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(based of the JP version) 300 years have passed since Valkyrie and the others restored the world. Some of these divine heroes become reborn in mortal form again, only to see that the worlds have re...

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The winds of change

By Angel Meiru

Valkyrie Profile is a trademark of Tri-Ace and Square-Enix. I'm only writing for fun, not profit.



This story you are about to read takes place 300 years after the events of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. This story follows the A ending and the world has dramatically changed since the aftermath of Ragnarok.

Yes, this does take place in a more modern/futuristic world, but monsters and magic have not disappeared either. So therefore, Midgard is a world where magic and technology live side by side.

This story goes through the point of views of Lenneth and her einherijar (which are now new gods), plus some other major characters that have played a role in the game. Each characters' life is different and each character made a choice of their own. Some continue on as the new gods while others are asleep and take on mortal bodies once more.

Oh, by the way, this is based off the Japanese version of the game, so names maybe very different. But please do not flame me or get critical with me, just because I like one version over the other. Remember, everyone's opinions are different and if we had all the same opinions on things, this world will be very boring.

Here are the differences to begin with (English names on the left and Japanese on the right):

Arngrim - Aluze

Jelanda - Jierado

Belenus - Belinas

Llewelyn - Rourry

Lawfer - Lawfa

Janus - Jake Linnas

Yumei - Yumeru

Aelia - Aimee

Mystina - Meltina

Lucian - Lucio

Gandar - Ganossa

Other than that, I hope you enjoy my story. I put a lot of work into translating it from it's original Japanese text and put a lot of thought into both versions.

Thanks for reading this intro. Now I proudly present to you "The winds of change".
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