being a draw. Then a woman spoke to Megumi.

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Last time, Haru is still uncertain to believe what Ichiko and Megumi have to say. On the way to Megumi's Dojo, Ichiko sees a boy who looks like her classmate but by looking him he reminded her of Aoi. Ichiko rushes to Megumi's Dojo. Ichicko rushed to Megumi's Dojo to tell the others what she saw. Sayuri appeared to hush Ichiko because she saw his true form. Haru transformed to fight Sayuri since he threatened Ichiko.

Hey, why are you out of breath? Megumi replied. I just saw a guy that looks just like snarky ass bastard Haruto. Ichiko replied. Wait Haruto has a twin? I asked. Hell if I know, when I saw him from a glimpse he reminded me of Aoi. Ichiko replied. What are you saying, Aoi is actually Haruto's twin brother? I asked. Shit, so that bastard put all of us in his void. Megumi replied. So Sayuri, are you taking revenge on Haru, Ichiko or me? Megumi replied. How are we in his void? Yoshi asked. Well, his void is different, he can grasp you in at any time he feels like it. In his void, the flow of time changes. Megumi replied. So he saw me run here? Ichiko asked. Yes, I did and I don't appreciate you spying on me. Sayuri replied. Sayuri rushed and summoned a sword. I summoned a sword and stopped him. Don't let him attack you. A small nick will be like a gash. Megumi replied. I don't give a damn what or who the hell he is. I don't appreciate you attacking Ichiko for no damn reason. I replied. Haru and Sayuri glared at each other. Both vanished. Haru was fighting with that sword in her Imperatrice dell'aria form. Wait are these two about to duke it out in here? Yoshi asked. Seems like it. Ichiko replied. She rarely uses that form. Ichiko thought. I know Haru will kick his ass. Ichiko replied.

Hey before you guys go all out and stuff, go outside the door. Megumi replied. Alright. Haru and Sayuri replied. Why did you tell them to go outside, that would have been so cool. Yeah, Izanami and her father will be coughing up money for repairs. Megumi replied. Yeah, I see now, let us go outside to see a good view. Megumi replied. Megumi leads the girls up to the stairs to the roof. Wow, you didn't say had a roof with a good view. Natsumi replied. You never asked. Megumi replied. Haru and Sayuri were slashing swords so fast they almost broke the sound barrier. What the hell, they are almost breaking the sound barrier. Megumi replied. Hey, you two are about to break the sound barrier. Megumi replied. Seriously, this is breaking the sound barrier? I asked. Are we breaking the sound barrier? Sayuri asked. Are you two that damn clueless? Yoshi replied. Haru is smart academic wise but when it comes to fighting, she doesn't realize how much damage she causes. Ichiko replied. I see why you asked them to fight outside. Yoshi replied. Those two are just alike, he is like that too as you have seen. Megumi replied. No wonder they hate each other. Yoshi replied. You can think about in those means but I want to see Haru kick his ass. Natsumi replied. Haru and Sayuri began to fight again. Sayuri cut Haru. Nice try you bastard, you might have cut me but how is that chest wound doing? I asked. Haru sheathed her sword. I didn't even see her slash me. Sayuri thought. Sayuri she slashed you multiple times you haven't felt them until she sheathed her sword. Ichiko replied. Her Imperatice dell'aria form or Air Empress form is known for its high-speed attacks and with that sword called Anger of Boreas leads to you and any other downfall who fights against her in this form. Ichiko replied. Wait your wound healed. Sayuri replied. So you are Haru Higashiyama, I can't wait to see your true abilities. You held back, if you wanted to you could have killed him easily. See you next time. Ryoko replied. Let go of me. Sayuri replied. So what brings the lone wolf out to the light? Megumi asked.

Imperatrice dell'aria means Air Empress in Italian.
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